Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Top Apprentice quotes this week

What's been happening on BBC's The Apprentice

One of the project managers this week was Jamie, and he had some very interesting things to say
JAMIE-'We are meeting at The Science it will be about Science..or Museums'
JAMIE-'I'm bursting with ideas'

CHRIS as project manager wasn't perhaps as interesting as Jamie, with not displaying much humour other than his very posh voice. However he did win the challenge, with really impressive tallies thanks to LIZ

MEL said 'good job I have arm muscles' well done Mel, so does everyone else.
On the topic of MEL she kept pushing at Debenhams after they said 'We do not sell shower heads in our stores'. She was not taking no for an answer.

One company who was pitching to the wannabe apprentices made me laugh very hard when they said 'the wobbly bits that are just hard to keep in place'. 

Apprentice quote of the week
SANDY had her shinning moment when she told us that 'babies cant speak to you', obviously teaching us all something brand new.

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