Monday, 25 October 2010

Irritant of the day. Work Work Work.

At University you are expected to do self-directed work to some extent. However it feels that most of the time this work is useless to my overall understanding of the module as it represents old school style of homework. When it turns from fun and interesting..(sometimes)...into highlighting and reading 50 pages of text that most of the time wont be discussed in class, due to vast amounts of peer talking.. I think why am I paying the lecturers for this. If they did anything less they would be on the sofa at home (a comfortable one for sure), sitting around in their large tuition fee fuelled wages. Lord Help the future generations who will be paying larger University fees just to get jack all from lecturers.

Bored at your lecture...probably.. I guess the Lecturer needed another coffee


  1. hola, como estas?
    your blog looks nice!
    I hope you gain more success in the future n_n

  2. Hello, I am well, thanks for taking the time to comment, thanks for your support