Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

Just managed to spill a whole glass of water over my desk...very annoyed :(

Something to point out is that this was fresh bottled water poured into a glass left over from my shop visit earlier = a big waste of money.

The water managed to spread on to my wallet, phone, keys and laptop. It was a severe carnage situation.

First I had to save the phone, as it was low down, and water in the screen is a no go, so wiped it on a towel, followed by my wallet - wet notes are going to be annoying.

I rescued my laptop which was on a raised item so was mildly protecting but the screen took some splash-back.

I dried my keys off and then was left with a pool of water on my desk.
I didn't want to use the towel as it would get covered in dust from my table and it wouldn't feel very clean...

So I have used up about half a toilet roll wiping the desk up.

Just glad nothing is ruined accept my loose change.