Saturday, 2 April 2011

B is for Boredom: A -Z Blogging Challenge

Well day two of the A-Z blogging challenge and I struggled to think of any words beginning with the letter 'B'

So I am going to write about what I do when I am bored on the internet, so I will share with you some great websites and activities that are out there. Hopefully next time you get a little lost you can use one of those sites to pass half and hour.

A fun game where you pop balloons using different weapons. There are little challenges to also do, and they are all pretty fun. I warn you, it can get very addictive so be aware.

A site so clearly named with the theme of today, there are fun games.

Yes it is BBC Radio1s Live lounge, which can always offer amazing acoustic performances of artists, covering their own songs as well as other artists. You can always find something great to listen to, whether it is unique or a brand new style of music you haven't heard before.

These are a few things for you all too look at. Blogger however is one of my biggest past times.

1 comment:

  1. Boredom - what a great B word because we all suffer from it on occasion.

    Loved your recommendations. Will check them out.