Monday, 8 November 2010

The odd Moans: Quick Moans this week!

1. Fireworks night 

This year it didn't really go off with a bang as it usually did. The rain mixed with heavy cloud cover meant it was impossible to see any in great detail. What makes it significantly worse is that living inner city means you are already at a firework disadvantage. Surrounded by tall buildings and a lack of residential housing meant little fireworks but rather just a few random bang sounds here and there, no colour.

2. Wet Jeans

As the winter weather creeps in upon us all we face the dilemmas of darking days, and an increased amount of rain. 
It you are unprepared it can cause disaster. With puddles everywhere due to awful drainage systems, the bottom of your jeans/trousers/pants/combats are bound to get wet. Although it is only the bottom the real issue is that when you get home and take off your issues, the wetness of your jeans touches your socks and legs. It feels wet and you must wither role them up or take them off.
But you can't do this if your not at your home, so the uncomfortable feeling can continue all day if your at work. Can I suggest spare jeans?

3. Trying to keep fit

It is so hard to thing of doing exercise when it is so cold. The problem I face is the prospect of putting on a pair of shorts and running around the block. When all you want to do is snuggle over a blanket and drink hot chocolate. Does getting up to grab another biscuit count as exercise...ahah. Why does the cookie make you feel warmer.. if only I could blame these cravings of being pregnant.

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