Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Moan of the day!

So first of all I must apologise to all of my readers for not posting for several weeks. This has been down to the lack on internet.
Today's moan is being stuck without the internet and feeling lost and bored. Moving to University for the 3rd year I needed to set up a new internet connection with my flatmates. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds when you are stuck in an area unable to support fibre optic cables, and everything then has to go through the beloved BT service. As we registered for a 9 month contract with Virgin on the 26th, we have had to wait to today the 12th before our internet line was sorted out. It has been a testing time, full of old fashioned games, books and witty stories,
Surprisingly, I coped rather well without the internet, and found myself going to bed early and getting up early. Without the world wide web I found a routine, but was hindered in my activities, contact and work. I needed the internet to feel sane, and post and update my status. Thank god for mobile facebook, or it may have been a rather depressing period of my life.

Companies should be more efficient with setting internet up, and not tell you to track your order online when they know you haven't got the internet.

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