Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: W is for Whine

Whine, Whine, Whine, well that is me, I love a good whine. So today you shall have a good old whine for me.

I am avoiding the obvious 'W' for Wedding, aka Royal Wedding, as I am sure many of you will be posting about this joyous event.
In an earlier post I expressed my annoyance of the wedding. I do not disapprove of it but merely dislike the constant badgering from the press about it. The wedding itself is great...
So I guess I have just ended up talking about the Wedding like a whiney mare.

Why is it when its hot people suddenly run to ice creams like they are God?

When the Sun shines, why are people so keen to tan but always burn.

When will I stop talking about pointless and silly things...Never.

A - Z Blogging Challenge: V is for Vulgar

I shall list some habits, behaviours, sayings and general things in which I find Vulgar to read, see or hear.

I am a picky kind of person, I am not easy satisfied or easily won over. Peoples habits tend to grate on me until I find them vulgar and disgusting enough to tell them about it.

With strangers on the train...being honest doesn't me.

Vulgar list:
  1. Chewing with your mouth open
  2. Socks with sandals
  3. Random dirty tissues not in the bin
  4. Constant Swearing
  5. Low hanging 'gangsta' trouser wearers - your not cool
  6. RAP STARS ALWAYS WEARING SUNGLASSES - Idiots, especially in the winter
  7. Mini Chavs
  8. People unaware of the surroundings
  9. Shop assistants not scanning quick enough and having a chat
  11. Haters of Bieber and Rebecca Black - don't listen to them if they annoy you
  12. Plastic covers left on laptops and phones
  13. The use of the word 'OMG'
  14. Sentences with slang words throughout the sentence
  15. Technophobes who are scared on PC/Laptop/Macs 
  16. BIRDS - except little Robins
  17. Chavs with Sky TV and a dog who claim benefits, get rid of your luxuries
  18. People on Jeremy Kyle who haven't heard of condoms
  19. Unclean faces

This moaning could be construed as negative, but this makes me happy! 

Monday, 25 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: U is for Utopia

Today is resembling that of a perfect day, something of peace and sound of mind.

I have finished my Dissertation for my University Degree.

I feel free and light headed. My shoulders feel lighter and my computer thanks me for using it less to write such large documents of writing.

I hope this feeling of achievement lasts for a long time. 

A - Z Blogging Challenge: T is for Terry Wogan

Terry Logan - What a ledge!

Enough said!

A - Z Blogging Challenge: S is for Sean Rumsey

I really enjoy these covers by Sean Rumsey to be showing a nice rich tone of voice. 

Thursday, 21 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: R is for Rant

I Rant to you today, in order to let you know what has been annoying me and making blow up on the inside with anger at a boiling point, or just a  light humour perhaps, will see how this pans out.

Things that have been annoying me

  1. Food going off in the fridge, and no one bothering to freeze it or eat it
  2. People using too many dishes and glasses causing lots of washing up
  3. Loud shouting between rooms, even-though everyone is still shouting back saying 'I can't hear you'
  4. Weird smelling soap that makes your hands smell odd not clean.

People that are annoying me

  1. Jedward - no explanation needed
  2. The Only way is Essex - who watches this trash
  3. Rupert Murdoch - too much power
  4. David Dickinson - always annoys me, be less Orange

Annoying Topics 

  1. Fuel Prices - silly increase
  2. Royal Wedding - must it be mentioned on every show, every hour.
  3. X factor USA and UK drama
  4. Celebrity affair cover ups 

A - Z Blogging Challenge: Q is for Quick Moan


It seems that at this time of the year our attentions turn towards the summer weather and everyone seems to be loving it.

With glorious sunshine and rays of light beaming through the days sky, the whole of the UK just seems that bit happier especially with the impending thousands of bank holidays approaching.

However I am cynical and do not trust this sunshine. With the sunshine basking over us for so many days we are bound to be disappointed and distraught when it finally goes away.

Are hopes will be shattered and destroyed, but it is a small price to pay maybe for a few exciting days of ice cream and sun-glasses wearing.

So be careful guys, don't let that sun take it all away!!

Random I know.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: P is for Pool

P is for POOL or I guess Swimming Pool.

Last night me and some family members decided to go for a late night swim at the local leisure centre, and it turned out great.

It was as evening session form 8-10pm and we got there about 8.45. We swam up until we had to go out, and I can feel it in my muscles today, need to get back into it and use these muscles once again to power me through the water.

Being so late meant it was quiet and relaxing. we could swim in peace without annoying screaming children on their holidays.

We used the steam room and sauna also, but only for 10 minutes or less. It was really refreshing.

Amongst this we did do some lengths and reverted back to our childhood and did some races and silly games.

My favourite thing is to swim underwater, and I do think I turn out like a dolphin in the water at times.

What a great evening.
Thank you POOL, you were fun. 

A - Z Blogging Challenge: O is for Oops

O is for OOPS, and those moments in which you just did something stupid and silly and have embarrassed yourself in front of a crowd of group of people.

I am going to tell you some situations where Oops fits with embarrassing behaviours. 

I guess you could describe some of these as Epic Fails. 

  1. When I fell into a paddling pool fully dressed at a party and I was soaked through
  2. Speeding into a brick wall on my bike and crashing - there were no injuries
  3. Calling someone the wrong name after knowing them my whole life
  4. Forgetting fathers day
  5. Tripping outside down a set of steps in front of a coach full of school children
  6. Throwing a snowball in a girls eye by accident and watching her crying
  7. Rolling down a ramp in a go-cart, not enough speed up that hill
  8. Falling out of bed at a sleep over and crushing a friend
  9. Running into a girl in P.E and watching her being wheeled off the field in a wheelchair 
  10. Choking on a cheese string in front of a crowd of diners 

I would love to hear what everyone else has done...

Saturday, 16 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: N is for Nagging

So NAGGING is one of my favourite pastimes and without it I do believe I would eventually bubble up and explode in one anger raged fury.

It releases hormones that make you happy (made this up, but it makes me feel gooood), so feel free to nag away.

Is nagging any different to moaning??

  1. Nagging is persistent
  2. Usually done because you want something
  3. Or you just have had a enough
  4. Or your just not easily pleased

Here are some of my favourite things to nag about:
  • Mess and clutter
  • Loud heavy breathing
  • Snoring
  • Chewing with mouths open
  • Loud cutlery use
  • Leaving lights on

A - Z Blogging Challenge: M is for the Mash up Mix

Sorry this post comes a day late, but was unavailable to post day M at the right time.

I bring you the letter M, which is for the MASH UP MIX. This is a blog that my sister does (yes this is a plug).

She offers a great ranger of writings from quirky stories, quick and snappy advice, and great videos and trailers for upcoming TV, Movie and Music releases.

You are sure to find something great to read or watch on I recommend it highly. So get clicking

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: L is for Lazy

Well L is for Lazy, and it is late here at 23.30pm, so I have gone for a lazy video of the Letter L today. Sorry everyone, the tiredness and laziness has overcome me. Do enjoy this lazy video, and I hope you learn something.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: K is for

It seems K is a tricky letter to write about. Despite K being the start of my surname, I am sure you all don't want to hear about my last name in the post.
Well guess are...K is for King.

So my surname has always bought me rather good fortune. Its short and snappy to start and is equal to the number of letters in my first name.

Yes people make jokes about your names attached 'royalness' and the fact that if you are a girl why is your surname King and not Queen.

I have always found it amusing when I used to get called out in class or at an exam and in other settings. They would call 'King Adam'. I shouldn't find this so funny but I always did.
It was as if I an being called upon some official business.

King - I do wonder why some people use silly names which don't match the surname, and create names, words and rude words also.

Names to avoid with the surname King!

  1. Wayne King
  2. Lee King
  3. Mark King  
  4. Joe King

So this is a bad post, but boy K is a tricky letter. 

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: J is for Jamaican Jellyfish

Yes today's post is very random, but hey that's me! I recently attended a great friend of mines birthday. It was fancy dress in which the theme was anything with the letter 'J' clearly the rational thing for me to attend as was a

Here are some of the photos from it. Do enjoy.

CharlieJoseph: Top 10 Recurring Non-main Friends Characters

A great post from my great friend on the TV show Friends
CharlieJoseph: Top 10 Recurring Non-main Friends Characters: "It seems that Friends gets more popular the longer time goes by. I'd suggest that it's the only TV programme that the majority of fans would..."

Monday, 11 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: I is for Idiots

Today I bring you the behaviours and actions that just makes someone an idiot. Perhaps I have biased views and negative stereotypes of people, but hey, feel free to enjoy these moans in which you can ponder over and reflect on. 

The actions, behaviours and stupidity of an idiot

  1. Walking into a glass door, worse than running into one, at least these people didn't have the chance to make a quick decision to stop. If you walk into one, that is just idiotic. 
  2. Spitting in the street. This shows what an idiot you are, have some self-respect
  3. Swearing more than 3 times in every sentence
  4. People who think the moon is a planet
  5. People who don't know how to mix colours to create new ones
  6. Why can't some people know the alphabet without singing it
  7. People who think Africa is one country
  8. That the President of the United States rules over both South and North America
  9. Crossing the road and making a car stop for you, don't cry to me when your in the hospital
  10. Missing out the letter 'g' on the end of words leaving it as Bangin or Livin, even worse when you use an apostrophe at the end, why not just put in the 'g'
  11. Begging people for cigarettes and lighters in the street, either get your own or quit, and don't look so disappointed when the person you ask doesn't smoke.
  12. Asking kids to go in the shop and buy you alcohol, are you that desperate middle aged homeless man.
  13. Stopping quickly on a busy path
  14. Punching someone repeatedly because its their birthday 
  15. Forgetting your shirt on a hot day, take one with you at least for when you go into a shop or somewhere not outside

Saturday, 9 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: H is for Hijacked Moaner

Hijacked moaner

Alright. Before you start to picture Adam saying these things (for those of you who know him (although if you don't know him and still read this blog, I like to imagine you have an image of him in your head)) well STOP right now. This ain't Adam. My name is Charlie, and I have hijacked his blog today. I'm reliably informed by intense bloggers, I of whom am not one, that today I must moan about things that begin with the letter H. So I will tell you 5 things that annoy me, beginning with the letter H.

H - To start with, the letter himself. Now you're probably there thinking "Oi you judgemental bloggin' virgin, what has poor little letter H done to you? Sure he may not have the hard hitting presence of the K's or P's of the world, but this little fella has heart. In fact, he begins "heart". Woah woah woah I cry. Calm done, hear me out. I don't dislike the letter for his soft sounds. It's the ambiguity of his pronunciation. Is it "aich" or "haich". I was personally raised on "aich". I disregard the argument that it should sound phonetically as the letter it is being named after. F isn't "Fef" Y isn't "Yi" W isn't "woubleyou" etc etc.

Herpes - I don't need to explain this one. Show me a person who like herpes and I'll call the social services.

Hampers - They always disappoint me. I feel I like the majority of food (he said as he tucked into a slice of bacon wrapped round a breadstick) but people fill these exciting food experiences with all sorts of boobah such as ginger parkin, almond loaf and chocolate limes. Shut up and bring me some cake.

Hints - People are useless at giving hints. They're either less subtle than if Where's Wally stood in the Sahara desert or ridiculously cryptic. I want something in between "He's hiding behind the sofa" and "The sun does rise, the moon does shine, a healthy fox and a crispy line"

Hubris - I had to think twice about this being my final choice, as it's such a funny word. But by golly does a hubris filled gentle folk get on my shoulder like the metaphorical monkey. Learn to share.

The likelihood is that you are staring at this screen blanker than a blanket, thinking "what on earth is this fella raving about?" Don't feel guilty, I'm used to it. And don't worry, Adam will be back tomorrow

Friday, 8 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: G is for Ginger

First of all I would just like to wish my father called GEOFF a Happy Birthday, you do begin with the letter G well done

Well I would like to share with you all a fantastic sketch my the lovely and talented Catherine Tate who did a comedy sketch on being out-casted due to her ginger hair.

It is rather funny so I suggest you stick with it.

Also here is a classic Lauren Cooper Sketch to make you laugh

These never fail to amuse me.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: F is for Family and Friends...

I once posted a topic on a forum in Blog-catalog to ask what is more important family or friends

The question received a wide response of answers and many readers felt really passionate about both family and friends, I would to hear want you all think...It seems to be a tough debate...

I am not sure if there is a right or wrong answer

So I ask you

"What is more of friends?"

  1. nothingprofound
    nothingprofound I don't think one is more important than the other. Both have their place.
    12/29/10 · Reply · Flag
    1. timethief
      timethief I agree.
      12/29/10 · Flag
  2. nowwetalkin
    nowwetalkin I totally agree. Family is family and friends are like family. You love them both.
    12/29/10 · Reply · Flag
    1. timethief
      timethief Well said.
      12/29/10 · Flag
    2. nowwetalkin
      nowwetalkin Thanks! I totally agree. Family is family and friends are like family. You love them both.
      12/29/10 · Flag
  3. mindrush
    mindrush Can you be more specific as to what you have on your mind ?

    Each has its place and whether or not if one is more important than the other varies from person to person. Maybe if you can answer, out of these two which one can manage to live without.
    12/29/10 · Reply · Flag
  4. Theresa111
    Theresa111 Besides a family is not always a blood relation. A family is comprised of those people you want in your life.
    12/29/10 · Reply · Flag
    1. neeechy
      neeechy Of course it's the friends you call family, and the family you are friends with.
      12/29/10 · Flag
  5. Theresa111
    Theresa111 They are all important.
    12/29/10 · Reply · Flag
  6. bloggerking123
    bloggerking123 We need to distinguish whether we see family and friends under the same bracket. Whilst we may have close kinship ties to family...friends are considered as family.

    Many people in current society live in cohabiting alternative families, made up of friends house sharing.

    But could you live without families and friends?
    12/29/10 · Reply · Flag
    1. timethief
      timethief I don't believe we need to distinguish between the two because I have close friends so close they are as close to me as my siblings are.
      1/01/11 · Flag
    2. timethief
      timethief Yes, of course I could live without either family or friends. People are superfluous to my survival and to yours as well. We humans need oxygen, water, food, and shelter to survive. That being said people blanket the Earth, and making new friends who become as close to one as family is isn't all that difficult if you exercise discernment and wisdom when you select.
      1/01/11 · Flag
    3. bloggerking123
      bloggerking123 A very constructive and valid point to the argument
      1/01/11 · Flag
    1. bloggerking123
      bloggerking123 Thank you, that is very relevant to the discussion
      12/30/10 · Flag
  7. hatingtherain
    hatingtherain Friends are important, but family is family
    12/30/10 · Reply · Flag
  8. Hels
    Hels I am with hatingtherain.

    I love my friends dearly and enjoy their company, but when push comes to shove, "family is family".

    If I had been desperately ill for a month and couldn't look after the children, I would have happily relied on my parents, siblings, aunts and first cousins to step in.
    12/31/10 · Reply · Flag
  9. mariorol
    mariorol Family is first in my point of view. normal friends can be family but really they are not, but i think sometimes a very close friend or a very special can become one more member of your family, can happen. Family all the way.
    12/31/10 · Reply · Flag
  10. Eradicate
    Eradicate Well in my life neither are important...People tend to be untrustworthy and my family seems to be no better.I live on my own though im not bitter,Im actually quite nice.Im adopted and i not using that as an excuse but when i think of my family i think....what family?
    1/01/11 · Reply · Flag
  11. bloggerking123
    bloggerking123 great friends soon become members of your extended family
    1/01/11 · Reply · Flag
  12. yunyi2009
    yunyi2009 i had experience of treating a friend "better" than family, but later at my tough time this friend damped me, and my mother who i had long time difficulties to get close to gave me her unconditional support. but, i don't think this single experience can summarize the difference between family relationship and friendship. there are plenty of friends can get closer than brothers and sisters, plenty of family members fight each other over many material issues.
    probably overall speaking, family members are somehow tighter than friends, especially in Asian countries.
    1/01/11 · Reply · Flag
  13. lnclark1950
    lnclark1950 My gut reaction is family is always more important but then I remember that sometimes that is not true. What is more important than anyone thing is for a person not to feel alone. Most people who feel completely alone usually do not have good emotional and psychological stability. Ideally family would be more important but having friends can be just as important.
    1/13/11 · Reply · Flag
    1. Theresa111
      Theresa111 Howdy Partner!
      1/13/11 · Flag
    2. Claza
      Claza Great point.

      I'm thinking, what about those people that say they enjoy their own company most of the time and say they never get lonely..can that b true?

      On the family vs friends thing i'd say it depends on your situation. Personally I could never be closer to a friend than I am with with my sister, we can talk about anything to each other. My dad always tries to help out no mater what and I carry that on with my children. On the other hand someone else may have a close friend like that.
      1/14/11 · Flag

  14. 1/13/11
  15. angelkein
    angelkein There are friends and there are also acquaintances. If your friends are true friends then they're already part of your family. So I say, family is important because it includes not only those who are blood related but also those whom are so great, they're already part of it. 
    1/14/11 · Reply · Flag
  16. aspotofblog
    aspotofblog They all have their own place in my life. I wouldn't say one is more important than the other.
    1/14/11 · Reply · Flag
  17. mutantpanda
    mutantpanda I have family (my kids), I have some people I'm related to (my mother and sister) and I've friends who I see as my chosen family. My loyalties and my love aren't particularly distributed based on that order. Kids come first, friends second and... yeah, that's it!
    2/01/11 · Reply · Flag