Monday, 29 November 2010

Delayed in Writing, Trains, and Tubes, A Strike for good measure

Hey there readers on the world wide web, sorry I haven't posted for a long time, I have been missing the all important laptop. I am now back online and ready to write nonsense and cheer up your cold winter days...unless you are reading from afar where it is hot this time of year...I am jealous of you.

So recently I have been on a few train Journeys and each one has been eventful and crazy at the same time..firstly on one of my Journeys I could not find the platform and was running around like a headless chicken..however this Train turned out to be 27minutes delayed so I was okay in the end.
On a more recent journey I sat down comfortably and organised my stuff, then someone asked to sit next to me...which always worries me to begin with..hoping they don't want to chat or have loud music on. Halfway through the journey another passenger moved just behind me, and all I could think was that they were surrounding me. One of them (and I really couldn't tell which) smelt so bad, that I found myself wanting to gag on a weird rotting egg air. I wish I could have moved seats, but this was an extremely packed train, so I new I wouldn't find a seat judging my the full ones in my carriage.
On to the tube and it was hot and sweaty and billions of strangers jumped on in a dash all heading Victoria, and this included a school influx which were running riots in my ears. The panic for everyone to get off was fierce with people desperate to get on before it left..the doors kept trying to close but people refused to move, I was surprised no one was crushed in this.
Today as I travelled back from my adventures, I met up with a friend so the journey would go much quicker. He were talking about their place of work and the ins and outs of it, along with the discussion of some people getting made redundant, however when the train stopped a colleague of my friends got of the train...she has been sitting right behind us...we wonder what she could be bad news for me friend.

However today was a nice journey on the Tube as due to the strikes I had room to breathe and to place my bag on the floor for the journey, it had never been so relaxing.

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