Sunday, 31 October 2010

The making of a Moaner: The X Factor: The good the bad and the Ugly

The making of a Moaner: The X Factor: The good the bad and the Ugly: "It is Week 4 of the live shows of The X Factor (ITV) and it is beginning to heat up as some talent is shining and some his flopping. The Hal..."

The X Factor: The good the bad and the Ugly

It is Week 4 of the live shows of The X Factor (ITV) and it is beginning to heat up as some talent is shining and some his flopping. 
The Halloween theme this week wasn't really embraced by many of the contestants, whose mentors thought having the word 'blood' in the song made it spooky. 
This weeks round up:

Matt Cardle - great voice as usual although not his best, however it is a really tough song and he did it justice as he made it his own. He didn't really express the Halloween theme, although Leona Lewis herself can be creepy at times, as she doesn't often smile.
Matt Cardle

Paije Richardson - Into week 4 and I am still not a fan of him. The use of the word 'diva' which is a supplement for the word gay in his case seems to be thrown about when anyone is talking about him. I thought a diva was a demanding female vocalist. He sang well this week but he just lacks a star quality, he just wouldn't work in the UK market. Was it Halloween..?
Paije Richardson

Aiden Grimshaw - well without sounding like a broken record...You make me feel uneasy when  watch you. You make me want to hide as your psychotic eyes follow me on the screen. Your Michael Jackson cover of 'Thriller' pretty much had you spitting on MJ's hard work. Good idea..wrong delivery. The song was Halloween based that's it..
Aiden Grimshaw

Simon Cowell
One Direction - So this week I thought One Direction sang really well and as a unit, and showed their potential to be very successful in the UK market. Although for them to progress it would be good with Harry Styles took some lead vocals. Great idea to place them as Vampires also, cash it in for Halloween.
One Direction

Belle Amie - Once again Belle Amie were pretty much strolling down the road...their vocals weren't always in harmony as a group. Their need to all shine doesn't help the song, as one key vocalist would give us some consistency to deal with. They may be up for the chop in the results show..but well done on the Halloween theme.
Belle Amie

Louis Walsh 
Mary Byrne - Once again I cant fault her voice...she makes everything sound good, but would she ever have a place in the UK charts..I'm not sure. Perhaps Britain's got Talent may have served her better. Apparently it appears Louis' idea of a modern song is Take That from the 90's, which turned out well, but it was still an old song. good luck Mary..your name is addictive to say in an Irish accent. Halloween theme..not so much.
Mary Byrne

Wagner - Up until this week I have been a supporter of our crazy friend. However this week I struggled to understand his phrasing and his whole performance. The combination of the two songs didn't work this week, and he might face the chop. However Wagner did rock the Halloween theme with some success..the gaunt look. 
Wagner Carrilho

Cheryl (national treasure) Cole/Tweedy
Cher Lloyd - The change from gangster wannabe to a credible artist may have just occurred this week for Cher. Stepping away from this rude girl atmosphere she reminded of us of why we loved her first was the fact that she just sang and made her vocals do the talking. This is a clever ploy from Cheryl Cole and the X Factor machine to attract back any 'haters' than didn't respond to he rap/shouts. The world may say your name in niceties again. Great job on the freaky Halloween tune and number.
Cher Lloyd

Rebecca Ferguson - I was not a fan of Rebecca at the beginning as her shy persona and fragile vocals deterred me..however I am now enjoying her performances and her style. She is making transitions week by week to improve..I hope she sticks around and grows into a star. Her Halloween style was questionable though.. could have been amped up higher.
Rebecca Ferguson 

Treyc Cohen - After being in lasts weeks bottom two it seems Treyc has picked herself up, and away from a deluded rock artist. She embraced the week and tried her best..her voice is great and she looks great...she did well with the Halloween theme, but there is something missing, and it appears to be the hunger for victory which doesn't transpire to the viewers at home. She may need to get a sob story..
Treyc Cohen

Katie Waissel - After she smashed last weeks performance, she had to prove she could continue her run. She used a retro classic from the Tv show 'Bewithced', which I didn't realise had words as I usually hum along to it..du du..du..du. It didn't shine out like last week and didn't feel overly scary for Halloween (but hey the word 'witch' was included), but she managed to sway me to the love her side of Marmite. I think she may grow stronger in the competition and be around a few more weeks.
Katie Waissel

I would love to hear what you all thought of the finalists this week, leave a comment and tell me who your favourite was. 

Wrong dangerous path home.

This morning I visited the Premier Inn for a slap up continental breakfast, you know how it is, croissants, muffins and eggs and some Kelloggs. As I left I took my usual path back to my flat, admiring the traffic and well traffic lights when I stumbled into a messy problem. My route home is usually people based and without the vulgar of barking dogs as it is in the City centre. However today on the way home I walked into some dog mess and now the great start to the day was ruined. Although I only got some leftovers of someone else who had trod in it, I felt  disgusted by it, and the smell. Following this horror, and some serious wiping on some gravel I carried down the brick path. Walking sensibly and laughing at my dog mess mishap, I stumbled into a dead bird. It was a small brown one (I'm not a bird identifier) maybe a sparrow. I walked into it by accident as it was so small and under a tree it just looked like a leaf. This wasn't a pleasant walk home, from what was a great breakfast.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Top Apprentice quotes this week

What's been happening on BBC's The Apprentice

One of the project managers this week was Jamie, and he had some very interesting things to say
JAMIE-'We are meeting at The Science it will be about Science..or Museums'
JAMIE-'I'm bursting with ideas'

CHRIS as project manager wasn't perhaps as interesting as Jamie, with not displaying much humour other than his very posh voice. However he did win the challenge, with really impressive tallies thanks to LIZ

MEL said 'good job I have arm muscles' well done Mel, so does everyone else.
On the topic of MEL she kept pushing at Debenhams after they said 'We do not sell shower heads in our stores'. She was not taking no for an answer.

One company who was pitching to the wannabe apprentices made me laugh very hard when they said 'the wobbly bits that are just hard to keep in place'. 

Apprentice quote of the week
SANDY had her shinning moment when she told us that 'babies cant speak to you', obviously teaching us all something brand new.

The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!

The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!: "The most kindest talented family When I am thinking of who is one of the greatest entertainers that has influenced me I can't help but th..."

Meet the Will Smith Clan!

The most kindest talented family

When I am thinking of who is one of the greatest entertainers that has influenced me I can't help but think of Will Smith. Since his humble life as child Will Smith has had success after success, from his acting, singing/rapping and comedy. After the huge dominance of 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air', Will could have been set for life and contempt with his achievements on the show and as a #1 artist.  He moved on too great films such as 'Independence Day'  and 'Men in Black'. 

However this is no ordinary man.. this is an extraordinary man.. with an extraordinary family. It appears that the talent of this family will never end.
Mother and Wife Jada is not only a succesful actress starring in A-list movies such as 'The Matrix Reloaded' and 'Madagascar' she is a successful producer, writer and director. 

Jada Pinkett Smith in the Matrix Reloaded

Son Jaden Smith is already a star before he has hit his teen's, with acting roles in the 'The Pursuit of Happyness' where he starred alongside his dad, and his most recent role in the remake of 'The Karate Kid' alongside Jackie Chan and produced by Jada (his mum). 
We can't also forget his work in music, where he has already duetted with Justin Bieber. It looks like Jaden will continue to go from strength to strength.

Jaden and the Bieber
Jaden and Willow Smith

Moving on to our next talented Smith...there is no end. Is the even younger Willow. Following her dad's talent Willow has appeared in 'I am Legend' and voiced in 'Madagascar'. 
However now she is moving on too even bigger and better things as she becomes a pop star. She has a single coming out in America called 'Whip my hair' which looks set for vast amounts of success. It is catchy and shows promise for the future, so maybe this young girl will be around for awhile.

The Smith Family headed up by Mr Will Smith, is one uber talented family that will be working for a long time entertaining us and bringing us talent.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Quick Moans Today

This is what is wrong with many peoples personalities and conversation skills.

1) People who put others down in order to feel better about themselves

2) Augmentative people, who find a fault in every opinion

3) People who just cant listen

4) Conversationalists who interrupt you with their personal stories over others

5) People who walk away mid conversation in order to listen to someone else they think holds more power.

The making of a Moaner: Epic Fails..and a midget

The making of a Moaner: Epic Fails..and a midget: "Enjoy some of these Epic Fails that have been making me laugh this week also here is the young guy who dances to odd songs...he makes us ..."

Epic Fails..and a midget

Enjoy some of these Epic Fails that have been making me laugh this week

also here is the young guy who dances to odd songs...he makes us all laugh.. so thank you

What to do at 6am?

Have been up at 6am this morning just wandering around unable to stop coughing with a dreadful sore throat.
At that time you really need to pop out and get some medicine, it just isn't not going to happen realistically unless you live next door to a Tesco superstore.
You muddle through and hope that eventually you will get back to sleep...and dream of happy things (unless you like Nightmares). However it wasn't to be...which means now I feel all day that I will be mean and irritant to people..but hey ho.. they will just have to put up with it..

Watch out everyone..the winter Flu is here..start preparing yourself with vitamins and long nigh sleeps.. stop partying and drink lots of water. Lets all stay well together.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Quick snippet: Bye Davina..wait ..Hello again

I feel as if we spent our whole summer saying goodbye to Davina Mccall on the last Big Brother, but she is back on the delightful channel 4 quiz show 'The Million Pound Drop'.
We had her tears and her long goodbye, only for her to return to our screens in a matter of a month. Although I don't mind this as she is a good presenter who can hold her own in a tricky situation.

The return of this sofa edge sitting quiz show brings about hungry money hunters who are also searching for some kind of 15minutes of fame. However most of them will miserably fail in front of our eyes. It is on all week and you can play along on-line to test how good you are.

Popping Balloons. Try this one...

Whilst the average popping balloon sends most of us into an array of frantic panic the balloon which is popped by a hoover is something you have got to hear. It may make you run for the hills and take cover, but the extreme bursting and then suction of the hoover causes an almighty bang. I urge you to be try this out, do it safely and not in front of your elderly Grandma though. I recommend experimenting this in a room with closed doors with a slight echo, give it a film and let me know how you get on.

Ready for a Spook-fest. Halloween

So In preparation for this years Halloween activities. I give you the site which allows  you to turn your photos into a Zombie style photo. You can save and upload the image to your favourite social networking site, and have a spooky Halloween picture.

I hope you are all planning Halloween costumes for trick or treating and for all your various parties. Get those Pumpkins out and those creepy cobwebs placed. Let this be a big scary Sunday. Perhaps get yourself down to the cinemas to see Paranormal Activity 2, if you can brave it.

Top Quick Moans today!

1) Raising Tuition Fees for University Students... don't be so ridiculous
2) Wayne Rooney's will I..won't I.. yes you have got more money deal
3) Cher Lloyd and her life as a chav/gangster..rapper wannabe
4) The Government's cuts and spending the pensioners
5) The ongoing French strike disrupting everyone...make the cross country trains run smoothly again

This is what the readers have said is being over hyped the media this week.

Check out this weeks new poll to the side. What are you views...

Irritant of the day. Work Work Work.

At University you are expected to do self-directed work to some extent. However it feels that most of the time this work is useless to my overall understanding of the module as it represents old school style of homework. When it turns from fun and interesting..(sometimes)...into highlighting and reading 50 pages of text that most of the time wont be discussed in class, due to vast amounts of peer talking.. I think why am I paying the lecturers for this. If they did anything less they would be on the sofa at home (a comfortable one for sure), sitting around in their large tuition fee fuelled wages. Lord Help the future generations who will be paying larger University fees just to get jack all from lecturers.

Bored at your lecture...probably.. I guess the Lecturer needed another coffee

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another X Factor Contestant bites the dust!

In the bottom two of the X Factor this week was Treyc and John and I was not happy, I would have rather it was Paige and Cher.. but I guessed I should have picked up the phone in that case.
Once again the sing off showed both Treyc an d John to sing better than on the Sunday show..probably due to them singing what they are actually good at, and what they want not the judges.

The hard decision it could have been seems rather easy to make, with a clear favourite to stay between the two of them.

But unfortunately JOHN ADELEYE was sent packing. Will we see him again...? I doubt it.

In other X Factor News ITV has the delights of Michael Buble on again who sang brilliantly, and was as ever the  gentleman of the show. Cheryl Cole managed to mix live verses and mimed choruses together, using a mimed live track. The bits she sang live were great as well as superb dancing. However lets not forget the strain on her body from her recent malaria.

But will next week bring... more lights, drama, mimed group song, and an intense Aiden Grimshaw.
God bless your show Simon Cowell... and well done Wagner for staying in, you are Entertaining.

Moan of the day

So at the moment as we sit casually here on our backsides scanning the net, watching TV and eating our Sunday roasts, the world is turning round and getting ready for the darkness. That's right..the night's here in the UK are coming sooner as the sunlight fades early around 6pm. Before we know it at 5pm it will be luminous black with a glow of street lamps, walking home from Work, School and Uni after a hard day without experiencing the sun.
The benefits of this are little, as the prospect of darkness comes closer the delights of warmth beings to seep away.. and we can no longer just jump out of bed with joy and be ready for the day.

Oh let it be different this year, give me strength to get out of bed.

The making of a Moaner: Top X Factor Moans of the week

The making of a Moaner: Top X Factor Moans of the week: "1) X Factor (you know.. that ITV show with Simon Cowell.. heard of it?) -They mime on the group songs, and they don't even try to hide it. ..."

Top X Factor Moans of the week

1) X Factor  (you know.. that ITV show with Simon Cowell.. heard of it?)
-They mime on the group songs, and they don't even try to hide it. The obvious miming is clearly shown as none of their voiced sound live but only processed on the results show.

- Cheryl Cole and the fact that her and her contestants hair were died red. Is there an advertising campaign? Or are they all really obsessed with you.

-Belle Amie - and there obvious self-destruction on the show is seen, as their VT tape sets them up to be at the bottom.

- Aiden Grimshaw - Will he survive his awkward performances, which to be honest has become something rather scary and borderline creepy/psycho.

-Will Cheryl's live performance tonight be note perfect...? If not her dancing will make up for it, and we expect a smoking outfit to detract from her singing abilities.

- Cher Lloyd is a rough Chav - who isn't a gangster, so stop rapping like one.

The only good things to say this week is that Matt Cardle absolutely stole the show with his cover of Britney Spears, he is the highlight and clear winner so far. Also we can look forward to the talented Michael Buble this evening.

In other X Factor News, rejected Contestant GAMU showed up at the MOBO awards this week. we hope she bounces back.. she deserves it.

Friday, 15 October 2010

The making of a Moaner: Thank you readers..and.. Moan of the day 15/10/10

The making of a Moaner: Thank you readers..and.. Moan of the day 15/10/10: "Just wanted to say thank you to the viewers around the globe who have been reading my blog. From Malaysia to South Africa, Germany, Canada, ..."

Thank you readers..and.. Moan of the day 15/10/10

Just wanted to say thank you to the viewers around the globe who have been reading my blog. From Malaysia to South Africa, Germany, Canada, USA, and UK.
Knowing that my blog is reaches the far corners of the world, inspires me to continue writing it and reach more of you out there. Thank you.

Today's moan of the day... is sometimes been misunderstood as a common and normal behaviour, but make no assumptions of this irritant as it is a persisting and spreading problem.

Have you guessed it..? Of course not, this is to obscure and random for you to have predicted it.

It is the issue of the 'CHAV'. Although officially we cannot use the term Chavism yet, I think it is about time we acknowledge the spread of this group of people.

Whilst I must say that NOT all Chav's are rude and dumb people (some are lovely), but if you watch an episode of Jeremy Kyle I'm sure your main reason is to laugh at Chav's and acknowledge their stupidity and lack of Condom use.

How can we solve the problem of the Chav?? I suggest removing council housing estates from over growing and being left isolated without the proper facilities to help those needs.
Also we could stop the sale of sport brands in matching track top and trousers.
Also lets have a re-education for parents who believe there 5 year old should be robbing from Primark.

There it is, a few things to change.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Moan of the day 14/10/10

So it's not even winter yet, and all my pet peeves about the cold weather are starting to frustrate me.

Firstly, my nipples are starting to poke out like an excited nosey neighbour, as respond to the chilly mornings and unexpected cold walks.

Secondly, the fact is when I enter inside any area, the simply temperature change, inflames my skin, sending me into a whirl of bright red rosy cheeks (even more than normal), combined with a temperature change sweat and creeps in under my armpits warning me I shifted inside.

Thirdly, being hot and bothered from this temperature change outside doesn't actually mean it is cold inside, yet certain institution's and areas believe it is already acceptable to put on the heating. It is only a little bit fresh.

Finally, you know about those wet/sweat patches you leave on chair when you stand up... they are back

Nice I know, but what are we meant to do? Have cooling chambers?

Peace out for tonight!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The making of a Moaner: Moan of the day 13/10/10

The making of a Moaner: Moan of the day 13/10/10: "Today's moan is a bit of a cheap shot not only because I secretly love this place, but as it is also very cheap place to be. I was in one o..."

Moan of the day 13/10/10

Today's moan is a bit of a cheap shot not only because I secretly love this place, but as it is also very cheap place to be.

I was in one on the leading retailers for low price goods (POUNDLAND) where I simply wanted some cheap equipment to conduct some D.I.Y (from IKEA). I had been walking around thinking of what I needed and had also grabbed some cheap crisps and notepads.

What did I really need.... A Phillips (you know.. its like a screwdriver).

I was queuing up to buy my items, for what seemed to take an eternity of foot tapping. I got to the till and the man serving me refused to sell me the Phillips.. it was just for some simply D.I.Y.

They weren't allowed to sell them to under 21's. This was surprising, as I could legally drink, smoke, drive, buy a house. However I could not simply do some hard labour.... tighten a bolt, make up a cabinet.

What has the world come to...? Not everyone is a driller killer, a crazy knife carrier or Phillips carrier.


Doesn't that just get on your tits.

Anyway I got a middle aged man to buy it for me, and as 20year old I felt violated and without rights. Maybe I will shop on-line next time.

I don't think so! Apprentice moments.

The Apprentice best bits of the week - thank you BBC for providing us with humour in business.

1)A group of girls getting along under pressure. I don't think so
(maybe if there mouths were zipped shut)

2)Glamour ? Blowing up a beach ball. I don't think so.
(be careful if you have atmosphere)

3)Looking cool with that product on the beach. I don't think so
(it is just a rolled up towel)

4) "I'm not being confrontational". I don't think so.
(why are you shouting then)

5) Small earrings on today. I don't think so
(watch out for a gust if wind)

6) Sand on Brighton beach. I don't think so
(not even in 100 years)

Sir Alan was on the screen this week, missing from Heathrow Airport. He must have very important things to do as he is a millionaire.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Irritant of the day..1.2.3

Today's irritant is that of annoying people. Moments when you need to count back slowly to calm yourself.

There is always one person that manages to get on your nerves no matter where you go. Whether they are over argumentative, say weird things, or just pain odd, all you want to do is shout at them to pull themselves together and have some self respect.
Do they not know that everyone is laughing at them..? Or that their comments cause sniggering and whispers.. Do they really not see people thinking, why don't you just sit there and be quiet like us. If they stopped asking questions, perhaps the rest of us could leave earlier.

One of example of bad sportsmanship... well just annoying behaviour. Is one girl who demanded the lecturer would print the module guide in a different colour as it hurt her eyes. SINCE WHEN HAS BLACK HURT PEOPLES EYES. Surely red wouldn't be any better. She also had the cheek to ask for it in bigger font.
Some people know how to wind me up.... just sssssussshh yourself.

Top 5 moans this week

1. Room Changes - getting lost and no one is around

2. Bad signal  - TV signal going in the evenings but fine in the day

3. Unclean Kitchen Utensils - is it pizza juice?

4. Getting sweaty - when it is cold outside

5. Drunk shouters - at 5am, that's some serious partying

Never wear grey when you think you might sweat!!

Moan of the day!

So first of all I must apologise to all of my readers for not posting for several weeks. This has been down to the lack on internet.
Today's moan is being stuck without the internet and feeling lost and bored. Moving to University for the 3rd year I needed to set up a new internet connection with my flatmates. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds when you are stuck in an area unable to support fibre optic cables, and everything then has to go through the beloved BT service. As we registered for a 9 month contract with Virgin on the 26th, we have had to wait to today the 12th before our internet line was sorted out. It has been a testing time, full of old fashioned games, books and witty stories,
Surprisingly, I coped rather well without the internet, and found myself going to bed early and getting up early. Without the world wide web I found a routine, but was hindered in my activities, contact and work. I needed the internet to feel sane, and post and update my status. Thank god for mobile facebook, or it may have been a rather depressing period of my life.

Companies should be more efficient with setting internet up, and not tell you to track your order online when they know you haven't got the internet.