Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Irritant of the day!

I have seen some funny moments in my life but I have witnessed one of the funniest events of my year.

I was happily walking down the street, when I heard some crazy shouting, it sounded Irish, and it sounded Gypsy.

I and these two women with 5 kids entered the Tesco's express shop, I had been walking around the shop for 5 minutes or so when I heard the mightiest of arguments occurring.

It was a big gypsy fight. Shouting, more shouting and hard to understand gypsy sounding shouting galore.

One woman was accusing the security guard of watching her carefully and unfairly compared to others in the shop. You would have done what this security guard did if they entered, they screamed trouble.

It was in good reason, as her and two children were snacking on sausage rolls from the shop before they had even paid for them. This wasn't acceptable to the security guard but the gypsy woman wasn't having any of it. This was in front of the whole store, and there was at least 20 people queuing to pay as this express shop had a large intake caused by the scan pack and pay problems.

I felt as if I was on the Channel 4 show, My big fat gypsy Wedding. I was almost looking for the cameras.

What a funny trip it was.

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