Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another X Factor Contestant bites the dust!

In the bottom two of the X Factor this week was Treyc and John and I was not happy, I would have rather it was Paige and Cher.. but I guessed I should have picked up the phone in that case.
Once again the sing off showed both Treyc an d John to sing better than on the Sunday show..probably due to them singing what they are actually good at, and what they want not the judges.

The hard decision it could have been seems rather easy to make, with a clear favourite to stay between the two of them.

But unfortunately JOHN ADELEYE was sent packing. Will we see him again...? I doubt it.

In other X Factor News ITV has the delights of Michael Buble on again who sang brilliantly, and was as ever the  gentleman of the show. Cheryl Cole managed to mix live verses and mimed choruses together, using a mimed live track. The bits she sang live were great as well as superb dancing. However lets not forget the strain on her body from her recent malaria.

But will next week bring... more lights, drama, mimed group song, and an intense Aiden Grimshaw.
God bless your show Simon Cowell... and well done Wagner for staying in, you are Entertaining.

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