Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Favourite Youtube video of the day.

Yes it is my favourite Youtube video of the day...It is a new music video from Brighton based band Raising Maisie, who have been soaring through Sussex gaining in popularity and demand.
Their new video gives you originality and humour as they blast round a merry-go-round with various instruments...

Check it out guys

Raising Maisie - Yes Here It Is - OFFICIAL VIDEO


Here is a link to their myspace, check out their music

Moan of the day!

It is the lovely but but sometimes odd Twitter that has been frustrating me ...

I do really enjoy using Twitter however they won't just let it be, just like Facebook does... they feel the need to change the format of it all the time.

Just when you get used to a format that works really well they just have to go and change it leaving you confused and lost. They should test it and allow you to choose whether you want to reject that format forever, instead of eventually subjecting you to it.

So from me...let it develop...but keep its features simple.

To hear me ranting on Twitter as well eventhough the format frustates me follow me using the link below


Moan moan moan, 5 moans this week

Yes it's that stuff that falls from the skies that has been causing trouble as usual, making the UK ground to a stop in all travel related sectors. From Jack-knifing lorries to over turned vehicles and trains that can't choo choo. Some people face being stuck in their workplace due to traffic, being forced to get a hotel for the night.
But remember it does look pretty. Remember don't slip on that ice...

Remember those damn workers for TFL that have been on strike again, they are selfish if you ask me...one strike is enough. Stop messing everyone around and do your job like everyone else....

People moan that she was faking her faints and annoying them, yet now she is out, they are annoyed because they still want to see her in other trials, make your mind up.
If she was kept in you could have seen her doing more trials at the end of the show.

I am partial to throwing words around that aren't clean and beautiful, but the increase in swearing from people in everyday life is starting to piss off. Watching a TV show such as I'm a Celebrity get me out of here half the show appears to be beeps from the swearing police. It really starts to ruin your viewing, let a alone when you walk out the door and the local woman with tourettes calls you a w**ker (not worker). But Shaun on I'm a celeb needs to get his so called sentences in order.

There are always people who get in your way when you are in a hurry. I guess if you were going for a stroll it wouldn't annoy you...but i'm always in a rush. They are unaware you are behind them, and continue walking at 1mph forcing you to go in the road to overtake...however I have resulted to just barging past...get out my way, walk fast.... or stay at home.

Monday, 29 November 2010

The making of a Moaner: My Youtube talents of the week!

The making of a Moaner: My Youtube talents of the week!: "So I always love searching through different youtube videos each week and finding real talented gems out there for everyone to enjoy..This w..."

My Youtube talents of the week!

So I always love searching through different youtube videos each week and finding real talented gems out there for everyone to enjoy..This week I have been focusing on talented singers

Here is the talented Sam Tsui and Christina Grimmie who have been singing on youtube for a long time, with huge amounts of hits, views and ratings..Here they are duetting for the very first time on Kurt Hugo Schneider's brilliantly edited video.

"Just A Dream" by Nelly - Sam Tsui & Christina Grimmie

Now this next group of singers have caught my eye this week, and now I can't get enough of them. They are 6 sisters from California who are a fantastic vocal harmony group. They are called Cimorelli and I recommend them to everyone..bias I know.

"Firework" by Katy Perry - Cover by CIMORELLI!

"Dynamite", by Taio Cruz - Cover by CIMORELLI

These sisters can do no wrong.

And for good Measure here is the I'm A Celebrity..get me out of here inspired song about Gillian Mckeith

Gillian McKeith Song by Brett Domino 

Delayed in Writing, Trains, and Tubes, A Strike for good measure

Hey there readers on the world wide web, sorry I haven't posted for a long time, I have been missing the all important laptop. I am now back online and ready to write nonsense and cheer up your cold winter days...unless you are reading from afar where it is hot this time of year...I am jealous of you.

So recently I have been on a few train Journeys and each one has been eventful and crazy at the same time..firstly on one of my Journeys I could not find the platform and was running around like a headless chicken..however this Train turned out to be 27minutes delayed so I was okay in the end.
On a more recent journey I sat down comfortably and organised my stuff, then someone asked to sit next to me...which always worries me to begin with..hoping they don't want to chat or have loud music on. Halfway through the journey another passenger moved just behind me, and all I could think was that they were surrounding me. One of them (and I really couldn't tell which) smelt so bad, that I found myself wanting to gag on a weird rotting egg air. I wish I could have moved seats, but this was an extremely packed train, so I new I wouldn't find a seat judging my the full ones in my carriage.
On to the tube and it was hot and sweaty and billions of strangers jumped on in a dash all heading Victoria, and this included a school influx which were running riots in my ears. The panic for everyone to get off was fierce with people desperate to get on before it left..the doors kept trying to close but people refused to move, I was surprised no one was crushed in this.
Today as I travelled back from my adventures, I met up with a friend so the journey would go much quicker. He were talking about their place of work and the ins and outs of it, along with the discussion of some people getting made redundant, however when the train stopped a colleague of my friends got of the train...she has been sitting right behind us...we wonder what she heard...it could be bad news for me friend.

However today was a nice journey on the Tube as due to the strikes I had room to breathe and to place my bag on the floor for the journey, it had never been so relaxing.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The making of a Moaner: Best Apprentice Quotes: Week 7. West Field's

The making of a Moaner: Best Apprentice Quotes: Week 7. West Field's: "This week on the BBC's Apprentice Sir/Lord Alan Sugar set the contestants the task of creating the Big screen entertainment of green screen..."

The Best Apprentice Quotes: Week 7. West Field's

This week on the BBC's Apprentice Sir/Lord Alan Sugar set the contestants the task of creating the Big screen entertainment of green screen motion films to sell an a fun DVD to the willing (I'm on TV so yeah) public at West Field's Shopping Centre in London.

We have watched another week of this entertained filled show and the quotes are still coming thick and fast.

When hearing of there early morning visit to Pinewood Studios she said...
'I'm sure its some department store'
And when they approached it she responded with...
'It must be a famous studio or something'
I know we all have our moments. but this really took the piss, how did she not know this world famous studio, and more importantly, why would she think it was a department store...Was she thinking of Pineapple the dancing shop...?
Sandeesh Samra

Chris 'Army'
Said to Jamie on the task that
'you look like a milk tray man'
Why..I didn't see it myself, it just sounded odd
Christopher Farrell

Stuart Baggs
'I don't sit anywhere...but the top'
It must be hard for him to find chairs in everyday life, constantly going to the highest point to find them..not sure he will make it to heaven to look down on us from his chair.

'If my hearts not racing, there's no point being alive'
So we can dream of that

'Where's the spooooon...where's the spoooon' 
When talking about the girls need to be spoon fed information. The tone used by Stuart was fantastic..drawn out and in a funny voice

'I hate ass covering'
Enough said on this one..
Stuart Baggs

Champaign taster assistant
On the task prize the woman said
'it's spitting, sniffing...all the things your mother taught you not to do'

Sir Alan Sugar   -  Lord Sugar
In the board room Sir Alan asked about the information in Stuart's head and what would happen to them if..
' you got run over by the number 6 bus, where does that leave me?

Lord Sugar

The apprentice quoter of the week once again goes to our favourite NICK who produced some fantastic remarks about Stuart Baggs

'Stuart's leadership style leaves me trembling with irritation'

'Who does he think he is?'
Nick Hewer

However ultimately it was the lovely Sandeesh who left the competition, for being up against strong contenders in the board room.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Moans of the day! It's all about trust...


1. People touching your belongings- I don't know whether it is just me but I cant stand the idea of other people touching any of my things...its not that I don't like sharing as I do share when it is appropriate. I think it is the thought of my stuff going missing or being broken...and this would mean I would consider hating the person who did this to my personal stuff. If I am going somewhere new or somewhere overnight, I struggle to leave my personal belongings anywhere but close to me. I don't know whether I am a freak with weird OCD's or whether other people have issues of trusting people and the human race in this strange and theft riddled world.

2. Alarm Clocks - I know this will as usual sound odd and bizarre but I do not trust alarm clocks in all different shapes and forms. You never know if they are going to come through with there side of the bargain and wake you up when you told them to. So many things can change in the night... accidentally hitting it away and knocking it off, not hearing it, if it is powered by electricity and the power goes off, the clock in the wrong time and the alarm will not go off at the specified time. Mobiles...how loud will be? Did I change my profile? Will I just knock it off and not snooze. They are hard to trust..you can miss exams and work important meetings

3. Paying restaurant bills - It is always a dodgy territory between friends when you need to pay the bill. Either you split it equally and people moan as they don't owe as much as you..or you pay what you owe individually. When you do the latter, there is always an odd number of money and sometimes people don't pay what they should be..let alone leave a tip. If there is too much money then down there how do you calculate the change.

These are the problems that affect my everyday life..tedious but true. How about you? What gets you in a huff?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Quick Moan: The being late curse

I am often late for my lectures, but this is usually only 2 minutes or so, as it is that fine line of leaving on time, people traffic, weather that dictates my journey,
However over the past few days my lateness has been punished...

First of all..I was only 1 minute late the other day for a lecture...but in this time the heavens had opened and it had decided to chuck it down with rain. I rolled up into class the only one wet and soaked through..everyone else was smiling with dry clothes and hair.
If I had been on time I would have avoided the soaking...a bit of coincidence I hear you cry..but to me it meant I was punished and that next week I shall be on time to this lecture

Secondly, on Thursday I was once again running late for a lecture, and only a few minutes once again.. it was for 11am. What I had forgotten was the importance of this at such an early time. I took the usual route to my lecture when I came across a group of people who were stood still and frozen. I thought It was a cool flash-mob perhaps like in New York or London stations. It was the 2 minute silence for Rememberence day. Everyone had stopped, no one was walking..I thought should I be late..or respectful of the dead..? I voted for the later. There were schools and coaches of people outside the Cathedral, it obviously wasn't the best route. I waited for the silence to stop, signified by a band and Vicar's speech. However only a few students then moved on..and people were not moving off the path for you..they were forcing us on to the mud.

I was once again punished for being just a few minutes late..

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The making of a Moaner: Apprentice Week 6: Best quotes.

The making of a Moaner: Apprentice Week 6: Best quotes.: "This week Lord Sugar set the task of an advertising/marketing cleaning product for the kitchen.. I have some great quotes for you this week..."

Apprentice Week 6: Best quotes.

This week Lord Sugar set the task of an advertising/marketing cleaning product for the kitchen.. 
I have some great quotes for you this week.

- Was criticised by Lord Sugar for looking odd when he came into the house, he had long socks and shorts on.
Stuart Baggs

- After Sir Alan woke them all up.. Joanna siad..
- 'I can't believe I have just met Lord Sugar with my Pyjamas on'
 Joanna Riley

Project manager CHRISTOPHER (ex-services)
- 'I take a killer instinct'
- Well we won the task so maybe he did use his instincts
- he also said that 'Sex sells everything' and we wasn't far wrong as his trophy wife worked the advert.
Christopher Farrell

- Came up with the idea of 'Germ-o-nator' I felt it wasn't just referring to germs but also the extinction of German's I am surprised no one said this.
Chris Bates

- When filming their advert.. Liz said to the model..'pretend it is Brad Pitt you were sat next to..not Chris'
- I hope Liz keeps these coming she is a strong candidate 
Liz Locke

- Had some great quotes this week, and he wins the best apprentice quoter of the week
- 'The blitz was like a bombing thing'
- 'Most the people who were alive then are dead now'
That is some serious quoting with no understanding of how it may come across the TV.

- In the boardroom..when talking about Alex's advert
'mmm..remind me of one of your friends midnight DVD's Nick'
-Thank you very much for this quote Sir Alan..it is one of your best.

This weeks best award goes to NICK for superb quoting and eye rolling

- 'send her daughter to bed..so she can perhaps as an Octopus grope her Husband'
When he was talking about Christopher's advert and acting with the model.
in the boardroom
- 'as soon as she mentioned Octopus you were on it like a tramp on chips'
A fantastic Simile Nick

Nick Hewer

But Ultimately it was Alex who got the chop this week and was fired with some dignity and manners.

Alex Epstein
Did you have any favourite quotes from this week?...Let me know..

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Funny Sneaky bits..

One habit which everyone does is licking the yoghurt lid. We all do it, and we can't help it...they only ever give you such a small amount of yoghurt per pot that we try to savour every last bit of it. Yet in public no one does it..perhaps we feel it is wrong and not elegant. Next time you see someone eating a yoghurt, look to see if they lick the lid..especially if your in public.

Taking out the bins...you know its your turn next time it fills up to take it out. So what do you do..? You keep piling up to the other person caves in and takes it out for you. Yes it is harsh and unfair on them...but hey you didn't have to take it out and smell like wet fish for the next hour. 

This is an odd one... but it's not washing the colander/sieve. Why...? Because you realise you only just poured some pasta or rice into it for the total of 2 seconds, and quickly flipped it back into the saucepan. One reason why it's acceptable is because you usually are pouring hot/boiling water through it..so surely it is technically clean..Right?

Wiping it on someone else.. It doesn't matter who you wipe it on, the rule is..get it off you and run. From bird poo, to snot to sweat and grease. The sooner its off your hand..the better it is.
Ideal places for this.. the back, the the arm, someone else's bag.

Monday, 8 November 2010

The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!

The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!: "The most kindest talented family When I am thinking of who is one of the greatest entertainers that has influenced me I can't help but th..."

The making of a Moaner: X Factor moans this week!

The making of a Moaner: X Factor moans this week!: "So ITV's X Factor continues.... and guess what, there is plenty to moan about this popular show this week. Please stop making me listen to..."

X Factor moans this week!

So ITV's X Factor continues.... and guess what, there is plenty to moan about this popular show this week.

Please stop making me listen to Katie
Sunday Show
To start off it goes without saying that the usual miming occurred in the group Sunday show, and yet they still to hide this, and almost enjoy dropping their microphones and forgetting to sing.
Also on the Sunday show he had the return of Shayne Ward (who is releasing a cover song), however his stage performance was something of a shy and retracted show. Stood high up on a podium looking down at everyone is movement and production was restricted...almost punishing him for having a few quiet years.
Kylie followed Shayne and her production was massive, and we almost saw her trip over at one point which was rather comical and would have pleased millions of viewers, not because we are mean..but we like to laugh. It seems that we had all forgotten Dannii and Kylie's relationship, they seem like worlds apart.
Yes Treyc 'C' Cohen left the competition, however her presence will only be missed for her faultless but unemotional performances. We just couldn't connect with her, which is a shame as she is rather talented..and yet Katie did survive..but we will wait for her to be skinned next week by the cruel and unforgiving public.

Saturday Show

I found this week that Mary really dropped her form and she didn't connect to her song at all. I'm surprised she wasn't more slated for her poor vocals..Simon obviously likes her.

Matt Cardle was on top form in his performance, and he bought describable emotions to the song which had many of us getting that goosebumps feeling. However one criticism of this was that he had already sung this song in Boot-camp, and I would have liked to seen something different. 

Rebecca was elegant and her vocal was just on the money opposed to Wagner to entertained but wasn't exactly recording a ballad.

Katie was just a mess.. and Paije still bores me. Aiden still scares me...

One direction was taking the American theme too far, and the fact is that people will always vote for them in numbers. However their song choice wasn't right for the show, it was American based and didn't fit to aim at the UK market.

Cher was once again a hit Marmite for me, not sure if I was understanding the genuineness of her performance 

Cheryl Cole was looking hot as usual..but Dannii had some odd dress going on, and she only really appeared to protect her own acts. Louis was talking a lot of sense and Simon seemed away with the fairies.

The odd Moans: Quick Moans this week!

1. Fireworks night 

This year it didn't really go off with a bang as it usually did. The rain mixed with heavy cloud cover meant it was impossible to see any in great detail. What makes it significantly worse is that living inner city means you are already at a firework disadvantage. Surrounded by tall buildings and a lack of residential housing meant little fireworks but rather just a few random bang sounds here and there, no colour.

2. Wet Jeans

As the winter weather creeps in upon us all we face the dilemmas of darking days, and an increased amount of rain. 
It you are unprepared it can cause disaster. With puddles everywhere due to awful drainage systems, the bottom of your jeans/trousers/pants/combats are bound to get wet. Although it is only the bottom the real issue is that when you get home and take off your issues, the wetness of your jeans touches your socks and legs. It feels wet and weird...so you must wither role them up or take them off.
But you can't do this if your not at your home, so the uncomfortable feeling can continue all day if your at work. Can I suggest spare jeans?

3. Trying to keep fit

It is so hard to thing of doing exercise when it is so cold. The problem I face is the prospect of putting on a pair of shorts and running around the block. When all you want to do is snuggle over a blanket and drink hot chocolate. Does getting up to grab another biscuit count as exercise...ahah. Why does the cookie make you feel warmer.. if only I could blame these cravings of being pregnant.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Random: The stress of having a stressful friend

There are some people who push their ideas and opinions on to you as if they are set in stone. It appears that if you don't follow their train of thought, you are in the wrong. Well guess what....your way of thinking sometimes is detrimental to you and your health. Sometimes it just requires some relaxation time and have some real fun, as if you constantly bog yourself down under the pressure of work and stressful events you can't expect others to enjoy your company.  The person who constantly worries about money and budgeting are the ones who may not be able to relax, opposed to the people who allow wiggle room in their spendings and can rise to occasions without guilt and fear of breaking the bank. In order to succeed in life you have to go with it, not hold back within it.

Hopefully this will give you an insight into my trail of thought and how I think...see if you can relax and have fun without the stress. 

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The making of a Moaner: The Apprentice: Best quotes this week! Find out wh...

The making of a Moaner: The Apprentice: Best quotes this week! Find out wh...: "This week on The Apprentice (BBC) Sir Alan Sugar set the teams the challenge of selling fashion items in Manchester's The Trafford Centre. A..."

The Apprentice: Best quotes this week! Find out who has been fired.

This week on The Apprentice (BBC) Sir Alan Sugar set the teams the challenge of selling fashion items in Manchester's The Trafford Centre.
As per usual it was madness and mayhem. I have found some gems of quotes for you this week.

'fashion is the most boring thing in the world' 
'you can sell cotton for beans'

When talking about an eco range of clothes that is recycled
'isn't that what tramps do'
Stuart Baggs

Described retail as getting honey to the honey pot, stating is love of retail
He managed to extend the phrase 'Doooo you want thissss dress' whilst waving clothes at a potential customer 
Alex Epstein

Had a funny turn in the task and mentioned she was going 'flip out', and I'm sure many of us would have liked to really this, considering she is already rather mean.
Paloma Vivanco

After seeing the other teams TV advert on the big screen in the food court, a classic.
Stella English

Once again this weeks apprentice quoter of the week is JAMIE, who has come out with some crackers..
'I just don't do fashion. My wife buys all my clothes for me'

When describing Manchester he said..
'I always just feel I have gone back a few years'
When it is compared to London

But who was fired this week... it was the strong and powerful leader Paloma, who has upset many with her argumentativeness and brash behaviours.
Bye bye Paloma 
She was too lippy in the boardroom, and I believe Sir Alan made the right decision.