Sunday, 20 February 2011

ADELE, 21 - Superb

One artist I would consider as genuine, interesting and an all around nice person is Adele, it is clear that her success has not turned her into a monster but helped her grow into an even better version of herself. Her confidence and belief for music grows with each new appearance. 

Adele, has not always been given the credit she deserves for her music success, but it seems that with the release of her new Album '21' and the songs from within it she has caught the eye of a new audience.

Her almighty fast success for this album is setting her up for a great year, and that is because the music does the talking. We do not see petty drama and crude stories but just the talent she brings. 

The success of this album is already set in stone, the question it raises is how well will all her songs do with the first two releases of 'Someone like you' and 'Rolling in the deep' heading straight into top of the charts, whilst her album retains the number 1 spot also.

Look forward to the year of Adele. What a voice, and what a great person!

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