Monday, 13 September 2010

Irritant to us all

The problem of this irritant just keeps creeping up on me weekly like a taunting spider, and I find each time it occurs it makes me even more crazy.

It is the arrival of the charity bags.

To start of I must say I do not have a problem with giving donations of money or clothes or gifts to charity
It is the amount of charity backs you get through quickly wanting your clothes, it is roughly two a week.
First of all you must decide which one to donate too if any at all, or to divide it up between the bags and look like you haven't given much.
Secondly, they come through the door and you fill them up and then no one even collects it, after all that sorting out, or even worse, them come on a different day as you have got mixed up with 1/100 other charity bags.

Why is something that is meant to be a good deed so stressful....

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