Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Week 4

This week Sir Alan challenged the business novices to set up beauty treatments on the rather unaware public in Birmingham.

Sorry just a quick post this week

I would like to start by wondering why when someone offering you a treatment, surrounded by camera crews and Nick Hewer or Karren Brady doesn't realise perhaps a filming of The Apprentice is taking place. By putting two and two together did the public not think that perhaps the treatments they were going to receive was of that by amateurs...just throwing that out there. 

Funny Moments of the Week

Jim - entering the treatment room and looking like we was about to kill someone with wide scary eyes

Nick - Cutting in with his expertise, just because he couldn't restrain himself from watching Felicity's team stupidity

Glenn - his rather odd approach to selling beauty products

Leon - worried about being called gay due to his involvement with all the beauty products and tanning

Tom - his face sideways his very thin, and he reminds me of Mr Bean.



  1. I can't even watch this show seriously anymore. It's nothing against them, but some of their antics and stupid actions is just beyond belief! It's like watching Jersey Shore in suits sometimes!


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