Thursday, 4 November 2010

Random: The stress of having a stressful friend

There are some people who push their ideas and opinions on to you as if they are set in stone. It appears that if you don't follow their train of thought, you are in the wrong. Well guess what....your way of thinking sometimes is detrimental to you and your health. Sometimes it just requires some relaxation time and have some real fun, as if you constantly bog yourself down under the pressure of work and stressful events you can't expect others to enjoy your company.  The person who constantly worries about money and budgeting are the ones who may not be able to relax, opposed to the people who allow wiggle room in their spendings and can rise to occasions without guilt and fear of breaking the bank. In order to succeed in life you have to go with it, not hold back within it.

Hopefully this will give you an insight into my trail of thought and how I think...see if you can relax and have fun without the stress. 

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