Friday, 10 September 2010

Moan of the day, I got stuck in the Kitchen.

For a while I have been debating what is the most annoying thing that can happen whilst in the kitchen, and it all comes down to one horrific and regular flaw. It helps to support why the kitchen is a dangerous place for men, and why we might more often to be scared to venture in there.
The drawer handles.

Ever been wearing shorts and casually standing by the sink, or up against the work surface, then you might know what happens when you go to leave. Your pockets have got stuck on the drawer handles and it slides open, trapped for a few moments whilst holding a hot pan, or a glass of water, it is easy for panic to set in, no one can save you. You must wriggle out yourself. 

But what is even more terrifying, the double drawer handles. When you are standing in a right angled corner, and both your pockets become attached. You can't move, stuck in two places, with knife drawers and freakishly small cake forks. Moving back and fourth and pulling out each one in turn. Only your able hand can set you free.

Be careful not to get stuck there guys, and for you ladies who want to experience this horrific event, you must buy some shorts with pockets.

Be aware of your pockets in the Kitchen

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