Monday, 6 September 2010

Top 10 moans this week...

  1. Rain ruining picnics - indoors one will have to do
  2. Unexpected window cleaners - giving you know time to hide
  3. Next doors overgrown plants - destroying your garden
  4. Being short-changed - where is my 2p
  5. Leaflet littering - messing up the streets
  6. Warm pillows - when will you be cold
  7. Slow buffering of video's - stuck on 99%
  8. Big Brother Live - the main show is enough, what's with the bird noises 
  9. Dodgy battery powered remote's - always failing 
  10. Someone who wants to use your toothbrush - it's just odd.

Moaning topics by me, for you. Have a go, see if you notice them, what annoys you? Let me know.

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