Friday, 14 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

Another day...and another frustrating matter to tell you all...aren't you all lucky.

Today I found out that being just a little bit ill can spiral into something much bigger and worse.

A friend of mine had just a simple cold, and wasn't too bothered by it, as we all get colds now and then.
She started noticing her skin gaining some marks and lumps in it, amongst some cuts. 

A visit to the doctors showed that an open cut was infected by the germs of her cold and that she was spreading the virus through her skin. This must be very uncommon as I have never heard of this developing.
Her skin is aching and she is drowsy.

Here is a new thing to be worried and scared about next time you have just a simple cold...enjoy

A good hand washing can go a long out and stay safe.

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