Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Top 10 moan topics of the week

1. X factor Machine
2. Cat in a Bin
3. On the Lose Swans
4. Boring Politicians 
5. Flash Floods
6. Bank Holiday traffic
7. BA cabin crew may strike again
8. Sneaky Gays
9. Mother and child parking
10. Queuing at Self checkout

cartoon zombie face public domain clip art

Beyonce Beyonce!

Beyonce's new perfume advert is enough to send any man or woman into a sizzling amount of blushes. It is raunchy and sexy, just hits that spot like the Mark and Spencer's Voice-over .

Can this woman get any more brilliant!

Feel the Heat from this indeed

(Do not own the rights to the photo)

Strictly vs X Factor

Simon vs Len
Cheryl vs Bruno
Dermot vs Brucie & Tess
Singers vs Dancers

X factor 2- 2 Strictly

The ratings war starts again as The X factor and Strictly come dancing fight for prime time ratings. One of the most anxious rating wars for the bosses of ITV and BBC. Who will shift and who will hold their ground.

However if you are like most people, it doesn't impact your everyday life as you can RECORD THEM, so what is the fuss about! What's the point, loyal viewers will watch both anyway.

Will they have clashing results shows?
Perhaps try and beat each other with better special guests?

Do we really care?

David Cameron and his wife have a new baby, does anyone really care?? How about you get back to running the Country sonny Jim. However well done Samantha, you have done what millions of people do each year, except your baby gets to be plastered in the paper.

What a moan, but hey, we have all seen a baby before

Well done you had a baby, have an OBE from me!

Simon tells Cheryl: Make him an X

The power house that controls a nation.. Simon Cowell, not David Cameron. Has been said to have told Cheryl Cole/Tweedy (who knows her name any more)  to split up with her dancer boyfriend, to help her career rolling on the cash and fame. Simon has been said to have words with the back up dancer to back right off into a panto it seems.

Does Cheryl need to be single in order to maintain her loyal male fan base who may fantasise being with her? I think not, this young superstar is constantly voted as one of the hottest and influential women in Britain, as well as a style icon.

Perhaps Simon is worried she will not be as popular in a relationship, as i doubt many of us really belief it will damage her 'singing career'


So all the rumours have been confirmed, and Britney Spears is appearing in Glee season 2 as part of a special tribute to her career. Actress Heather Morris (Brittany) will be playing the role of Britney in that classic music video of Britney and Madonna, whilst the real Brtiney Spears plays Madonna.

Whilst the Britney episode is set to bring in even larger ratings for the show, can we really celebrate the talent of Britney Spears so much on a singing show where she is known for MIMING at every opportunity possible. Will she be singing? and Will anyone credit her?


#1 Most hated woman of my Week

It is one of those things when you just wish someone wouldn't be so stupid!

A family of Swans waddled out of the harbour at New Haven Marina, with Mama Swan and her 6 children, they lined up at the curb and then casually crossed it with ease. They settled down on the green and relaxed, as someone began to feed them bread. Not only angry pecking Swans but Seagull's appeared from their high towers all mighty and hungry. A battle broke out between them for scraps of bread. It was disgusting and frightening to those around.

All I could think was that damn woman is encouraging them all to come back daily, and with my fear of birds, this woman is at the top of my most hated woman involving birds this week.

X Factor 2010

As I sat down to watch the X factor for yet another year, I thought perhaps this year they would change the format of the show.

However, within the first minute predictable editing, montages, and sob stories were thrust upon the nation. Although at heart we new this would be the case, I was not prepared for the disappointment of tampering with contestant voices. Immediately I could hear the auto tune software as it clearly echoed and tingled in my ear. Those older viewers such as clueless parents did not register, but we know in our youth of Charlie bit me auto tune and T-Pains Auto tune app for the Iphone.
There was no attempt to disguise the software, these contestants may go on to Win the X factor, however their first audition will never be that of Leona Lewis or Alexandra Burke's honest and stripped back Audition. A young woman Gamu was the most used and exploited in her audition by her X factor team as she gave a great rendition of Walking on sunshine by Katrina and the Waves, which would not have needed tampering with.

In a quick mention the slightly odd yet entertaining 'Mercy Woman' (Shirlena Johnson) was less than beneficial from auto tuning. The recent claims of her mental state has been likened to that of Susan Boyle despite being her own individual self, will she put in a box with the now millionaire Scot.

X factor - What are you doing? Sort it Out. remember this year not to use so many lights

X factor Auto tune - Gamu

Charlie bit me auto tune.