Thursday, 13 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

Today I suffered the most unbearable issue which many of you may have already experienced.

I had coursework to hand for tomorrow so I was planning to be organised and early for it, as otherwise you just miss that deadline (dreadline) completely.

I had sent my work to the printing queue and logged in to print it off.

As per usual there was no paper!
This is always a massive problem, and there is no one ever around to replace this resource when you need them. We pay high tuition fees as it is...and these universities up and down the countries cant afford to pay someone to simply just refill the paper tray.

Of course I would happily do it if I knew where this paper was, but I bet it is all locked up in a cupboard 3 floors down in a dingy and depressing stationary room where nothing ever leaves it except the hole puncher.

Today this has just really annoyed the hell out of me.
Thank god the deadline wasn't today or they would have been a mass panic.



  1. hate it when that happens when I print. but I've learned to make sure.

  2. Yeah you need to watch what happens to the first in front of you!