Saturday, 11 September 2010

Moan Moan Facebook Moan

There is one thing that really drives me up the wall when I am sitting down and relaxing at the computer, it is the Facebook clones of misery. These people which I have grouped to together for reasons of depressing statuses and utter miserable words that seem to flow throughout their feed. It is the girls if I am speaking truthful, but many guys are also to blame for this defaulting setting of hatred.
What is it...
It is the use of song lyrics in quotation marks, that express depressing lyrics and show constantly that they are feeling sad and lonely.
I know many of you like great bands, as do I. However taking their song lyrics and turning them into an expression of your misery is the most horrible thing to read, when your in a good mood.
Also you get the friends asking, are you ok? Do you need a hug? They also sometimes like these awful facebook statuses.
Other quotes are fine, usually if they are funny or odd. So please stop polluting our world of your negative feelings.


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