Friday, 24 September 2010

Irritant of the day!!!!!

Remembering that you haven't remembered to send someone a birthday card in time. There is nothing you can do but look like an awful person who just sends a text and hope they forgive you.
Of course you can always send a card a bit later on, but they will know what you have done. If you use a first class stamp it will be obvious that you sent it on their actual birthday.
I wonder if there are rules for late birthday cards...If it is better to be a few days late and pretend it was just lost in the Royal Mail Postal system.

Top 3 Moans This Week

1. Internet connection - why is it that the internet fails at every opportunity when something important needs to be sent or done. It seems to be a hinderer on my life. For instance I was staying at a hotel which advertises free Wi-fi, however there was no verified certificate so I could not connect for the whole trip.

2. Leaving packing to the last minute - I always manage to leave my packing for going away to the exact last minute. Suddenly I am full of stress and rage as I try to gather all my clothes for the next academic, doing washing at late hours and remembering that I haven't packed a tooth brush.

3. The Company - I have been trying to contact a companies account department and every time I ring up the person refers me to them, however it is always an answer machine for all their employees. I want to speak to someone human so I get a refund.


Sunday, 19 September 2010

In the valley

So I have been away in Wales this weekend, and what a trip it has been. On arriving over he Seven Bridge, you are greeted with great scenery and a toll bridge (ruins it a little). The Welsh hills and valleys seem more exciting than the English countryside despite being very similar. Or perhaps it is the vast amount of sheep...
The weather held up great, and I even needed sunglasses. I have seen the delights of Swansea (particular the harbour), Ammanford and Llanelli and the people were rather upbeat and much nicer and those from England. Everyone greeted me as if I really mattered to their day (a good hello can go a long way).
Maybe it's the air, or perhaps it is the more relaxed pace of life, but the Welsh are very friendly and shame us Brits.
I have been walking up hills and mountains, and have had many of funny events happen which I shall post soon.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Moan of the day ######

Today's moan is something that has been playing on my mind for awhile, sitting there eating me up as I try not to let it bother my everyday life when people annoy me.

It's the annoying habit of Chewing with your mouth open..

When I am sitting across or next to someone who is chewing with their mouth open all I can think of is shouting at them 'Close your god damn mouth'. It bubbles up inside me and try to contain my annoyance, but sometimes you just can't. When it's family you need to tell them, as otherwise you will go crazy at every meal time. Situations where it is not appropriate is out in public or a restaurant, or in front of people who you don't know well enough. Remember your surroundings and pick the best point possible to let them know that your driving them crazy.

Chew closed, and chew well.

A Short...Irritant of the day.....!!!

Whilst I admire some good old fashioned light as it provides us with vision at night and heat. I always find that vast amounts of artificial light makes me tired in the evenings around 9:30. The strain of the light becomes too much and I need to use lamps.

I understand this is a weird feeling to be frustrated at, but the nevertheless it is an irritant to my everyday life. Was wondering if anyone else had this problem with too many bright lights.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Laugh and love this auto-tuned video

Whilst the scandalous use of Auto tune on The X Factor has been frowned upon and regarded as cheating, the Auto tune in this video of the classic Charlie Bit Me, helps the video become a much loved song and downloadable ring tone.  

Moan of the day........

There are and always will be people who are not the best person to be stuck in a conversation with. Some people are nice avid listeners (like myself), while others like to talk constantly about themselves.
Throughout my adult life as an active listener I am aware of people who only love to talk about themselves and what is happening with them. Sometimes they don't even ask how you are, or let you get a word in the conversation (if you could call it that).
In conversations we must learn to maintain ourselves so that when someone has a point to make, we don't just rush in with a story that relates to our lives. This is selfish of us all, trying to get our experience in as quick as possible, and we should all try to respectful of others and really listen to them

Let's listen people!

Weird moment of the day :)

I appear to be struggling today with my speech, and it's one of those days when I just cant get my words out. I have been saying words in my sentence, which have just been said on the TV. I am being influenced on how I talk and don't like the way mind is wandering over weird words and sounds that don't exist.
It must be due to my lack of sleep and over worked day.
When will I take control of my speech again!
Or is this the work of subliminal messages.


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Disturbing video of the week. Killer Deer.

Check Out this video of an angry mother Deer attacking a cat and a dog.

Parental supervision is advised for everyone, it's no Disney ending, well unless you include Bambi


The biggest waste of time of the year.

I was due for a dentist appointment this afternoon, I have no fear of the dentist, and usually enjoy the weirdness of some staring into your mouth.
I had spent a long time preparing my teeth for 'the event' (well 4 minutes), two brushes, a brush of whitening and a chewing on a Polo. After all this preparation I was to be very disappointed with my visit. When I arrived I was made to fill out an update form, filling out addresses and medical histories in which I had completed last year. All the information was the same except for the days date, this was a huge waste of  time.

Then I was called into the chair... drum roll....

I was given protective glasses and a bib, because I look like someone who may dribbles a lot I guess (damn health and safety) and was asked to 'open wide'. My chair went backwards as I was lowered to a horizontal position which prepares you for your position in a coffin. The bright shiny light dangles over me and I am blinded, the dentist says bite together, pokes a few teeth and says 'good teeth, you can go now'.

He didn't want to clean them, or give them a double check or even just pretend to shout out all those code letters for your teeth. I was is the chair for a total of ....

30 Seconds 

and was charged £16.50 ..... 

for the shortest time at the dentist ever. I was fuming. NHS dentist next time maybe, or perhaps I should create a problem if I have to pay this.

The dentist was doing his job, but it was a huge waste of time.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Irritant to us all

The problem of this irritant just keeps creeping up on me weekly like a taunting spider, and I find each time it occurs it makes me even more crazy.

It is the arrival of the charity bags.

To start of I must say I do not have a problem with giving donations of money or clothes or gifts to charity
It is the amount of charity backs you get through quickly wanting your clothes, it is roughly two a week.
First of all you must decide which one to donate too if any at all, or to divide it up between the bags and look like you haven't given much.
Secondly, they come through the door and you fill them up and then no one even collects it, after all that sorting out, or even worse, them come on a different day as you have got mixed up with 1/100 other charity bags.

Why is something that is meant to be a good deed so stressful....

Sunday, 12 September 2010

My Funky shaped pictures

Down town LA, Las Vegas, and Kent 

Moan of the day @@@

Spam e-mail and Junk mail has always been a significant problem for well everyone who has an email account, and the more accounts you have the worse it is. The real issue is that whilst you need to try and find important and needed emails, you spend a vast amount of your time sifting through all the junk from pretend banks and loans company. Ticking and deleting becomes the norm when you sign in, and the only hope is mass empty buttons.

The real issue is that checking email which is meant to save time and speed up the process of mail is now defaulting to the opposite. I find that it as become a chore of my everyday life, it is similar to taking out trash, but on-line, you don't want to do it, but you have to otherwise it builds up. 

We need to simplify the email process and bring back down to being quick and efficient opposed to a poison in our life.

Random thoughts...

Is wondering what is so special about Canadian bacon. People are always talking about it on the TV or in films, yet I have never come across it on my travels to the supermarket or abroad.
Something to taste in the future I guess.

I am pondering what is the importance of my MP3 player now my phone can store and play music in much better quality and is easy to use. I want to sell the player but the songs are no longer stored on the computer as all the software program has been lost. All those 90's and 00's songs could be lost forever.

Why is it that I can no longer be excited about ball pools and indoor play areas. There would have been a time when the though of a ball pit sent me running as fast as I can. Now I am just jealous of the kids who get to do do this at restaurants and play centres, that used to be me.

Sunday's Irritant of the day!!

Was up early painting the garden fences, and got it done quite swiftly despite the wetness of the paint, which easily ran down the panels onto the concrete slabs (Ottoh!). 
I then moved on to mowing the lawn, a rather tedious task where you spend most of the time removing grass from the mower. Thankfully I didn't bag it up as I could empty it in the fly ridden compost bin (the smell was rotten). 

The first problem to overcome is that the grass was wet due to the amount of rain, but it did really need a cut, so all the glass shavings are now stuck to the insides of the mower which will end up on the garage floor.

Secondly, the mower decides to clonk out halfway through the grass, meaning a long wait for it to recharge before I could carry on, as it would look stupid half cut. 

When will these battery powered motors last.

Canny Wait!

It seems as if the whole of my year has been building up for the return of The Inbetweeners. With guaranteed high viewing rates and high DVD sales,  this new series cannot fail as it is bound to be better than the last. 
These four young comic actors have become national treasures appearing on other humorous shows such as 'The King is dead' and 'Off the hook' on BBC three. 
The New series is set to be great and from the preview clip it appears no one was forgot about Will's end of year accident in his exam. This will hopefully provide us much more laughter than it already has.

Check out The Inbetweeners 13th September at 10pm on E4

The InBetweeners 

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Moan Moan Facebook Moan

There is one thing that really drives me up the wall when I am sitting down and relaxing at the computer, it is the Facebook clones of misery. These people which I have grouped to together for reasons of depressing statuses and utter miserable words that seem to flow throughout their feed. It is the girls if I am speaking truthful, but many guys are also to blame for this defaulting setting of hatred.
What is it...
It is the use of song lyrics in quotation marks, that express depressing lyrics and show constantly that they are feeling sad and lonely.
I know many of you like great bands, as do I. However taking their song lyrics and turning them into an expression of your misery is the most horrible thing to read, when your in a good mood.
Also you get the friends asking, are you ok? Do you need a hug? They also sometimes like these awful facebook statuses.
Other quotes are fine, usually if they are funny or odd. So please stop polluting our world of your negative feelings.


Friday, 10 September 2010

A quick moan for you

Is it me or is the world become ever more dumb with people falling into the media's trap at every opportunity. A rolling news story has the power to shape what people think their actions, and how they react. Falling the news, it just becomes ever more clear that some people are being told what to think based on what we are delivered. 

People need to start thinking for themselves. Take your judgement back, form your own opinions and arguments.

My little Moan of the day

Was feeling a bit nippy and wanted to feel comfortable, and grabbed a little blanket to huddle under, as the heavily clouds make the room go cold. However this blanket must have been used outside when it was sunny, as I suddenly see some grass fall around me. But not only that a Spider crawls out and runs across the floor, and I don't mind spiders but this one is on the lose, it has retreated to safety under the couch. Perhaps next time someone washes the blanket after using outside.



It looks like it will be a Big brother marathon, just checked the paper and its on for almost 4 hours. Better get comfy on this couch, it's going to be a long road ahead.
I am hoping for Chantelle to win, but who do you want to win?

Bye bye Davina!

Looks like we will be saying goodbye to Big Brother this evening, but personally I will miss the radiant Davina Mccall who us entertained us with witty humour and over excited links for over a decade. Her obsession with the show is what has made her a true star of TV, knowing the ins and outs of her evictees and the right questions to ask, farewell, see you on Million Pound drop.

Who will win Ultimate Big Brother? You decide!

An old Classic
'This is Davina, you are live on Channel 4, please do not swear'

Moan of the day, I got stuck in the Kitchen.

For a while I have been debating what is the most annoying thing that can happen whilst in the kitchen, and it all comes down to one horrific and regular flaw. It helps to support why the kitchen is a dangerous place for men, and why we might more often to be scared to venture in there.
The drawer handles.

Ever been wearing shorts and casually standing by the sink, or up against the work surface, then you might know what happens when you go to leave. Your pockets have got stuck on the drawer handles and it slides open, trapped for a few moments whilst holding a hot pan, or a glass of water, it is easy for panic to set in, no one can save you. You must wriggle out yourself. 

But what is even more terrifying, the double drawer handles. When you are standing in a right angled corner, and both your pockets become attached. You can't move, stuck in two places, with knife drawers and freakishly small cake forks. Moving back and fourth and pulling out each one in turn. Only your able hand can set you free.

Be careful not to get stuck there guys, and for you ladies who want to experience this horrific event, you must buy some shorts with pockets.

Be aware of your pockets in the Kitchen

Irritant of the day!!!!!!!!! Dust!

Since I have been up I have been made to do some housework (chores) to earn my keep, which I don't mind helping with, however it was seems I am guilt tripped or blackmailed into doing it.

It was the turn of some dusting today, which seemed to just spread dust from one area to another without it all really disappearing. The dust has got in my eyes and they are itching like crazy, and I keep finding little snippets of dust on my clothes. The mistake was the shower before the housework, let that be a lesson to you all.

I moved on too hoovering and like usual accidentally managed to suck up my phone charger, luckily it was still plugged in, so it wasn't lost for good.

All this dust and dirt has made my day a load of grime.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The making of a Moaner: Top 10 moans this week...

The making of a Moaner: Top 10 moans this week...: "Rain ruining picnics - indoors one will have to do Unexpected window cleaners - giving you know time to hide Next doors overgrown plants - d..."

Don't you just hate it when......

when...The office chair handle breaks and you can no longer go up and down on the chair. Why are these levers so easy to break, are they even child proof. 
At least you are able to spin around endless amount of times, instead of doing any form of productive work.

and when... birds nest above your bedroom window, and they constantly fly in and out making loud noises throughout the morning. Every time they fly in and out the flutter of light and shadows makes my heart skip a beat.

also when... your watching channel 5 on fuzzy TV, because the analogue connection is to weak and the digital connection skips every 5 seconds, and flickers. That's why channel 5 has extremely low ratings, but hey a rumour says Big Brother might move to channel 5.   

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Isn't it early to be up!

Feeling absolutely shattered from my day yesterday, and although this meant I was able to get to sleep early and break my insomniac cycle, it now means I have been awake since the early hours of the morning. With clouds and morning due to entertain me, you creep about trying not to wake others, and yet you are desperate to make some loud noises to wake them up. Then you can continue with your day as normal, with crashing pans and shower singing and re-runs of Top Gear on Dave, why not, its what Dave is therefore.

However only one thing is great from an early morning, you can have a mid-afternoon nap.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Top 10 moans this week...

  1. Rain ruining picnics - indoors one will have to do
  2. Unexpected window cleaners - giving you know time to hide
  3. Next doors overgrown plants - destroying your garden
  4. Being short-changed - where is my 2p
  5. Leaflet littering - messing up the streets
  6. Warm pillows - when will you be cold
  7. Slow buffering of video's - stuck on 99%
  8. Big Brother Live - the main show is enough, what's with the bird noises 
  9. Dodgy battery powered remote's - always failing 
  10. Someone who wants to use your toothbrush - it's just odd.

Moaning topics by me, for you. Have a go, see if you notice them, what annoys you? Let me know.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Moan Moan Moan.......

So I am short sighted and only occasionally wear glasses when I drive, or to read white boards.
However recently as I have been getting older my eyes are beginning to fail me a bit more each year. I am always being sprung upon whilst watching TV when suddenly everyone has decided to use text messages on programs, however with text boxes which I can never read. It is always a surprise and never get a warning to go fetch my glasses, which I couldn't wear all day waiting for this or Subtitles to appear.

What was wrong with the days when everyone just spoke what needed to be said. TV isn't a book.

Moan of the day!

You can never find sauces for one person, and perhaps I don't want to have the same sauce within the next 3 days, so I end up chucking it away. Freezing could be an option, unless like me you are too lazy to defrost anything, let alone a tiny bit of sauce. You are a faced with a big dilemma, drown your meal in so much sauce other ingredients become irrelevant, of chuck it away, What a waste of food. 

  • you could just have people over for dinner more often 
  • stop using sauce
  • food with sauce already on it
  • don't care about the whole situation

Irritant of the day...

So I have been made to wait in for some grocery shopping, which is to be delivered by Tesco, however the order has been made by my relative.

This was the first warning sign  and secondly that they had made an environmentally friendly order, this meant they wouldn't deliver the food in bags. 

So as the man arrives I have to unpack all 60 items individually on the stairs, as of course the kitchen is too far way from the door.
Don't think helping the environment paid off in this case, as they still wrapped fresh meat in bags anyway!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Irritant of the day!

Why is it that some cats are annoying, manipulative and scheming.

As I try to have a calm day, my cat is around my feet all day seeking attention, where I believe she should be sleeping or hunting.
Her constant need for your attention can be some what annoying and it begins to grind on you.
My cat is currently on a diet, so she is anxious a lot, and looking for the next meal.Which unfortunately means she is hungry and angry, making biting my leg look very attractive to her right now. She is beginning to grate on me now and the only way to stop it it to feed her.
Therefore my cat is manipulative and scheming, she annoys with intention to get her next meal, very clever indeed.

The making of a Moaner: Top 10 moan topics of the week

The making of a Moaner: Top 10 moan topics of the week: "1. X factor Machine2. Cat in a Bin3. On the Lose Swans4. Boring Politicians 5. Flash Floods6. Bank Holiday traffic7. BA cabin crew may strik..."

Child superstar! Now adult superstar?


Once named as the next biggest superstar by Oprah Winfrey. This young singer from the Philippines has a voice that will blow you away.
Since being launched into the Western limelight by Oprah, she has done nothing but perform immaculate performances wherever she goes. From a young girl she was noticed as extra talented, but she's grown and her voice has matured to be flawless.

Now with a successful music career, she is also going to star in Glee. She will be rivalling Rachel (Lea Michele), and apparently will throw some spanners in the works for the Glee kids (but actually adults) for the season.

I hope Charice goes far.

Check This Link of Charice singing Listen. Big voice, big star.

The making of a Moaner: Top 5 moans for a Friday

The making of a Moaner: Top 5 moans for a Friday: "1. Trying to get out of the office quickly, trying not to be stopped to talk mindless chit-chat about what you may or may not do at the week..."

Top 5 moans for a Friday

Trying to get out of the office quickly, trying not to be stopped to talk mindless chit-chat about what you may or may not do at the weekend to a colleague.


Why is the world against you on the Roads, traffic has never seemed so busy than on a Friday.

Trying to get ready to go out, knowing you need to squeeze in a shower and cook and eat all before 7.30.

People calling you and wanting a long chat, which they could do any other time of the week.

You have ate all the good food in the week, and realise you need to do a big shop the next day, but somehow just decide to pop to the local shop to cope for approximately 2days. Then you will have to go to the store.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

A quick moan for me and for you!

Who dislikes loud chewers?
Who crumbles at the sound of nails on a chalkboard?
Which of you today has said 'no offence but' today?
How many times today did you pretend you understood what someone was talking about?

Moan of the day: Not as clear as it seems.

I was intent of cleaning the car today, however I did not think of the stress it would cause. I hoovered the inside of the car and tidied out all the junk and old papers, then it was time to clean the windows. 
It was the MOST ANNOYING thing that has happened this week. I had to clean them on the inside and the outside but it was more a case of moving the dirt around. 
The problem is that no matter how much you scrub and it looks clean, when the window dries, it maintains smudges and uneven drying.
IT HURTS MY OCD, and hurts me on the inside to see the smudges.

A randon moan! Cowell vs Cameron - Smiles and Fear.

Are people really more intrested in what Simon Cowell has to say about our nation compared to leader of the government David Cameron.

I believe so.

...and it's scary that we would be more likely to listen to someone that says yes or no for a living on the X factor, compared to someone who details complicated manifestos.

But hey with Simon at least there is always a clear and definant answer to the situation.

Irritant of the day: Server too busy, Moan Moan.

The phrase everyone begins to detest, as it grows on you like an annoying flea pest. How is it in this day and age that the internet can be too busy. With so many internet users online daily for up to 2hours as an average the ISP's should be buying more space in order to cope with the intake.

Watching video's can be the hardest thing to do at peak times, as buffering seems to be the largerst pest of them all. Waiting to get to at least 56% before you can even believe taht you will get to the end, and see your well awaited EPIC FAIL video.

Sunday evenings appear to be one of the busiest times for internet users, as the riff raff all log on waiting out the long dreaded stretch to monday morning.

Get it sorted soon, as customers are already frustrated as the lack of connection speed in which we get. Don't make yourself be the epic fail. Be brilliant, let us search in less than a second!

Moan, Moan. Batteries: How long do they go.

Batteries in remote controls start to fade, yet we continue to persist with a half-hearted active remote that slows and doesn't react in a timely fashion.

Why is this? It's because we are all super lazy, and changing the batteries appears to be in denial with some consumers. When will they last longer? When will we be in control of the control.

Double AA's and Triple AAA's, please be there next time I run out of you and are forced to stick to one control unless I wish to do it manually.

Ramblings of a crazy man I know.

Moan, moan, moan: Ticking off the clock

No, this isn't a depressing comment about the longevity of life.

It's the annoying clock in the corner that continues to tick every second of every hour of a long day.
Absent and silent whilst active or watching TV, but the minute you go to rest or sleep it is all you can hear or think about.

WHY DO YOU TICK? You tick me off.

Although, it appears some people find this relaxing and calming (who are you). Well try being stuck in a room with a Grandfather clock that chimes the time every 15 minutes, and continues to belt out a woodpecker tick every second. Try dealing with that without it getting on your tits

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Tony Blair! What to think of you, you have me stunned.

I just can't grasp your political position in the grand scheme of your demise.

What really happened? Can you seriously tell the truth on the Television.  

O! That's different, What a bore.

I don't think for a start I have given it much of a chance, but I am not feeling the same connection that I used to.

What happened to the ONE SHOW'S spark.

Jason Manford and Alex Jones are capable of presenting this much loved English treasure, but they don't ooze banter and excitement in the same way Christine and Adrian were in our hearts. They just made the outdated articles some what bearable for anyone under 42 years old.

But hey who am I too judge, I only care what happens to the theme tune... One..One...ONEEEEEE.

Close encounters of the HOPPER kind

Left the window open in my bedroom hoping to air out that guy smell (deodorant mixed with pure sweat, strange mix I know), and what is there, it is a massive grasshopper.

A grasshopper is the last thing I would have expected to see there, let alone a colony of them, well it was 2 them. So it could be considered as a strategic plan against me whilst I sleep, good job I have rumbled them now.

Out the window they have gone! No death from me, just a long drop, I hope they land well.

Rather fed up, YES I AM

When you pop into the local shop to buy some milk or bread, or even a Twix, even though you might only eat half off and put the rest in the fridge for an after dinner snack, and the shopkeeper is unresponsive.

The unresponsive shopkeeper who is on the phone whilst they serve you at the till, not acknowledging a 'Hello' of friendly sorts, but a mindless nod. Chatting away on the phone and only sometimes mustering the strength to actually say how much you owe them.

It is know wonder our local shops our disappearing and Tesco is growing, when the local services are providing a minute caring approach, I will take the drones at Tesco's who ask you how your day is!

You know who you are!

Get on the Tube of You! (Youtube)

It you get a chance this week, get on Youtube or 4od and watch Inside Incredible Athletes
The determination and strength of these disabled athletes is inspirational to those of us Lazy sods, who moan when we think of doing a mild form of exercise.
In this program they follow:

A blind footballer, a swimmer, a dressage rider, Wheelchair basket-ballers, Runners on blades.

The back drop to this special sees incredible scenes of incredible athletes displaying their sport with the backdrop of London, from running over cars, to basketball of a hovercraft.

Help support our Athletes in 2012 Paralympic games

Irritant to my life - You cant cheat the work!

No it's not the rising price of fuel!

I tried using an aid to help me paint fences today, it was a spray system that involved pumps and air pressure and a long dangling tube, which was mostly unattractive and gangly.
It did not help the process of painting the fence, and therefore hindered it and prolonged the already mundane experience. Blocked tubes, low pressure, paint on the rockery. It did not go well. The cleaning process took far too long and a simple answer to a simple problem was proofed stressful and far worse off that the original hard grinding work.

You cant cheat the work!

Positive moment of the day!

Go to the Cinema!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World - It deserves a watch from you, the ideal audience is young and quirky and probably enjoyed Kick Ass. However older viewers may me left wanting a more classic Clint Eastwood film, as it maintains an arcade atmosphere throughout.

Moan of the day!

Cutting a layer of grass on the lawn, and realising you cant finish it and get a tighter cut because it's wet and your garden is in the shade.

Cold calling!

It has got to the point in my life where I no longer can maintain my composure when someone rings me on my mobile to offer me a service/Attack of money grabbers. 

Moan 1: Mobile Networks - Who insist on asking about your current contract and whether you will change to them, well not really I am in a contract that will last 2 years...GOODBYE. Well should they not be able to tell what network you are on, is modern technology still that dumb. Eh? Really?

Moan 2: Kitchen Salesman/Women - Can I tell you about our new ranges of kitchens? Well considering you rang me on my mobile I don't think so. The perfect annoyance, especially when you consider I don'y own my own property so therefore have no power over the kitchen. I DON'T HAVE A KITCHEN. How about you go off and do some of your own research mate, and then not call me.

Who am I speaking too? Where am I speaking to? 

Leave us alone companies, you advertise so that we will come to you when we need you!