Tuesday, 14 September 2010


The biggest waste of time of the year.

I was due for a dentist appointment this afternoon, I have no fear of the dentist, and usually enjoy the weirdness of some staring into your mouth.
I had spent a long time preparing my teeth for 'the event' (well 4 minutes), two brushes, a brush of whitening and a chewing on a Polo. After all this preparation I was to be very disappointed with my visit. When I arrived I was made to fill out an update form, filling out addresses and medical histories in which I had completed last year. All the information was the same except for the days date, this was a huge waste of  time.

Then I was called into the chair... drum roll....

I was given protective glasses and a bib, because I look like someone who may dribbles a lot I guess (damn health and safety) and was asked to 'open wide'. My chair went backwards as I was lowered to a horizontal position which prepares you for your position in a coffin. The bright shiny light dangles over me and I am blinded, the dentist says bite together, pokes a few teeth and says 'good teeth, you can go now'.

He didn't want to clean them, or give them a double check or even just pretend to shout out all those code letters for your teeth. I was is the chair for a total of ....

30 Seconds 

and was charged £16.50 ..... 

for the shortest time at the dentist ever. I was fuming. NHS dentist next time maybe, or perhaps I should create a problem if I have to pay this.

The dentist was doing his job, but it was a huge waste of time.

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