Sunday, 9 January 2011

Quick One: Irritant of the day!

I have found that one of the irritating things I have experienced today is my cat, she keeps staring at me whilst I am trying to do some work for University. She is glaring because is a fat cat (bless her), all she wants is more food.
With it being cold also, she appears to be refusing to go outside, and you know what that means...she has lots of wasted energy, and she doesn't sleep as much. This will be a common theme for the winter, thank god I won't be with her for the next 2 months to observe her going crazy slowly and pulling out and more of her tummy fur.

Someone needs to give a hug, but it won't be me, unless I want to get my face clawed off.


  1. Hi Adam like your blog which I found through Blogcatalog.

    You're lucky you only have one cat to worry about. We have four of the little #***s driving us mad.

    One of them always insists on sitting on me when I'm trying to type. Makes for a lot of typos!


  2. Hi glen

    Thanks for the message, great to see people from Blogcatalog on here reading.

    Sorry you can't type how you like, I find they love to sit on paper especially anything you want to type from.

    Have added you
    Great Blogs