Monday, 14 March 2011

Moan of the day!

Moan of the day is ME! I have failed to post daily writing as I did so consistently in January
I would just like to apologise to my all my regular readers who may have noticed I have posted less moans and irritants of the day recently. 
I have found myself very busy recently with essay writing and have found it hard to do some decent writing for you.
It also seems with my constant work that I can only moan about essay writing, which could get boring after a while. 
So therefore I am waiting for something really interesting to happen, and get my writing back up to scratch again.

Any who

Tip of the day 
Don't have a massive chocolate smoothie straight after dinner, you may feel sickly all evening.

Funny moment of the day
I walked through a door in the library, but I stopped to say hello to someone I knew and the door came flying back and hit me from behind.

Irritant of the day
Shopping for ice cream at the time everyone finished work. It was bedlam, too much queuing for one item

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