Monday, 17 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

I dislike being told what to do and what I am doing wrong.

This especially applies when someone tells you this when you first wake up.
That is just the wrong time completely and I will never be happy to receive this information.
It can make a good start to the day go down hill.
Fair enough sometimes you just need to tell someone exactly what matters, but make sure you do it with some tact, and get the wording write...otherwise all havoc may break lose.

So be careful what you say folks!

Don't comprise what you believe but just edit what you say. Involve some thinking on whether your behaviour is accepting, genuine and empathic or just selfish!


  1. Funny and true! It's important to use tact when addressing someone. Just as you said, the timing is important too. You may be saying the right thing, just at the wrong time. Therefore, the point is not well taken. It may even be overlooked. Thanks for moaning.....

    ~To Better People~

  2. Thanks Kim, Yeah some people really just don't get the right situations at all!