Sunday, 27 February 2011

Top Moans this week

1) Libya Political unrest - Foreign internationals safe in Malta?

2) The Oscars Drama - What if Colin firth doesn't win?

3) Birmingham City beat Arsenal - Devastated Arsenal fans amongst a well deserved Birmingham 

4) Bahrain Political unrest - What about the Grand Prix?

5) Snow - more flakes of snow on the way in the UK

6) Kanye West - All of the lights, ft. Rihanna - New video causes epileptics to have a fit.  

Jessie J, don't mess with the Beliebers!

Jessie J on the Graham Norton Show. Talking about Justin Bieber and chart success 

Colin Firth, Natalie Portman. The Oscars

Who will win at the Oscars??? These are the favorites

My favourite blogger has predicted her winners at this years Oscar's, do have a read!

Colin Firth - The King's Speech

Natalie Portman - Black Swan
A great article above to read on Black Swan

Libya - Political and Social Unrest

From Tunisia to Egypt and Bahrain to Libya it seems political and social unrest has swept the world of politics.

Since the students protests in the UK based on the raising of tuition fees it seems the world has been showing us how a real riot and result can be achieved.
With hostile and dangerous protests UK citizens can observe the full scale of how we could protest if we really wanted actions.

The vast attention of the political unrests from all media sources, including the News and Newspapers demonstrates the ability to suppress the British nation to behave themselves and leave our problems to the government.
This deterrent of unruly protests, death and injuries acts as a cap on the British to remember how to bite our lips and be British. Such behaviours here may carry prison sentences, fines and criminal warnings.

Whilst Libya is in turmoil, it made me think how this affects the infrastructure of the country, the effects on the economy and social structures. From shop closures, to drops in the stock market, the trail of devastation goes far.

I hope those taking refuge in Malta are safe and well! Gaddafi has a long decision ahead.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Moan of the day!

Being on time for once...and everyone else is late.

Seems I trekked into a lecture only to have to wait over 45minutes to begin.
You try to be early, but when you do, no one else appears to be following behind you.

Just one of those days it seems.

Mulling around trying to work hard but with no success.

Seem to be stuck in a downward spiral of no inspiration to work...well this seems to happen a lot.

Whatever happened to learning for fun, without all these tests of coursework and exams, I am sure we would all be empowered by more knowledge.
However, I guess they want to control who has the information...yes you know who 'they' are.

The Government......da..da..daaaaah.

Quick Note

Ever feel like you have started something and have ended up causing a huge seems I have spiraled something out of control, but I am just following a system.

I guess you have to be more careful what you say to people, and who you complain to.

Lets hope no one gets fired over this one, I am only a student, and the politics of the staff and the regulations shouldn't be my responsibility. I am just here to learn.

Dead Island: Official Trailer in Reverse Order (Chronological)

Viewing  Discretion Advised for minors, contains violence.

So I am not really into gaming very much, but  I came across this video on youtube and it just looked good and the trailer is even quite sad.It is a zombie game, and watch this poor family fight an attack. Enjoy, well if you can...

Youtube Video: Raising Maisie

Another chance to catch this exciting new bands first video filmed on Brighton Pier!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Youtube - Pink - "Perfect" Cover

Moan of the day: Ignorance

It seems some people are ignorant of others beliefs, lifestyles and judgement.

Why is it hard for some people to accept what the rest of us deem as acceptable and non-threatening in society.
This ignorance comes from lack of understanding and morals which don't embrace and welcome new concepts.

It is easy to blame this on someones upbringing and their socialisation, but at the core, we find someone who is bigoted and unwilling to see beyond themselves.

Do we have the right to change these people or should everyone be able to express bigoted views as a part of free speech...?

Jessie J - Who You Are (Boombox Series)

The 'Do it like a dude' and 'Price Tag' singer Jessie J is flying into stardom this year with success and critics falling at her feet.

Here we see Jessie J giving a special performance at a tube station, showcasing her talent and her vulnerability in song.

I think the public loved the surprise on their commute!!!

Bruno Mars - Grenade - Grammys 2011

Set out in black and white in an old soul style this performance by Bruno Mars shouts out as a great performance with creativity and all around great music. Enjoy.

Not Another Rainy Sunday: Miniature World

Not Another Rainy Sunday: Miniature World: "You might already have seen these photos as they were featured on MSN today, however I loved them so much that I wanted to share them with y..."

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Irritant of the day!

Ever feel like you are forced to conform to the norms of society but really just want to break free and avoid the whole capitalist system...

It seems I am not cut out for a lifestyle of work and pension planning.

What ever happened to spontaneous fun and pre-planned days out. No we are stuck in the routines of 9-5 that dictate to us how and when we have our own time away from making money for that state system.

Bank holidays...they are no longer about heading to the beach and having a good time but about sales and capitalising in on the leisure time we all crave.

How about a national scheme where everyone gets 5 days off a year just when they feel like it to blow off and do something fun without losing pay or being fired.

The stressed people in society needs this, and well that is pretty much everyone isn't it.

Rant over.

YOUTUBE STAR - LADY GAGA - Born This Way (Cover)

Maria Aragon has hit the big time after her cover of Lady Gaga's 'Born this way' hit over 8million views in just 3 days. She has also already spoke to Lady Gaga whilst giving a radio interview.

 I wonder what will happen to this little girl who was been welcomed by the youtube community to such high standards in such a little time.

Dog attack in the dark

Yesterday I was driven by friends to a party, but the journey wasn't that simple and as easy as it sounds, and boy did it make our night a whole load of crazy.

We were using the satnav ('tom tom') to find the party in question, but we missed a turn due to loud music and poor satnav following. The satnav re-routed our journey to get back on track.

It pulled us off the main road, and down on to a side road. It  wasn't tarmacked or well lit and we started to question if this was a road at all.

We traveled down it and came to some houses, and I suggested we were perhaps nearby a farm as it seemed to be surrounded by fields and off road mud.

We were still following the satnav for another 30 seconds or so when we reached a closed gate. We soon realised the satnav had found us any old road to re-route us and to no longer trust it after potholes and mud.

Turning around and heading back down the road we came we heard sudden barking. It was loud and out of nowhere a dog ran towards the car. At first we were worried we would run it over as it wouldn't move and kept heading for the car. We went slightly slower whilst being thrown around by the pothole.

The dog was chasing us and kept hitting itself on the side of the car, bashing into us on purpose. We turned the corner of this off road mud floor and another dog launched an attack on the car, running into the main body and howling/barking at us.

These farm dogs were scary and clearly trying to protect the farm, and kill anyone in the way.
It was like a pre-planned attack setup my a dog guarding agency.

They did not let up at all, and chased us all the way back to the road, one of the girls in the car was holding the door closed, worried we would be attacked, despite it being shut properly.

We laughed and we screamed, but it was one odd journey we won;t forget for awhile.

Beware of farm dogs from now on!

Kanye West - All Of The Lights ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi

Not really liking this video or the song, it could have been great, but it seems comprises have been made for silly artistic flare. 

ADELE, 21 - Superb

One artist I would consider as genuine, interesting and an all around nice person is Adele, it is clear that her success has not turned her into a monster but helped her grow into an even better version of herself. Her confidence and belief for music grows with each new appearance. 

Adele, has not always been given the credit she deserves for her music success, but it seems that with the release of her new Album '21' and the songs from within it she has caught the eye of a new audience.

Her almighty fast success for this album is setting her up for a great year, and that is because the music does the talking. We do not see petty drama and crude stories but just the talent she brings. 

The success of this album is already set in stone, the question it raises is how well will all her songs do with the first two releases of 'Someone like you' and 'Rolling in the deep' heading straight into top of the charts, whilst her album retains the number 1 spot also.

Look forward to the year of Adele. What a voice, and what a great person!

Thor, Marvel trailer

Britney Spears and Lady Gaga

New songs from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga for you to watch and listen too, I am sure they will be in our ears for a few months, but not sure they will be catchy enough to remember for too long.

Thursday, 10 February 2011


I like to scout for new covers and music talent.

Top 10 TV

Here are 10 shows you could catch up on that are all different and unique. Each one of these shows is something I have really enjoyed watching over the last 6 months, give some of them a try. 

1) Downton Abbey

2) The Walking Dead

3) Him and Her

4) Misfits

5) Episodes

6) Hellcats

7) Persons Unknown

8) An Idiot Abroad

9) The Inbetweeners

10) Human Planet 

Burned: Moan of the day!

I think I hit a bit of bad luck today, nothing seemed to go right. You can call it a bad omen, or just clumsiness and I wonder if it occurred when I walked on three drains in a row.

I was set on having some sweet and sour chicken this evening, but what a sour evening it turned out to be. I had been cooking away and washing up as I went along, and you could say I was indeed as happy as Larry for a while.

But disaster struck.

I somehow managed to catch my finger on the side of the boiling saucepan; and this wasn't the real problem. After catching my finger, I jumped out my skin as you do when you touch something hot...

In the other hand I was stirring the sweet and sour sauce, and when I jumped so did the stirring spoon, boiling hot sauce flicked across on to the floor but also up my sleeveless arm. I shrieked with pain as the boiling ho sauce landed on several parts of my arms.

I ran to the tap in the kitchen to try and get the sauce off and stop the unbearable pain, but from my washing up the water has boiling hot there also. I had to wait for this water to cool down, and then I stuck my arm under there. It was one of the worst pains I have ever felt in my life, as I have never broken anything, the worst being stubbing my toes up until tonight.

I think it may scar or blister, but I had water and creams on it all night.

However it didn't end there...later on I was microwaving some custard when it all exploding in the microwave. It all poured out the top, going all over the microwave that I just cleaned 2 days ago. Another boiling disaster in the same night. I spent the night worrying what I might to next.

Oh the pain of this bad luck...perhaps tomorrow will treat me well, hope I don't catch my burn on the duvet covers too harshly this evening. 

X Factor USA

Indeed these new adverts for the American version of The X Factor are over dramatic and highly airbrushed, but it looks exciting. I might actually watch the US version whereas I normally don't watch American Idol, it might be more relevant to the UK market.

The real question is will Cheryl Cole/Tweedy or Christina Aguilera 

Great commercial/Advert

My Guilty Pleasure: N-DUBZ

Hear is the new video for N-Dubz's upcoming release of 'Morning Star'. 
A bit N-Dubz always entertains me.