Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A - Z Blogging Challenge: D is for Day to Day

Bringing back the popular moan of the day post series, today in the A-Z blogging challenge I will be sharing with you the day-to-day behaviours that just damn out right annoy me.

Day-to-day the more times the same annoying event or behaviour happens the more frustrating it becomes, and I become more dangerously wound up.

Annoying habits on the street/path/sidewalk
  1. People walking so slowly you thing you might fall over
  2. People spitting in the street and have no shame
  3. People walking in large groups in a row and you can't get past them without going in the road
  4. People who look like they are talking to themselves, but then turn out to be on bluetooth.

Party behaviours that just frustrate
  1. Not bringing out the buffet early enough
  2. Making unnecessary mess, and not putting items in the bin
  3. Not hearing the name of someone and accidentally bump into them all night  
  4. People who just don't get the hint to leave

Restaurants/Going out for dinner
  1. Unfriendly staff who expect tips at the end of the meal
  2. Cold food that was clearly microwaved
  3. People who will only pay exactly what they ate and drank on the bill
  4. People who leave perfectly good food because they feel like a pudding

Meeting new people 
  1. Pretending to care, knowing you will never see them again
  2. Pretending to be in a good job and having a direction in your life other than sitting down
  3. Hearing their life stories about unknown people, yet they are using their names
  4. Handshaking or kissing someone you don't know, have they even showered...


  1. LOL, oh this stuff is so true. I hate people who sit next to you on the bus when there's just the two of you and maybe one other person on board.

  2. That is very annoying Melissa, I am glad others can find the little things annoying along with me

  3. I am so with you on the bluetooth statement. Oh so annoying. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed this post alot.


  4. This ia great post Adam. I have to confess I have left good food so I could have a pudding (don't go to Furr's anymore). Thanks for visiting my blog during the challenge. I'll be back.

  5. Thats great, thanks you all really enjoyed this

  6. What a great post!! MAny of my own pet peeves!! Why do some people need to be so annoying! Of course we would never be!


  7. Nice list! "Pretending to be in a good job and having a direction in your life other than sitting down" LOL, this one is my favorite!