Monday, 31 January 2011

Moan of the day

I have been visiting my family and friends for the weekend and as usual I had an eventful time.

Travelling back home was a fun one as usual, 2 trains and a tube. 

The tube ride didn't go as smooth as possible but hey ho this stuff happens. First of all, saw a policeman dashing down into the tube looking panicked...never a good sign. 

I had booked a return ticket for off peak travel, and decided to meet my friend at the train station halfway through the journey as she works in London. I was a bit early so I thought I would go walk around London for a bit.
I got off two stops early on the Victoria Line on the Underground at Oxford Circus to have a look round, however this just didn't work out.

My ticket would not let me go through the barriers exiting Oxford Circus, which was very annoying and stressful. There was no machines to get a ticket by the exit, and the escalators that bought me up were only one way up and out. There was no exit. 

I didn't realise my ticket only covered me to go to certain tube stations on my travel, no diversion allowed, just Euston - to - Victoria on the tube, or exits that were to train stations, got forbid I wanted to walk around a bit.

Anyway I tried to head back the way I come against a big crowd of rushing Londoners, I found a taped barrier between people going up and down, there were no security people, so I just slipped underneath it and back down on to the Victoria Line, not looking around Oxford Circus. 

I made to Victoria to meet my friend, but came out at different exit on the street, compared to usual which confused me. This is because I got on and off and different points, I was standing near Billy Elliot, so just headed back down the stairs to I eventually came into the main station area. was all OK in the end. 

Euston Underground station, London

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

There was a rather frustrating moment today when I realised I had wasted a whole day in lectures and not learn't a single new thing.

Merely the reading of a booklet and rambling speech of lecture notes is not the productive learning in which I expect as good quality and interactive learning.

When will the teaching change? When will the assessments move away from coursework and exams towards classroom interaction and effort.

Stress levels up, fun levels down.

At least I was able to laugh all the way through with my friends. 

A Film Student's Space: True Grit: Yet more proof that the Western genre i...

A Film Student's Space: True Grit: Yet more proof that the Western genre i...: "Written by Sam BF Taylor @font-face { font-family: 'Cambria'; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font..."

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Video: 20 Falls

Watch these clips of people falling over to brighten up your day, unless you fell today...then this will bring your horrific memories back

Irritant of the day!

I am always running out of good snacks to eat and it isn't because I am very greedy and eat them all at once.

I purposely don't buy to many snacks at once as otherwise I would devour all snacks immediately, but this means I am constantly wanting to go to the shops to get something to fill my sweet tooth.

I just want a little bit of chocolate a day, or a biscuit or something snacky to get me through the evening.

The day I get my own vending machine will be a great one, plus I will shake it and not pay for it.

Yes this post was just that random.

Men in Black 3

Yes there is going to be a Men in Black 3 coming to our screens in 2012 - is anyone else excited for this already because I sure am.


The making of a Moaner: Moan of the day, I got stuck in the Kitchen.

Reigniting one of my favourite posts ever!

The making of a Moaner: Moan of the day, I got stuck in the Kitchen.: "For a while I have been debating what is the most annoying thing that can happen whilst in the kitchen, and it all comes down to one horrifi..."

Irritant of the day!

Just managed to spill a whole glass of water over my desk...very annoyed :(

Something to point out is that this was fresh bottled water poured into a glass left over from my shop visit earlier = a big waste of money.

The water managed to spread on to my wallet, phone, keys and laptop. It was a severe carnage situation.

First I had to save the phone, as it was low down, and water in the screen is a no go, so wiped it on a towel, followed by my wallet - wet notes are going to be annoying.

I rescued my laptop which was on a raised item so was mildly protecting but the screen took some splash-back.

I dried my keys off and then was left with a pool of water on my desk.
I didn't want to use the towel as it would get covered in dust from my table and it wouldn't feel very clean...

So I have used up about half a toilet roll wiping the desk up.

Just glad nothing is ruined accept my loose change.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Video: Best cry ever

Top moans this week!

Rise in petrol prices - Bus anyone?

More economic depression - credit crunch again

Natural Disasters galore around the world - Brazil, Australia

Weather - Was -47 In Mongolia earlier this week. Better watch out, where will the cold snap strike next

'Sexist' Sky presenters -  taken off the air for generalising that women don't know the offside rule

The making of a Moaner: My Audience

A list of nations that have viewed my blog! It's a long epic list

The making of a Moaner: My Audience: "Ă…land Islands - Swedish province of Finland. Aland is made up of over 6,500 Islanders Argentina Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belgi..."

Monday, 24 January 2011

Video: The Simpsons - iphone

Oh yes of the day!

I found out today that when I want to, I can complete a piece of coursework very quickly.

Yes I have just smashed a piece off the to do (stressful activities) list.

However I must say quality will have suffered as I just wanted this piece of work out the way so I can do the next piece, fantastic.

Sometimes I guess it is better to focus on a bigger project than faff about with something smaller which is getting in the way.
So lots of hard work on the way, but at least the list is a little bit shorter.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Video: A good laugh

I had a good laugh at this video, it was really funny and kind of comical. Top 60 ghetto names, this video has over 16million viewers, man the net is powerful. Thanks youtube

The making of a Moaner: My Funky shaped pictures

The making of a Moaner: My Funky shaped pictures: "Down town LA, Las Vegas, and Kent "

Moan of the day!

The other night was a funny one, as usual I was up late being an all around night owl, procrastinating bed with social networking and American TV shows.

There was an extraordinary loud noise coming from outside, and it sounded like it was coming next door as they often play very loud music late at night.

It turned out to be a flat about 20m away just blasting out music with the balcony door open.
I usually don't mind people having fun and raving but this night was different as it was about 3:30am.

I felt sorry for the other residents in the block who have families and my be above, below or next to this flat.

The music was rather good but extremely loud when this door was closed and open. I laid down in bed and thought that this could get annoying. I thought to myself, do I just want to sit back and listen to this like a victim or get up and do something to resolve the situation...Be a man...have the courage.

I got dressed and had to put my coat on as it was cold, I had bad hair also so I wore a beany hindsight I looked like a bank robber.

I went out the flat and entered the other block via the underground car park as my key rob only allows me into my block, but you can gain access through the car park.

I followed the noise to the flat whilst using my pre-counting 2 up 3 along method to navigate the corridors.

Outside this flat was disgusting as there was a shopping trolley full of rubbish just sitting there with an awful stench, these people clearly didn't care about hygiene.
I knocked on the door but obviously the music was so loud they couldn't hear me so I just walked in their flat.

I stood there waving at the door but was hesitant to go right in as the people there could have been anybody, then a man walked out the toilet in the corridor and saw me. He came over to chat and I told him to turn down the music and shut the door as it was too loud and I explained how I wasn't even in this block and how loud it was.
He went to his friends and the music was turned down...who knew actually being active and not just sitting by can get something done.

When I had got to my flat and sat back down it was on for another 5 minutes before it was turned off, and I was very proud of actions.

Damn you noisy neighbours

In my block, noisy block to the right

Quick snap of the day

I hate not being able to do what I want when I want.

Sometimes we just have to go with the flow and suck it up, otherwise you will let down the people around you.
Nothing worse than being stuck in a situation you despise, but we do it for our friends to keep them happy, to help them in situations when they really need us.

Sometimes it just goes to far and you just need to step back and let the situation play out by itself.

Just don't get caught in the crossfire. 

The Mash Up Mix: Being Human S3 New Promo

The Mash Up Mix: Being Human S3 New Promo: "Hey UK people! Being Human Series 3 is on BBC3 on Sunday apparently! Yay! And it looks like Eastender's Stacey (Lacey Turner) is in it!"

The making of a Moaner: A Youtube delight!

The making of a Moaner: A Youtube delight!: "A Fantastic mashup of fantastic pop songs this year. This video just sums up a great year of Music in 2010Enjoy this to the end. DJ Earworm..."

The making of a Moaner: Video: The Simpsons as Avatars

The making of a Moaner: Video: The Simpsons as Avatars: "What a great animation The Simpsons is, here they explore an Avatar Simpson experience."

Video: Weird cat

Friday, 21 January 2011

Video: Helium

This girl has had too much helium

Moan of the day!

Bills Bills Bills

Well in my new flat we have been receiving old e-on letters for the previous tenants, who were Chinese, and have moved back there now.
We had a dilemma of not being allowed to open their mail by Law, despite them clearly being a red letter notice.

When I woke up today a letter had been placed under the door, it was a letter from the bailiffs who were going to grant access to our property applying for a warrant.

This got me angered so I rung up this guy and explained they don't live here any more and they couldn't make us pay.

I spent an hour at the letting agencies trying to sort out of the mess, and I am no longer liable to the previous tenants charges.

A Film Student's Space: Action Man

A Film Student's Space: Action Man: "Written by Emma King Originally written for Nang! magazine & The Mash Up Mix What makes Bond movies so great? The suits, the girls, the..."

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Story: Bikes and Water-guns

When I was young boy (well around 10) I was rather adventurous and fun compared to my old age nature now, I loved to explore and play fun games everyday.

One weekend my cousins were down for the weekend and along with my sister we were all riding our bikes around the close.
This was a bike ride with a difference, it was also a water fight.
Yes we were really that cool and creative when we were young.

We started off going up and down the close if our water-guns, shooting each other whilst riding, almost like a game of 'it' (tag) but pedalling.

We realise now that this was a rather bad idea.

Water and bikes don't necessarily mix that's for sure.

My cousin lost control of the bike as he was hit with water...
He hit the curb and his chain come off...losing balance he fell of his bike. looked bad and horrific...there was no laughing.

As we got close we realised it wasn't good news, and his ankle was not looking good. Pretty much sticking out.

We went and got a trolley which was low down...and wheeled him back to the house...

Calling my mum for help in a mad panic there was chaos and blood...we rushed to hospital...broken ankle.

What a fun game...shame it ended up so badly.

Video: Jessie J - Do it like a Dude

Jessie J has been dubbed Britain's answer to Lady Gaga, here she is doing an acoustic version of her song 'Do It Like A Dude' at the Brit nomination party.
I hope she lives up to her expectations for the year as the critics choice.

Irritant of the day!

So right before I went to bed last night I saw a spider crawling up the wall, and I was not best pleased.

I am not afraid of spiders and they don't faze me at all (well), however it is a different matter entirely when you see one right before bed.

I normally try to catch them and set them free outside, as I would personally hate to be squashed... particular by a tissue or a corner of a cup. However I was unable to rescue this spider. It was small and young and was fast. I decided just to blow it to the ground hoping it would run away under the door or something and go into my flat mates room.

The worse thing is that although I am not scared of spiders the though of being asleep and it crawling inside me kind of makes me budge a little. They are fine when you are awake and can watch where they go, but sleeping is an entire different matter.

Crawling into my mouth and going down my windpipe. That's not nice. I laid awake for a while just hoping it also avoided crawling up my nostrils. 

I presume it will eventually come back grown to a larger size to mind its own business in the warmth...but the none the same the threat of eating it still rather high.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My 3 Moans this Week

Stepping in dog mess just as leave you the house - no time to go back = grind your foot on the curb and hope for the best

Getting caught surrounded by pigeons because someone left bread for them - with no where to go but near them = run and hope for the best

The big issue man - been harassing me a lot = I am a student, I have hardly any money for beer let alone reading material.


Video: Cat vs Snake

Wow what a great funny video of these two animals having a fight. 

A Film Student's Space: TV Review - Boardwalk Empire

A Film Student's Space: TV Review - Boardwalk Empire: "Written by Kelly Alyse HBO, the American TV Channel which broadcasts shows such as True Blood, Entourage, The Wire, and The Sopranos ..."

Irritant of the day!

Today I have spend a vast amount of time tidying and cleaning just because it is fun and puts off doing any actual work of substance. Also it is rewarding and nice to see a clean room for only a day or so, and bask in the smell of fresh cranberry.

...but I found that no matter how much cleaning and tidying you do it will never be enough. All is well for the 5 minutes when it is clean and you don't need to do anything other than sit down and relax. 
As soon I got up and went to do some work the mess and organisation goes out the window.

I need a folder from over there...a hole-puncher  from there...yes the displays fall down, I lost the lid of my pen. I get pen on my duvet cover.
It isn't chaos..


At least you can enjoy those super tidy right angle objects for a brief amount of time before it all goes tits up.


A Film Student's Space: Film Review - A Serbian Film

A Film Student's Space: Film Review - A Serbian Film: "Written by David Clarke This is my first post for the FS space and consequently I thought that it would only be fitting to write a review f..."

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Video: Making people paranoid

Video: Panda Babies

Irritant of the day!

Isn't it annoying when you find good programmes to watch that you really enjoy and they cut the series.

It seems that in America they so quickly cancel shows based on ratings immediately opposed to long term viewers discovering the show.
The inevitable American pilot can see a program be a hit or miss from the very second it airs without consideration of the story they leave unfinished and the audiences they let down.

Of course this happens in the UK but the shows aren't as good so you soon forget about them.

This happens too often. Keep making great shows, just reduce the insane budgets... 

A Film Student's Space: Britain Can Do Horror, The Horror Just Seems To Ev...

A Film Student's Space: Britain Can Do Horror, The Horror Just Seems To Ev...: "Written by Scott Menzies Philip Ridley has found success as a writer of children's stories, a master of contemporary playwriting and now as..."

Monday, 17 January 2011

Video: Ricky Gervais at Golden Globes

Yes it just was that funny and at the same time awkward.
Ye old British humour

A Film Student's Space: DVD Review - The Rebound

A Film Student's Space: DVD Review - The Rebound: "Written by Kelly AlyseFor The Film Obsession It's very rare that within 20 minutes of a film I want to turn it off. The Rebound created one ..."

A Film Student's Space: And the Award for Best Idiot goes to...

A Film Student's Space: And the Award for Best Idiot goes to...: "Written by Alex McIntyre It’s that time of the year again, as the 68th Golden Globe Awards trotted out last night to reward those hard work..."

Irritant of the day!

I dislike being told what to do and what I am doing wrong.

This especially applies when someone tells you this when you first wake up.
That is just the wrong time completely and I will never be happy to receive this information.
It can make a good start to the day go down hill.
Fair enough sometimes you just need to tell someone exactly what matters, but make sure you do it with some tact, and get the wording write...otherwise all havoc may break lose.

So be careful what you say folks!

Don't comprise what you believe but just edit what you say. Involve some thinking on whether your behaviour is accepting, genuine and empathic or just selfish!

The Mash Up Mix: Glee Sketch On The Cleveland Show

The Mash Up Mix: Glee Sketch On The Cleveland Show: "Hey people! Just saw this sketch of Glee on The Cleveland Show and thought it was funny!"

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

Why do people bother ironing?
It makes no sense to much effort for a strange outcome. 

Yes it makes sense to iron the odd shirt to look smart.

But why do some people insist on ironing underwear, socks, and tea towels...that is just to far for my liking.

You see someone has been ironing for a long time and then proceeds to fold the item up.
Surely folding a item you just ironed defeats the whole point of the exercise. Yes perhaps you only have a few big creases opposed to many little ones but why not just hang it up after you are done.

Yes this sounds silly but surely it is common sense!

A Film Student's Space: These Literal Trailers Are Literally Incredible......

A Film Student's Space: These Literal Trailers Are Literally Incredible......: "Written by Scott Menzies We probably should be sticking to promoting our own work on this wonderful blog, but these videos are too good to ..."

Moan of the day!

I have been for a trip to the local express shop (cough Tesco cough), and was outraged by the service and standard of the place.

Rubbish everywhere, leaking fridges and receipts just floating about.

They also had decided to cut off the queue for anyone who wanted to use a till with a normal human being, instead it was in the scan pack and pay queue. One member of staff was on the tills, one just standing around counting bits up and 2 machines. There was a queue of at least 15 people who all happened to be men.

You didn't have a choice to whether you wanted a human or machine to do the adding up. I had a full basket, and was forced to the scan pack and pay by the security guard (yes it is that bad).
I had to put all my items through individually by myself, while the person behind me in the queue got the human to serve him for just one item. Surely it would have made more sense for him to be using the scan pack and pay not me.
Even worse I had the usual message of 'unexpected item in the bagging area' which was a bag.

This wasn't making my life easier, what is wrong with a checkout person. They have to have someone to fix the problems of the machines constantly and also if you want cigarettes or alcohol it takes just as long to get verified, and you need an assistant to get them behind the counter anyway.

Rant over!

Video: The Simpsons as Avatars

What a great animation The Simpsons is, here they explore an Avatar Simpson experience.

A Film Student's Space: A Tongue-In-Cheek Look at Film

A Film Student's Space: A Tongue-In-Cheek Look at Film: "Written by Scott Menzies We love sarcasm, so much. Here's an alternative look at films right now: “That film about the rock climber ..."

A Film Student's Space: Three Dimensions, As Seen Through the Eyes of Cine...

a great review by a great friend!
A Film Student's Space: Three Dimensions, As Seen Through the Eyes of Cine...: "Written by Scott Menzies There will come a time in the future when 3-D film serves a purpose beyond emphasising the tiny specks of dirt that..."

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Video: Dramatic Chipmunk

Everyone needs to see this video, I am sure many of you have and find it very funny also. Enjoy

Topics of the day!

A country struck by sudden deadly loss of control, or regain of control to some. The violence and pain of grievers is seen on a global scale. American citizens being assumed as not being able to comprehend the problem or know where Tunisia is...seriously don't generalise the whole country as being unaware of its existence as that is an absurd opinion to suggest.

2. Film review
A review of film certifications has been bought to attention of the amount of sex and violence in films, and it looks like there are some unhappy folks suggesting we see too much of it.

3. A-Levels
The Government is thinking of bringing the dates of A-levels forward from the summer in order to let students apply to universities with there grades already.
This surely wouldn't work...leaving many without places to go and nothing to improve on.

Moan of the day!

It seems that the people you love care about and want to be with are always the ones who are far away and hard to reach.

Some of the most amazing people you meet in your life are the ones you cant see as often as you would like.
Geography prevents us from being close to everyone of importance to us at once, and that annoys me.

I can't wait for a time when this world will see kinship ties of such strength that we can just get to them no matter what, under any conditions.
Fly to them ourselves, zap ourselves there.
...because all this separation just isn't fun. The people that mean the most to you, should be next to you so you can smother each other with your company.

Just remember those people that are important to you, know matter where they are...I am sure they are thinking of you.

My friends gathered like a herd of sheep

Friday, 14 January 2011

Video: Tasered Cop

This has just made me just sounds fantastic...

Irritant of the day!

Another day...and another frustrating matter to tell you all...aren't you all lucky.

Today I found out that being just a little bit ill can spiral into something much bigger and worse.

A friend of mine had just a simple cold, and wasn't too bothered by it, as we all get colds now and then.
She started noticing her skin gaining some marks and lumps in it, amongst some cuts. 

A visit to the doctors showed that an open cut was infected by the germs of her cold and that she was spreading the virus through her skin. This must be very uncommon as I have never heard of this developing.
Her skin is aching and she is drowsy.

Here is a new thing to be worried and scared about next time you have just a simple cold...enjoy

A good hand washing can go a long out and stay safe.

Burlesque! Film Review

This is a review by my fantastic sister on the new blog I am writing for!

The Film Student's Space: Burlesque Baby! (Review): "Written By Emma King Cert: 12A Director/Writer: Steve Antin Genre: Drama/Dance/Musical Starring: Christina Aguilera (popstar), Cher (diva ex..."

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Video: Drunk guy

Yes We can all laugh at this funny video!

Top 5 Moans this week

Yes David and Victoria Beckham are expecting another baby...but many people in the world are also going through this, it is quite don't get too caught up in it all

The Qatar World Cup will have to be held in the winter, due to extremely hot summer conditions

Indeed a politician has been sent to prison for his spending spree in the expenses scandals for 18months

Shooting spree calls for review of safety for American citizens by Barack Obama
Man identified as Jared Loughner at the 2010 Tucson Festival of Books in Tucson

Brazilian flood - high death toll devastates a nation

The Film Student's Space: Why Disney Doesn't Care What You Think

A Talented young writer from the new blog I will be guest writing for soon!

The Film Student's Space: Why Disney Doesn't Care What You Think: "Written by Alex McIntyre You can’t deny that Walt Disney Pictures has been the leader in animated family films, churning out hit after hit ..."

Irritant of the day!

Today I suffered the most unbearable issue which many of you may have already experienced.

I had coursework to hand for tomorrow so I was planning to be organised and early for it, as otherwise you just miss that deadline (dreadline) completely.

I had sent my work to the printing queue and logged in to print it off.

As per usual there was no paper!
This is always a massive problem, and there is no one ever around to replace this resource when you need them. We pay high tuition fees as it is...and these universities up and down the countries cant afford to pay someone to simply just refill the paper tray.

Of course I would happily do it if I knew where this paper was, but I bet it is all locked up in a cupboard 3 floors down in a dingy and depressing stationary room where nothing ever leaves it except the hole puncher.

Today this has just really annoyed the hell out of me.
Thank god the deadline wasn't today or they would have been a mass panic.


Video: Music Video

Because I like things you might not have seen, then listen to this, it is quite a catchy beat.

A random video I know, but I felt it should be shared far into the western world.

The Film Student's Space: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Here is some great writing and knowledge from my sister, a great blogger!
The Film Student's Space: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: "Written by Emma King I am a bit of a vampire nerd. I love The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, B..."

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Denmark - Thank you!

I would just like to thank my audience in Denmark today.

Thank you for coming back to read my post in your numbers.

Keep enjoying reading, commenting and interacting with the site!

The Film Student's Space: Film Review: The Fighter

The Film Student's Space: Film Review: The Fighter: "Written by Barnes Wheeler I was lucky enough to attend a pre-screening for the latest outing..."

Moan of the day!

Today I have found that I have been avoiding my work to the evening. Stereotypically I found that I worked more productively in the middle of the day when the shine was shining and the birds were tweeting.

However recently I have shifted to an evening worker, finding more efficient ways of working in the darkness, channelling the boredom that usually drives me to snack or roam about youtube.

This may mark a new era for me as I begin to find a reason to do my work. So here is to hoping that my essay writing skills are finally paying off.

I do miss the days of leaving work to the very last minute and rushing around like an idiot trying to hand it in, because I was having fun...but wisdom and panic are now in motion

Irritant of the day!

Yes another random annoyance for you to read.

Today I was singing in the shower, going full no one else was around. I thought I sounded great, with my voice bouncing off the bathroom tiles.

I was reaching notes I didn't know I could find (I don't know what they are called), but they sounded higher.

Also I was maintaining my breathe for longer so holding the notes for longer.

Then when I got back to my room, I realised I could no longer reach these notes.

I wonder if it is about the acoustics of bathrooms which make you sound better
Or perhaps you just lose the confidence when not there. People have always told us about singing in the many we all don't believe how good we can be out of it.

Perhaps you will have a sing-along- soon if both places, and see if you notice the difference.

The Film Student's Space: The Reef - DVD Review

The Film Student's Space: The Reef - DVD Review: "Written by Kelly AlyseAlso feature on The Film Obsession Der dum... Der dum... Der dum, der dum, der dum! Shark? What? Where?! Get ou..."

Video: Fast Cat

Watch this super fast cat's reactions to cheer you up today.
You may laugh! Enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Twitter: Moan of the day!

Everyday when I log onto Twitter, it doesn't accept me and log me straight in.

It always says there is a technical problem. Either Twitter is constantly over capacity or it just hates me.
I end up needing to log in at least 3 times, and it usually requires some form of random refreshing.

Perhaps there constantly a stream of people flowing into the website and causing problems for the servers, but it happens to me every time, whether it is in the morning or night, so something is going on

It makes me thing that someone is already logged into my account, perhaps I have a stalker or a hacker.

Hopefully it is just that the site logs me in slow, but I don't remember having this problem of ye old Facebook.

Somebody sort this issue out now, before drives me completely insane.
Of course if all else fails I will just stop using Twitter as it wouldn't hugely affect my life.

follow me @adamking123, you never know, i might soon log in first time there.

Twitter fail sign

Video: Austrailia Flash Flood

Queensland Australia Flash Flood

-Watch 15 odd cars leave a car park as flash floods drag them away in the current!

South Korea - Thanks!

A big thank you to my readers from South Korea, who always pop in for a read!

Glad you enjoy reading and keep coming back for more.

My favourite viewers, just ahead of my loyal readers from Denmark and the USA.

The British need to step it up, South Korea love to read my posts

Irritant of the day!

Well this isn't an Irritant for me, but for someone specific and I hope they don't read this.

We all love The Simpson's when Bart and Lisa ring up Moe at work and say funny names, so here is one for you!

I have a friend with a rather unfortunate name. It was only recently I realised it could become very awkward for her to say on the phone, or introduce herself to people.

I imagine her life is plagued by her name, people hear it and wonder she has been using a longer version of her name for such a long time.

Yes this girl is called


-  Yes it does sound like the word to describe biological organs
-  Yes it is funny
- Yes she has been calling herself Jennifer, and not Jen or Jenny 
- I definitely do want to say it to her, but I am not that mean...
- I hope she gets married to a more easier name.

Perhaps her family wasn't aware of this at her birth, perhaps they don't have a rude mind like the rest of us.

Sorry Jenny.

No any other funny names, feel free to leave a comment...

Feel even more sorry for thus guy

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The Film Student's Space: Film Review - The King's Speech

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The Film Student's Space: My Film Inventions

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Monday, 10 January 2011

Video: Great Invention

Because I love odd things, watch the amazing shapes this chair can make. 
I want one.

Awesome Folding Chair - Watch more Funny Videos

It was that good

Travel: Moan of the day!

I have had a tough day of travel today in order to get back to University for this year's second term. I began my rushed and frantic trek to the train station and soon realised it was not going to be easy at all.

I had already decided not to pack to much in order to make all the pulling, carrying and lifting easier.
This was done by leaving many Christmas presents at home, shoes, and sweets. I ate the food I could so I wouldn't lose them.

After I had the left the house late after a quick attack from hide and seek due to the window cleaners that suddenly popped open and decided it was necessary to clean all the windows when I needed to shower, I missed the first train on my list.

The walk to the station was tough and the bag was extremely heavy, full of books and clothes, and a heavy laptop. I was wheeling it down and soon found out the bag had broken at the bottom, and the bag kept all leaning to one side. When I went down curbs the bag kept flipping over.

My route has many step only areas unless using restricted disabled access, my arms are tired of carrying this bag, which was a big stress on the London underground. Fortunately the tube was quite quiet today.
But hey I made and the bag did not entirely split.


Blog Launch!

Hey guys today sees the launch of The Film Student's Space, check out the link below to read great articles on film weekly.

The site involves 10 writers including me who love to watch and review films along with filmy things.

See today's previous posts on this blog for specific articles from the The Film Student's Space newest writers, be sure not to miss out

Here is a link directly to the blog

Don't forget to follow these guys and also add them on twitter.
These budding writers would love to here your opinions.

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Video: Moan of the day.

Bird Moan: I have always had a fear of birds from a young child since I attended a park where they let peacocks roam free, along with chickens and turkeys. My fear has hindered my life...most noticeably on a school trip to the bird of prey centre, where my fear was confirmed.

In this video you can see why I have of birds as this Slow motion video of owl brings shivers down my spine.

Imagine if this owl was clawing your face.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quick One: Irritant of the day!

I have found that one of the irritating things I have experienced today is my cat, she keeps staring at me whilst I am trying to do some work for University. She is glaring because is a fat cat (bless her), all she wants is more food.
With it being cold also, she appears to be refusing to go outside, and you know what that means...she has lots of wasted energy, and she doesn't sleep as much. This will be a common theme for the winter, thank god I won't be with her for the next 2 months to observe her going crazy slowly and pulling out and more of her tummy fur.

Someone needs to give a hug, but it won't be me, unless I want to get my face clawed off.

The Mash Up Mix: Dancing On Ice Promo

The Mash Up Mix: Dancing On Ice Promo: "Dancing On Ice returns this weekend UK folks! Unfortunately Kerry Katona is in the line-up. Grr..."

The Mash Up Mix: Skins Series 5

The Mash Up Mix: Skins Series 5: "UK teens and twenty-somethings may be excited to know that Series 5 of Skins is coming soon to E4. New cast, new trailer, so much excitement..."

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Video and Rant: Kid hates books

I remember when I was a naive and selfish child and hated getting books as gifts. Yes I wanted the latest toys and games every year for Christmas. One year I remember receiving a towel for as a gift for Christmas, I shouted out 'Towels, Towels, who gets towels for Christmas as a gift', it turns out it was my nan who was sitting in the room who had got me towels, and this was a supreme awkward moment.
I thankfully have grown up now, and will accept any gift which I get, within reason.

However this young kid is going through the same stage below in the video, as he receives a book which he just doesn't want to Christmas. It is clearly sitting next to a Nintendo Wii console, which may be the problem.

Have a laugh with it, what a classic it will become.

Sleep: Moan of the day!

Tired and restless today. I was woken up early so I could attend a buffet for my nan. Which has great bits and bobs, which included the fantastic standard item...sausage rolls. I did end up pigging out on it, but hey...Eve picked that forbidden fruit, it just was a prolonged inevitability.

But anyway when I woke up this morning my eyes were hanging down to the sides, the lids barely lifted up to see the beginning of my pupil. It was one of my hardest days to get up. I looked in the mirror and was shocked at how tired I looked, which makes me rethink my sleep schedule.

Is it really Okay to be going to sleep in the latter part of the morning heading towards I benefiting on anything, because I am not functioning in the world at the same hours of everyone else. Breakfast and lunch combined everyday at 2.30pm surely that isn't right (not mixing literally having cereal on a sandwich though).

I think it is time to get back into a routine and feel fresh and alive when I wake up, no more kidding around.

Video: 10 Top Videos

Well these are all a good laugh, although parents beware there is some swearing in one clip

Friday, 7 January 2011

Pens: Moan of the day!

Today's moan is something that just gets on my nerves (and I have wrote that nicely and pre-water shed), it may sound simply stupid and odd to consider it as a big annoyance but it really grinds on my patience.

Why is it that you can never find a pen that works?

Yes we use them almost daily to jot down our little ideas, to do lists and to draw on people.
Yet they are always out of ink.
However when we last used them they are full of it, it is as if overnight a little pen fairy comes and drinks all the ink to power themselves for the day. As surely if it had run out when I last used it I would have immediately thrown in away. So between its last use and its next use where does all the ink go??
No I haven't left it on to dry out or placed it in direct sunlight or put it in the freezer.

Someone give me a pen that works and can never run out of ink. That is all I ask from you world.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Film Student's Space: Kick-Ass becomes reality!

Hey Followers and passers by...I will be writing for a new blog very is a group of students who love to write about film and filmy things. Join us now, and get ready for the The Film Student Space!

The Film Student's Space: Kick-Ass becomes reality!: "Written by Kelly AlysePiece written for Blogomatic3000 and The Film Obsession One of the most popular films of 2010 seems to have taken ove..."

Whip it: Willow

All the way back in October I bought you Meet theWill Smith clan. Have a read if you missed it.
The making of a Moaner: Meet the Will Smith Clan!: "The most kindest talented family When I am thinking of who is one of the greatest entertainers that has influenced me I can't help but th..."

Many of you got on twitter, youtube, facebook, and blogger to voice your opinions on one of the worlds youngest musicians Willow. You said she was to young, manufactured, and cheating her way in.
But I disagree with these statements. She is no longer Will Smith's daughter, but individual in her own right.
Yes I use the word musician because she is involvement in all creative aspects of her career. She is a true artist.

Here are some videos from the tube of you to show her behind the scenes of her first video shoot, and her singing live on NYE proving she has fantastic live voice for 10 year old.

Top 3 odd Moans!

This week we have 5 moans for you to ponder over, perhaps it is affecting your life currently!

1# Pigs in Blankets

Yes this is a serious moan this week as just a mere few days ago we were showered with these fantastic and tasty treats almost daily around the Christmas celebration and party period. I feel that many of us out there are suffering without them, as our cravings and withdrawal feelings kick in. Not to forget all that chocolate we got for Christmas is ever increasingly going down in its number. Soon we will be back to our normal food diets, paying more of course. Tax increase!!!

2# Expectations

It seems that no matter where I go I have expectations of work and chores to maintain. Even when you pop home for a relaxing break I seem to be getting caught you in daily tasks which no longer concern me. Online shopping for my nan, taking down the Christmas decorations, cleaning, cooking...ah when am I meant to complete my work amongst this hectic list.

3# Running out of time

It is approaching that time for many of us when we will be heading back to work, university and school and I am sure with no doubt that most of you are trying to delay this process. Yes we want to get back to see our friends and and earn some money, but many of us are still is kick back mode. We are still remembering the days of rest where all we did was opened a cracker and wore a silly hat. It is time to realise this year has begun, and we either need to stay with it or let it runway around us. I suggest staying on top of this year whilst we have some motivation.


Moaning/Irritant of the day!

It may seem that the day has consisted of rain and wetness, which has reminded me that we have a harsh rainy winter to endure, full of darkness and gray...but hey lets not get  bogged down in that rather annoying topic (winter).

Today I bring to you the pain of essay writing.

I could write about this everyday here on how it ruins my free leisure time and haunts my thoughts at night, yet writing anything in a formal sense becomes such a challenge.

Whilst a formal essay means using none of your own opinions and spending the whole time writing references and citations, here you can write freely, with optionally bad grammar, and genuine wit and comedy.

How I miss the times of year 3...we sat in circles legs crossed, saying what we all liked. Circle time sure beats the essays of today, I bet they have year threes writing clearly stated arguments about global warming these days.

Has all the fun of education gone. When I graduate University I will have spent three years learning to write academic essays only to find I will never need to write one again in my career.
Surely there must be a more effective away of examining us all to increase our skill set.

When will I rule the country to success!

Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: The Film Student Space

Yes if you love The making of the moaner, and Miss Emma, Please Teach Me. Why don't you try this new blog....

Miss Emma, Please Teach Me...: The Film Student Space: "Hey folks! Next week sees the launch of The Film Student Space. This blog is run by a group of us who all love movies. You can expect..."

Two good songs in one

Video Joy!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 Random thoughts

Yes it is the return of my random rambling thoughts.

1) I don't know whether to trust my cat, if she could speak I believe she would DOB me in for putting her outside, ignoring her pleas for food, and to be played with. She may also tell on me for never doing my work

2) I have no idea why everyone hangs tinsel so awfully around picture frames, yet we all do it. It hangs unevenly and covers the picture yet it is a yearly tradition. Why do we do this.

3) Chocolate coins are always better than bars of chocolate. Thinner and more sugary perhaps

4) I only ever want to buy new DVDs and no matter the deals I just on ones that have only just been released. It doesn't matter if I have only just seen it in the cinema.

5) The concept of space is scary and confusing...and I don't want to know more about it just yet, we don't want to fear about other possible species.