Thursday, 20 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

So right before I went to bed last night I saw a spider crawling up the wall, and I was not best pleased.

I am not afraid of spiders and they don't faze me at all (well), however it is a different matter entirely when you see one right before bed.

I normally try to catch them and set them free outside, as I would personally hate to be squashed... particular by a tissue or a corner of a cup. However I was unable to rescue this spider. It was small and young and was fast. I decided just to blow it to the ground hoping it would run away under the door or something and go into my flat mates room.

The worse thing is that although I am not scared of spiders the though of being asleep and it crawling inside me kind of makes me budge a little. They are fine when you are awake and can watch where they go, but sleeping is an entire different matter.

Crawling into my mouth and going down my windpipe. That's not nice. I laid awake for a while just hoping it also avoided crawling up my nostrils. 

I presume it will eventually come back grown to a larger size to mind its own business in the warmth...but the none the same the threat of eating it still rather high.


  1. YAY! You didn't kill it!!! =-D *pleased*

  2. I will do the same.I will keep an eye on it all day till i totally loose consciousness.

  3. Not a murderer :) That is the best thing to do.