Sunday, 14 November 2010

Moans of the day! It's all about trust...


1. People touching your belongings- I don't know whether it is just me but I cant stand the idea of other people touching any of my things...its not that I don't like sharing as I do share when it is appropriate. I think it is the thought of my stuff going missing or being broken...and this would mean I would consider hating the person who did this to my personal stuff. If I am going somewhere new or somewhere overnight, I struggle to leave my personal belongings anywhere but close to me. I don't know whether I am a freak with weird OCD's or whether other people have issues of trusting people and the human race in this strange and theft riddled world.

2. Alarm Clocks - I know this will as usual sound odd and bizarre but I do not trust alarm clocks in all different shapes and forms. You never know if they are going to come through with there side of the bargain and wake you up when you told them to. So many things can change in the night... accidentally hitting it away and knocking it off, not hearing it, if it is powered by electricity and the power goes off, the clock in the wrong time and the alarm will not go off at the specified time. loud will be? Did I change my profile? Will I just knock it off and not snooze. They are hard to can miss exams and work important meetings

3. Paying restaurant bills - It is always a dodgy territory between friends when you need to pay the bill. Either you split it equally and people moan as they don't owe as much as you..or you pay what you owe individually. When you do the latter, there is always an odd number of money and sometimes people don't pay what they should be..let alone leave a tip. If there is too much money then down there how do you calculate the change.

These are the problems that affect my everyday life..tedious but true. How about you? What gets you in a huff?

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