Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wrong dangerous path home.

This morning I visited the Premier Inn for a slap up continental breakfast, you know how it is, croissants, muffins and eggs and some Kelloggs. As I left I took my usual path back to my flat, admiring the traffic and well traffic lights when I stumbled into a messy problem. My route home is usually people based and without the vulgar of barking dogs as it is in the City centre. However today on the way home I walked into some dog mess and now the great start to the day was ruined. Although I only got some leftovers of someone else who had trod in it, I felt  disgusted by it, and the smell. Following this horror, and some serious wiping on some gravel I carried down the brick path. Walking sensibly and laughing at my dog mess mishap, I stumbled into a dead bird. It was a small brown one (I'm not a bird identifier) maybe a sparrow. I walked into it by accident as it was so small and under a tree it just looked like a leaf. This wasn't a pleasant walk home, from what was a great breakfast.

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