Sunday, 16 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

Why do people bother ironing?
It makes no sense to much effort for a strange outcome. 

Yes it makes sense to iron the odd shirt to look smart.

But why do some people insist on ironing underwear, socks, and tea towels...that is just to far for my liking.

You see someone has been ironing for a long time and then proceeds to fold the item up.
Surely folding a item you just ironed defeats the whole point of the exercise. Yes perhaps you only have a few big creases opposed to many little ones but why not just hang it up after you are done.

Yes this sounds silly but surely it is common sense!


  1. lol! I'm such a slob. Most of my clothes that come out of my dryer get neatly set on top of each other on a chair. When I need a shirt I leaf through them. I hate laundry and hate hanging stuff up. But guess what! I never have wrinkled clothes. haha!

  2. Aren't you the lucky one! Perhaps you have amazing folding skills!

  3. Free tip for you - If you wear a jumper you only need to iron the collar and cuffs :-)

  4. That does make a lot more sense