Friday, 31 December 2010

Top 10 Moans for 2010

These are my top moans for 2010. If you have of your own please leave a comment below. 
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1. Ash Cloud

2. Heavy Snow Fall

3. Grounded Planes

4. Chilean miners

5. World Cup Bid
Chief Executive Andy Anson for England 2018 World Cup Bid during the England 2018 - 2022 World Cup Bid at Wembley Stadium on May 18, 2009 in London, England.

6. Coalition Government  

7. Cat in the bin lady

8. BP Oil Spoil

9. England's bad performance in the world cup

10. Student Protesters 

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - Reunion?

It appears that Friends star Matt Le Blanc has rejected the possibility of a Friends reunion. He has mentioned that trying to rekindle such an iconic show would have it flaws. He discusses that he believes there would not be any viable story lines for the characters that found peace.

On hearing this I first thought how I suddenly disliked Matt Le Blanc (Joey Tribbiani) for disregarding the whole prospect of a reunion. My thoughts then turned to how hypocritical he was being considering he had his own spin off show 'Joey' which clearly was him hanging on to some form of the FRIENDS magic...or money.

However I find it hard to dislike anyone from the FRIENDS gang as they are part of my every day life. These chararcters are installed within us...we quote them...mimic them constantly.

Whilst Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox have stayed as huge public figures, I always feel they were the heart of the FRIENDS team, the true lovers and believes of the show.

Would I really want a reunion? A film? Or just an Hour special....I don't know, but all I know is I want to keep watching what we have already on repeat.

Me on the F.R.I.E.N.D.S set at Warner Bros, Los Angeles in 2008

Irritant of the day!

I am still back at the family home for Christmas celebrations until mid January and I face a big problem...trying to enjoy sitting in the living room whilst my father decides he wants to Star Trek.

Yes this is the problem I face. Although, many of you reading this may in fact enjoy watching Star Trek, the episodes on Channel One are haunting my families lives. No, we don't have the heart to tell him that we can't stand all these episodes, and that we have to go sit next door. Why? Because he puts up with us watching trashy TV.

I am the first to admit I love a bit of si-fi on the TV, but there is something about Star Trek that grinds happiness down.

I look forward to heading back to University for my couch potato program...F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Personal blog about me - Alexandra Lindberg, my dog and my life here in Sweden

Personal blog about me - Alexandra Lindberg, my dog and my life here in Sweden

Quick moan of the day!

King of the Dishwasher:

There is always one person in a household who takes charge of this rather important job. They don't do it because they want to or enjoy it, but because it is a necessity. Everyday, they trudge threw it and they often ask you to do it...'why don't you go do it', 'it's your turn'.

However when you do go to load it up the King of the dishwasher sneaks around judging your ability to do it right. Yes they want you to load it up but only the way they do it.

They want you to put the knives up the right way, the plates in the right section.

By the end of all the tutting and judging you wish you had not bothered.

I hear this is a common problem in many households, but it seems that it is OK that anyone can unload it, as there is no packing skill to this.

Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: All About Adam

Thanks to this great blogger...who happens to be my sister, for thanking me on the Blog! Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: All About Adam: "Hey Folks! I would just like to mention my brother Adam who has a blog titled: The Making Of A Moaner. We all like a good moan now and then..."

New and Fresh

Hey there guys, I have spent sometime redesigning my blog, changing the layout and formats.
Would love to hear your opinions and ideas about how it could be improved and what is good about it.
Enjoy those last few lazy days of 2010 and get ready for a great New Year's Eve...behave and be sensible....NOT.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Big Moan - Operation Spoon.

Yes I know this title sounds positively crazy and odd but it is the story of operation spoon; a very real and well thought through plan.

In the recent years, one problem has become apparent in our household, which was catching us off guard and leaving us stranded in a pool of misery, a downward spiral of hatred and unthinkable anger...

The uncle.

He comes to visit us and stay over night now and have a rest...get him out of the house.
However this has come with some problems.
He wakes up very early. Around 6am, every morning...even at the weekends.
And what happens in the UK when people wake up...they have Tea.

This is where the story heats up...the gritty tale of an annoying habit.

When he makes himself a Tea at 6am he manages to wake us all up. Why...because of the spoon he uses to stir his sugar in.
This spoon is stirred around for over a minute, mixing sugar and Tea. Bouncing off the sides, hitting the bottom. One big metal noise drifting through the rooms.

It is enough to send you crazy. It lasts for a long time...and there is no acknowledgement of this if he finds it perfectly normal and correct behaviour.

This is where Operation Spoon originated.

For this year, we were prepared and now the problem has been solved. We replaced all the small teaspoons with plastic spoons in the drawer every night before we went to bed. This was to prevent being woken up, irritable and damn right angry.

Every night before bed for 4 days, we replaced the spoons with the plastic ones and hid the metal ones away, only to return them when we woke.
It worked like a charm, and we no longer were the victims of an early morning...
It was a hard and gruelling lives were lost...but a lot of courage was needed.



Teenage Telegrammer: Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: Just a quick one......

Teenage Telegrammer: Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: Just a quick one......: "Read a good blog today :) Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: Just a quick one...: 'Tip of the day:Prices are going up soon so cash in now and st..."

Friday, 24 December 2010

Santa says...

2000 - Hell yeah


I just wanted to thank all my readers in the past 4 months for continuing to read and support my blog, you are all fantastic.
I have now reached over 2000 viewers and for that I thank you...I wouldn't write without knowing that so many of you keep coming back for more of my bizarre stories and odd moans of the week.

Just also want to wish everyone a merry Christmas full of snow and festive fun

Remember to post your comments on each new post so I know what you think, subscribe follow, and also if you have time click on my adds, to help me build a stronger future so I can rent a house....below and to the side.

Thank you guys and girls.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3 Christmas Moans!

1) Christmas has been cancelled

It appears some people and entirely given up on trying to celebrate Christmas this year, with delayed packages, being stranded somewhere you would rather not, trapped at an airport. Santa hasn't been happy this year with us, and he is letting us know the hard way.

2) To much to do

Those of us who have not cancelled Christmas are at the other end of the spectrum. We have to much to do and not enough time, unless you live somewhere which has been untouched by snow then you are very lucky.
Presents to get and wrap, thousands of cards to write...grant me 3 wishes please.

3) Santa....

He this year appears to be everywhere...on every corner...any shop...How are these kids not figuring out that he isn't real when he is throughout the country doing so many things at once.
It is a shame I have lost that Christmas magic, but I guess it had to happen sometime!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Favourite place in the world

Well I know this is a really odd place to suggest that it is my favourite place in the world...but it was so colourful and happy, and the amount of chocolate was extreme. To see grown adults and young children so thoroughly excited over M&M's was fantastic. This was in Las Vegas and I would dash back there to that time again. What a fun place and a great evening.

An odd video for you!

Metrodome Roof Collapse - Video From the Inside Metrodome

Britain's Got Talent 2011: New Judges

Havid Hasselhoff and Michael McIntyre

Yes the 'Hoff'...David Hasselhoff will be joining Britain's got talent as a judge, after his stint on America's got talent. However the 'Hoff' has recently had his new reality show cancelled in America after only 2 episodes when they only received 2million viewers.

It is great news that Michael McIntyre will be joining the line up...he will provide undoubtedly amazing witty remarks and humour throughout...I can't wait.

Amanda Holden will still be in the line well as Ant and Dec

and Simon Cowell will only be joining for the live finals.

So there is a lot going on here, but I am sure it will be great no matter what (another Susan Boyle find?)

However...time to celebrate that Piers Morgan is out...he has hit it big in America...replacing Larry King's time are welcome to him


Monday, 20 December 2010

3 irritants of the day!

1) Wanting someone else to take the lead on the situation...knowing the responsibility will always come down to you...if you want it done quickly and most effective.

Watch out when Santa is about...don't say what you normally would...he will judge you...even if he only works in a mall he might judge your young sibling if they ask for two many items...recession and all.

People shovelling their own driveways in order to clear the snow...only for it to snow again and recover it again however this time as an ice layer, not soft snow...which contradicts there main aim...not slipping over.
Come on people have some common sense...leave it be.

The making of a Moaner: The Apprentice: Best quotes this Week: Week 12, Th...

The making of a Moaner: The Apprentice: Best quotes this Week: Week 12, Th...: "Chris Bates &n..."

Sunday, 19 December 2010

The Apprentice: Best quotes this Week: Week 12, The Final

Chris Bates                                                                                                                           Stella English
Chris BatesStella English

It is the BBC1s The Apprentice Final 2010 (Week 12), I have some great quotes and funny one liners for you, and the announcement of the the winner.

This week the finalists Chris and Stella were set by Lord Alan Sugar to create a brand new premium alcoholic drink.

'I know my wins and loss ratio aren't good...but I realise this is the one to win'

'If I weren't to succeed, it would break me'

'what about gooseberry...I have only had it in a pie'

Things that are British
'Bulldog, crumpets, god save the Queen'

'Your happy when your blue...'
'Is blue gay?'

'pink is the new blue'

'camera on her lips...hearing her swallow'  ---- QUOTE OF THE WEEK

'almost semi dance walking up to the bar'

Note...that Paloma was picked last, and Stuart Baggs wasn't invited back for the final

But who has Lord Sugar believe in ...
Lord Sugar

Who has been hired


Stella English

Stella English...a very worthy winner...she has worked hard throughout the whole process, and she will go far.

Do you believe Stella should have won? Comment me and let me know.


1000! United States

Today I have reached 1,000 readers from the USA

Just wanted to give a shout out to the whole of the United States (USA) for supporting my blog and consistently viewing my posts in depth with fantastic feedback and I hope you continue to enjoy this.

You jump on my thought process and read the posts that are predominately about UK society and UK current thank you for your continued viewings.


Keep reading and supporting me, thanks!

Moan of the day!

I have found myself being frustrated as some shops organisation and presentation has not been great leading up to the Christmas rush.

They are not well thought through and presented to make you want to buy their products...instead left me practically sitting on the floor to see what was on the bottom shelves.

When did a good old fashioned Santa welcome go out of fashion...decorations and Christmas music.
Are we now in consumer heaven, but all the personality has gone. I want to see some individuality and effort put in.

Yes I am should have been easy and accessible...instead I don't want to go back to finish it off.

The spirit of Christmas is lost and we are left with dull monotonous shopping

Matt Cardle: Final X Factor 2010 Post!

Yes it is true that this will be my final post of The X Factor 2010. The hype and controversy is over and the contestants will be slowly fading away, as their spotlight goes out and they return to their homes.

So Matt Cardle was the winner of The X Factor 2010, propped up by Dannii Minogue and the money off Simon Cowell. Even Cheryl Cole couldn't deny he deserved to win.

When We Collide - Matt Cardle

His debut single 'When we collide' a fantastic cover of Biffy Clyro has soared in the charts.

It is infarct this years Christmas #1
Well done to Matt who thoroughly deserved it and fought of tough competition from many other X Factor influences in the chart, including Rihanna

I hope he goes far with his career.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Irritant of the day: Damn you UK.

Today I was annoyed that I couldn't get anywhere in the south east of the UK. Yes this is a rudimentary snow related post...but I had planned to go see my friend and his band headline a club. I wouldn't have had a problem getting there during the day...but I would not have been able to get back home. The last train was scheduled for 10.16pm  which didn't cover the gig. Perhaps in warmer circumstances we could have waited around to the first train at 5-6am...but with freezing temperatures and no where to go inside it would have been silly, also considering the trains could get cancelled tomorrow.

Yeah it seems Christmas may actually be cancelled this year...people without loved ones...and the important ordered gifts...hopefully family spirit kicks in and we can all start travelling again.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Apprentice: best quotes this week: Week 11

Lord Alan Sugar's BBC1s the Apprentice 
This week it was the inevitable return of the interview stage, which always brings about fear and nerves in the candidates, and this week was no different. The harsh grilling of them one to one individually has been great in breaking the strong from the weak.

Also we have the return of Margaret. HALLELUJAH! The eye rolling is back.
- She wasn't taking any prisoners, she wasn't happy to be addressed by her first name by Stuart.
Episode Eleven - Next Time

Jamie Lester
He told the lie that he had a third nipple
- He became a bit of a bumbling mess
'I really thought I was in the final'
Jamie Lester

Stella English
'I grew up on the biggest Counsel estate in Europe' - sob story plea, not the X factor love
your just a good P.A.- 'I find that incredibly insulting'
'I need to get to that final and win..then the real work starts'
- she is the admin Queen
Karen - 'She is ambitious'
Stella English

Stuart Baggs
'you've got to show you've got the balls...and the minerals to do it'
'there is something in me...something raw'
'we were all young once, we all do silly things don't we'
'a silicon chip, which lets you track chips' - QUOTES OF THE WEEK
'if you lost your pet, you will never lose it again'
was told - 'your not even a fish'
'was really friendly..but can completely kill you'
Stuart Baggs

Joanna Riley
'they have definitely underestimated me'
'are you really going to wear that?'
Buckled under the pressure, didn't know what Lord Alan Sugar did and owned.
Almost crying after being with Claude
'I am a decent person who wants to do well'
'I don't want to be Joanna a cleaner'
Joanna Riley

Chris Bates
Was told he looks like a quitter
Describes an outfit as 'new labour'
He doesn't mind bragging about his achievements, he however quit a law degree
'I didn't flunk out, I changed my course'
'You get a bit of a verbal bashing'
Chris Bates

'Do it the hard way, or I can rip you to shreds'
To Stuart - 'your actually not very nice are you?'
Chris bates 'your a gifted talent'
'I'm Stuart Baggs the brand..what the hell is that'
Stuart - is maverick

Episode Eleven - Grilled Joanna

Lord Sugar
To Stuart - 'your full of Shit' and 'I feel further sick'

But who left the process........Who was fired...?

STUART BAGGS - fired for lying, and bragging and bullshitting

JOANNA RILEY - fired, to grow and develop her company

JAMIE LESTER - fired for coming to the end of the road

The Final

Stella and Chris

Who do you think will win The Apprentice?
- they will be creating a new Alcoholic drink

Moan of the day: He is not any more....

I always find myself the person who is in charge in most social and academic situations. Maybe it is because I am strong and a natural born leader....well no...maybe I am the only one who cares enough to bother, that is my theory.

Whether it is keeping others organised and constantly answering their questions and queries, or telling people what to do, where to go. Perhaps I am stuck in the role of Mr reliable, and others only see me as a port of call when something needs to be done, or they need some help.

It seems I am the only person who ever is making effort to organise and arrange gatherings...Why does no one else ever take the lead...can't be bothered? isn't confident enough, or are they just plain lazy?

I guess I am the glue for everyone...are you fed up of being the glue in your friendship circle? Lets watch them all fall apart...and watch them come running! 

The making of a Moaner: Countries named and not shamed!

The making of a Moaner: Countries named and not shamed!: "Just wanted to say a special thanks to all my's hard to believe that until recently none of you had read my rants and bizarre c..."

The making of a Moaner: Major Top 10 Moans of the week

The making of a Moaner: Major Top 10 Moans of the week: "1. Student Protesting Riots.............The resources they have wasted 2. Camilla and Charles ...................mob attack on their car ..."

The making of a Moaner: MAJOR MOAN OF THE DAY!

The making of a Moaner: MAJOR MOAN OF THE DAY!: "The biggest waste of time of the year. I was due for a dentist appointment this afternoon, I have no fear of the dentist, and usually enjoy..."

The making of a Moaner: Gleek's

The making of a Moaner: Gleek's: "So all the rumours have been confirmed, and Britney Spears is appearing in Glee season 2 as part of a special tribute to her career. Ac..."

The making of a Moaner: Bruno Mars: Best New Talent of the year!

The making of a Moaner: Bruno Mars: Best New Talent of the year!: "When I was asked who I thought was the best new talent of the year only one person could have possibly popped into my head. He is super tale..."

The making of a Moaner: Moan of the day 13/10/10

The making of a Moaner: Moan of the day 13/10/10: "Today's moan is a bit of a cheap shot not only because I secretly love this place, but as it is also very cheap place to be. I was in one o..."

The making of a Moaner: Irritant of the day. Work Work Work.

The making of a Moaner: Irritant of the day. Work Work Work.: "At University you are expected to do self-directed work to some extent. However it feels that most of the time this work is useless to my ov..."

The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!

The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!: "The most kindest talented family When I am thinking of who is one of the greatest entertainers that has influenced me I can't help but th..."

The making of a Moaner: The Apprentice: Best quotes this week! Find out wh...

The making of a Moaner: The Apprentice: Best quotes this week! Find out wh...: "This week on The Apprentice (BBC) Sir Alan Sugar set the teams the challenge of selling fashion items in Manchester's The Trafford Centre. A..."

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Bruno Mars: Best New Talent of the year!

When I was asked who I thought was the best new talent of the year only one person could have possibly popped into my head. He is super talented and very cool..its....MR BRUNO MARS.

His unique voice and style has been echoing around the globe the past year...and he has quickly established himself as a credible artist with bundles of potential to stick around.

He reaches notes that no one human can, his melodies are always spot on and hit the money every time. He is one of the fresh and super talents of the year. I first remember hearing his voice on the radio and wondering what an amazing voice I had just heard. Despite being on a rap track, this man stood old as a talent and I only wanted to here more and more of him ever since.

He has collaborated with Cee Lo Green, Travie Mccoy, and B.O.B all before his debut singles were released.

Already a huge star Bruno released 'Just the way you are' (Amazing), and is set to release 'Grenade' very soon here in UK.

Both songs are equally great and unique at the same time. His soulful harmonies and lyrics are melting the ears of many music lovers..

He can only get better and better..... Congratulations Bruno Mars.

Also check out the amazing live acoustic session of 'Grenade' which sounds incredible.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The X Factor: Sparks are flying

It seems that Matt Cardle and Rihanna stole the show with their duet of 'Unfaithful'

The set up was ideal, and with clever lighting and staging of all fitted into place.
Matt and Rihanna both sang individual great parts..although it was annoying that Matt changed the words to fit a male perspective as the word change stood out.

Rihanna was sizzling this evening, she was on fire and no one was going to stop her from her territory on the show. She gazed into Matt's eyes and sang to him whilst flashing him some leg and by the end they were almost at each others lips. Good staging there..unless it was spontaneous, and it is bound to get people on the dog and bone....Phone.

We have not seen so much chemistry since Beyonce and Alexandra Burke....

Rihanna followed the duet with Matt Cardle to perform her latest single 'What's my name?' and she rocked the whole crowd and the evening. Ripping her clothes off to reveal beachwear...she was enticing everyone..and although raunchy it was done with good taste.

Beat that anyone else if you dare.....

But who knows will ultimately win...

The X Factor: Her SWAG is turned off!

This evening showcased a fantastic amount of talent however the first elimination of the final of The X Factor 2010 was the junior Cheryl Cole, and all around Marmite girl Cher Lloyd.

She tried her absolute best (I mean best...she forgot to sing) to compete against all the other more competent singers, and she showcased an array of melodies.

Whilst singing with her guest Will.I.Am she still did a so called 'mashup' (I call it stopping one song and starting another), where she would have benefited sticking to one song to help her get into the final (hahaha). The fact is that Cher and Will.I.Am didn't fit as they should of, it was more reflective on Cheryl Cole needing to call in a favour to Will.I.Am to help promote the known runner up.

I call Cher Lloyd the known runner up, as everyone knew she was going to be on the chop after the past few weeks. She was ushered into final (hmm Simon Cowell) after changing the format from three finalists to four, and a scandalous vote off which saw Dannii Minogue vote against Mary who she has championed.

It was apparent that Cher herself knew she would be leaving...she had expected it and prepared for tears.. no tantrums, just a relief to have been there. So she will go graciously and maybe move on in her career.

Cher Lloyd's Swag has been turned off.


The making of a Moaner: Major Top 10 Moans of the week

The making of a Moaner: Major Top 10 Moans of the week: "1. Student Protesting Riots.............The resources they have wasted 2. Camilla and Charles ...................mob attack on their car ..."

Friday, 10 December 2010

Major Top 10 Moans of the week

1. Student Protesting Riots.............The resources they have wasted
Houses of Parliament seen through broken window of phone box

2. Camilla and Charles ...................mob attack on their car

3. X Factor Fix.................................Cher Lloyd ushered into the final by Simon Cowell
The X Factor

4. WikiLeaks...................................charges and more to come
WikiLeaks Blog

5. Travel disaster............................ from snow and stupidity

6. Qatar World Cup win...................air conditioned outdoor stadiums?

7. Coronation Street........................people sad foe the deaths

8. China Noble Prize.......................they want the jailed man freed 
Nobel chairman Thorbjorn Jagland with an empty chair for laureate Liu Xiaobo (on the poster) - 10 December 2010

9. Miss Kate she really the future Queen?
Kate Middleton and Prince William

10. Christmas everywhere..............Can't escape the festive cheer.