Monday, 4 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: C is for Conscience

The topic of conscience is something which I always question and ponder.

The difference from one person to another is fascinating in what they consider and deem to be both right and wrong. I understand that we are all governed by different societal values and deterministic values, however when it comes down to behaviour, crime and judgement why are our consciences all so diverse.

I find myself a prime example of someone whose conscience is a controlling factor of my life. I weigh the consequences and the benefits of a situation to establish what is best to do, whilst many others may jump straight in. Perhaps I am too focused on morals and judgments to not be free and spontaneous, but I do not find myself in trouble very often. 

Is my conscience overacted compared to others, with constant worry and fear. Or is it others are more care free.

"If you've ever done someone wrong and then found yourself unable to look
that person in the eye, you've experienced the power of the human
conscience. It has a tremendous power over the spirit to either bring it great
strength or to sap it of its power"


  1. I worry sometimes when I see people do something completely awful. Is it possible for a person to not have a conscience?

  2. Well that is something that is heavily debated, i think that perhaps some people choose to ignore it

  3. I think we all know what's right or wrong really, it's just that it gets easier to ignore that voice in your head as you get older (and make more and more mistakes).

  4. C.S. Lewis used the "everyone has a conscience argument" in his attempt to prove there is a God.

    I'm not sure if everyone has a conscience. I"m not sure if it's possible to know that.

  5. Very provocative post. I am tormented by my conscience and I feel horrible when I fight with someone, get into a fender bender, etc. I also weigh all the consequences of my decisions before plunging ahead.

  6. Ignoring it perhaps, I do think everyone has conscience but not everyone fully listens to it. Having an argument with someone can cause you to reconsider the conscience and whether you and the other person acted wit haste or virtue.

    Great Comments everyone

  7. Conscience - sometimes a curse sometimes a blessing. Nice post.