Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 Random thoughts

Yes it is the return of my random rambling thoughts.

1) I don't know whether to trust my cat, if she could speak I believe she would DOB me in for putting her outside, ignoring her pleas for food, and to be played with. She may also tell on me for never doing my work

2) I have no idea why everyone hangs tinsel so awfully around picture frames, yet we all do it. It hangs unevenly and covers the picture yet it is a yearly tradition. Why do we do this.

3) Chocolate coins are always better than bars of chocolate. Thinner and more sugary perhaps

4) I only ever want to buy new DVDs and no matter the deals I just on ones that have only just been released. It doesn't matter if I have only just seen it in the cinema.

5) The concept of space is scary and confusing...and I don't want to know more about it just yet, we don't want to fear about other possible species.

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