Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Week 4

This week Sir Alan challenged the business novices to set up beauty treatments on the rather unaware public in Birmingham.

Sorry just a quick post this week

I would like to start by wondering why when someone offering you a treatment, surrounded by camera crews and Nick Hewer or Karren Brady doesn't realise perhaps a filming of The Apprentice is taking place. By putting two and two together did the public not think that perhaps the treatments they were going to receive was of that by amateurs...just throwing that out there. 

Funny Moments of the Week

Jim - entering the treatment room and looking like we was about to kill someone with wide scary eyes

Nick - Cutting in with his expertise, just because he couldn't restrain himself from watching Felicity's team stupidity

Glenn - his rather odd approach to selling beauty products

Leon - worried about being called gay due to his involvement with all the beauty products and tanning

Tom - his face sideways his very thin, and he reminds me of Mr Bean.


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Rolling in the deep (Adele Cover) - Maddi Jane

So if you love Adele and her fantastic single 'Rolling in the Deep' then you are sure to enjoy a cover of the critically acclaimed track by a tiny little school girl. 

A fantastic powerful voice full of rich tone and clarity.

I hope you enjoy. 

Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Week 1 + 2 Videos

Great videos from the infamous Bolegbros, who take of week 1 and 2 of The Apprentice in their own great animation style. 

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Best quotes. Week 3

The Apprentice logo

This Week Sir Alan, challenged the remaining bright eyed candidates to find 10 items for a hotel in just 9 hours.

The famous 'buying' task is always interesting and full of silly errors and displays of stupidity.

The teams were shaked up and  Zoe looked less than please to be moving teams as her eyes rolled in despair. Perhaps she saw her fate in the bottom three flash before her eyes. 
Zoe Beresford

Gavin WinstanleySusan Ma

Gavin and Susan were the respective PROJECT MANAGERS of the task, but took different stances to the challenge ahead of them.
Susan taking an organised and well polished style i.e. being good. Whilst Gavin took the lets roll with it approach i.e. I have no idea what I am doing


Felicity - "he wouldn't even take a penny off" - came with the best voice and movements in the eyes

Felicity - "How greedy does one have to be" - she was in utter astonishment on the prices of hats.
Felicity Jackson

Jim - who once again showed amazing promise for the series
"I am an Irish bulldozer of charm"
Jim Eastwood 

Tom -  "10 inch Cloche"
"Where will we find a 10 inch cloche in London"
Tom Pellereau

Karen - "What on earth are they doing"
Karren Brady


Commenting on Vincent's manner and behaviour.
"I know your Belgian, that explains the waffles"
Lord Sugar

This weeks hiding failure!
Natasha Scribbins

She was all over the place in the episode making mistakes with her negotiating tactics and her calling up rival hotels looking for help.
Here is someone who should have been in the firing line, a lucky escape.

This week Gavin, Zoe and Vincent faced the boardroom after a narrow loss but one which was the right outcome.
Click the link below to find out who was fired

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Man turns his head 180 degrees

Well this is just plain creepy. Although this is interesting, I do find it rather unsettling also. 

Unaware whether this is shock or pure disgust of how it looks, its just not natural.

Don't try this at home. Please. 

Beyonce teases us!

Beyonce and her management are teasing us with these trailers of her video for 'Run the world (girls)'

Just Release it already, we can't wait until Wednesday 

Rihanna - California King Bed

Glad to see Rihanna moving away from her 'Gangsta' days and back to a good old fashioned slow belter.

I think she needs this song ti really remind us that she can sing, with a great voice like that why does she ever bother to do such cheesy and tasteless songs.

This is a much better representation of her, think of artists such as Adele who don't theatrics to be noticed.

What do you think of it?? 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Week 2 Apps

Lord Sugar

This week on the Apprentice Sir Alan Sugar challenged the wannabe candidates to create a Mobile Phone Application or more commonly known as Apps as Lord Sugar so kindly pointed out to those technophobes.

This challenge should have been the opportunity for all the candidates to shine as they all work within this technical driven world of work, but many left their creative ideas in the bin.

Ideas didn't seem to flow successfully and with any form of creative flare.

Both Apps showed minimal promise and likelihood to catch on, but these app lovers will buy any free Apps through pure boredom and something new to add their high tech phone (mini computer).

In the world of the apprentice behaviour is often bizarre and crazy but week 2 has once again delivered some of the oddest behaviours 

Vincent Disneur
Vincent - Who has consistently displayed himself as confident and oozing potential dramatically failed and cracked under the pressure. 
I know that doing presentations are always scary and tense but he cracked like Humpty Dumpty - yes he did have a big fall.
Other candidates can exploit his presentation weakness to set him up for a firing.

Glenn Ward
Glenn - his idea for a slang app just seemed to odd to be true. A risky move in this current world of political correctness.
Minute racial slurs could be seen - but really it was a harmful joke.
I can't help but love a good welsh farmer impression.

Edna Agbarha 
Edna - I am still not liking this lady. I shouldn't make snap judgements but something about her still makes me cringe. Her attitude and projection of herself is awful considering her work within the psychology field. Being The role as Project manager did her no favours.

Gavin Winstanley
Gavin - Now Gavin seems capable and confident, however his constant moaning about not getting the right roles and jobs within the group must stop. Constantly saying you are great without any actions or proof of this will stop his pursuing any further.   

Zoe Beresford
Zoe - Who is this?? Haven't seen her for the first two episodes, she needs to pip up fast.

Leon Doyle
Leon - he should have been on the chop in my opinion, his idea of success was not shown and he just didn't preform. Being dominated by Jim showed his weakness and inability to lead,, but perhaps he may now buckle down.

Promising Candidates 

Jim Eastwood

He was confident, strong and took no prisoners and he was sneaky, this weeks Apprentice to watch was Jim. 
Faced with the possibility of being taken into the boardroom, Jim fought his corner.

He scared Leon good and affirmed himself as dominant male as be backed Leon into a corner expressing his pure strength and confidence. It is as if Leon saw his display of strength pre-boardroom and gave in to his demands to leave him out of the boardroom. 

If this is how Jim is going to fight for his spot in Week 2, I imagine that he will most probably make it to the final 5.

Melody Hossaini

Melody is showing promise through her rational head and knowledge. Although not likely to win the overall competition her skill set is already proven to be strong and business minded.

Quote of the week!
Nick Hewer

Nick Hewer - on the comedic value of apps 
"I don't know if I am just too old and not getting this"

Too find out who left the apprentice, click on the link below, if you don't want to know then read some more articles on the site.

The Apprentice 2011: Week 1

Lord SugarKarren BradyNick Hewer

Series 7 of Lord Sugar's Apprentice is back on our Television screens and it is 'packing punches'

With a new prize of £250,000 to start a business with Sir Alan, the stakes are higher and there is much more to prove. 

The series already feels different, more passion and drive, however with this comes more idiots and wannabes.

Helen Louise MilliganMelody Hossaini

The two women above Helen and Melody first caught my eye as they exchanged a brief evil stare. Helen (left)  put herself up for project manager and did Melody (right) who won the role for the first week. Helen glared at Melody as she was denied the task and her ideas for the name of the team (Venture) were similarly shot down, here is some tension to watch throughout the series.

 Edna Agbarha

Similarly Edna above showed a high level of evil stares and bitchy looks throughout the program. She got my disapproval within the episode as she come across well in how she acted and worked in a team. She may soon become someone we hope to get rid of. 

Susan Ma

Although not listened to exclusively, Susan shows promise for the series.

Team Logic (the boys) was headed up by the confusing and rather odd Edward

Edward Hunter

The self-hating Accountant pushed himself up for project manager and barely made it into anyone's expectations that he was capable and a rational adult.

Unable to tell what an Orange looks like didn't help his corner. 

Complaining about being short and the youngest candidate didn't make him a favourite it seemed.

His use of short confusing phrases was noted by Sir Alan, however he was entertaining, just hopeless within the task.

Glenn Ward

Glenn (above) got a little bit red when he felt the team wasn't going far, and raged up in the kitchens amongst Orange squeezers to assert his male dominance.

Jim Eastwood

Thank god Jim was there to diffuse the situation for us.

'Let me just step in and diffuse the situation'

Find out who left this week by clicking below 

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Adele - Make You Feel My Love (Song For Royal Wedding)

A cover by Sean Rumsey below of Adele's version of 'Make You Feel My Love' that he covered for the Celebration of the Royal Wedding

His tone is fantastic and the voice really flows throughout with rich warmth and distinctness.

What a listen, I hope you enjoy this and check out his youtube channel.  

Sunday, 1 May 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: Z is for ZZZZZZzzzzzz

Z is for tiredness and having a kip.

This challenge has been tough yet really fun, and I am now ready for a rest.

Napping is always best when its afternoon and you nap fully on the bed and wake up feeling tired yet refreshed.

Catching some afternoon Zzzzzzzzzzzz's is always a fun activity and usually better than your overall night time sleep.

The funniest place I have napped is at school, silly to leave yourself open to attack from pens, but it sure made the day go faster!!!

A - Z Blogging Challenge: Y is for Yippee

Yippee, what a great word this is!

Yippie as a word just makes me laugh so I googled it and found this rather funny video including the word yippee.

There are crazy singing sheep in this video, be aware.

A - Z Blogging Challenge: X is for 'Xhausted

I was really cream crackered the other day when I went on a mad cleaning spree. I 'Xhaused myself out from going at it like a crazy OCD robot. I cleaned and I cleaned once more.

I did this because I really happy and I like to have a clean when I am happy, and when there is nothing in the back of your head to have time to enjoy  the simple things like cleaning.

I hoovered most of the rooms in my flat, tidied, dusted and made everything look right in perfect right angles, except the circular table which really annoyed me as well as being made out of glass which shows the dirt clearly.

Similarly I found myself scrubbing the kitchen floors until I was ready to drop off to sleep. I was on my hands and knees scrubbing like Cinderella, except for fun as nobody forced me too.

I only managed to half the floor in an hour as it was that dirty, I made the cream floor, change from browny-grey to cream again, and that was a sense of achievement, which does sound odd I know.