Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Best quotes. Week 3

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This Week Sir Alan, challenged the remaining bright eyed candidates to find 10 items for a hotel in just 9 hours.

The famous 'buying' task is always interesting and full of silly errors and displays of stupidity.

The teams were shaked up and  Zoe looked less than please to be moving teams as her eyes rolled in despair. Perhaps she saw her fate in the bottom three flash before her eyes. 
Zoe Beresford

Gavin WinstanleySusan Ma

Gavin and Susan were the respective PROJECT MANAGERS of the task, but took different stances to the challenge ahead of them.
Susan taking an organised and well polished style i.e. being good. Whilst Gavin took the lets roll with it approach i.e. I have no idea what I am doing


Felicity - "he wouldn't even take a penny off" - came with the best voice and movements in the eyes

Felicity - "How greedy does one have to be" - she was in utter astonishment on the prices of hats.
Felicity Jackson

Jim - who once again showed amazing promise for the series
"I am an Irish bulldozer of charm"
Jim Eastwood 

Tom -  "10 inch Cloche"
"Where will we find a 10 inch cloche in London"
Tom Pellereau

Karen - "What on earth are they doing"
Karren Brady


Commenting on Vincent's manner and behaviour.
"I know your Belgian, that explains the waffles"
Lord Sugar

This weeks hiding failure!
Natasha Scribbins

She was all over the place in the episode making mistakes with her negotiating tactics and her calling up rival hotels looking for help.
Here is someone who should have been in the firing line, a lucky escape.

This week Gavin, Zoe and Vincent faced the boardroom after a narrow loss but one which was the right outcome.
Click the link below to find out who was fired

This week Gavin was fired!

Gavin Winstanley 

Gavin or aka Glasses seller was fired this week after his poor performance on the task he
  • lacked control
  • ability to listen
  • to make decisions
  • to be creative
  • to inspire
  • and maintain his power
It really wasn't a project manager performance to be proud of

I did have high hopes for him after week one, but things change.

I do believe he was right to be fired.

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  1. Seems like you are reviewing each episode with clear details and attention...For people who watch this show as routine, will definitely find these posts helpful and interesting...After reading this, I am intimidated to begin watching this how..It has the power to entice readers..