Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Moan moan moan, 5 moans this week

Yes it's that stuff that falls from the skies that has been causing trouble as usual, making the UK ground to a stop in all travel related sectors. From Jack-knifing lorries to over turned vehicles and trains that can't choo choo. Some people face being stuck in their workplace due to traffic, being forced to get a hotel for the night.
But remember it does look pretty. Remember don't slip on that ice...

Remember those damn workers for TFL that have been on strike again, they are selfish if you ask me...one strike is enough. Stop messing everyone around and do your job like everyone else....

People moan that she was faking her faints and annoying them, yet now she is out, they are annoyed because they still want to see her in other trials, make your mind up.
If she was kept in you could have seen her doing more trials at the end of the show.

I am partial to throwing words around that aren't clean and beautiful, but the increase in swearing from people in everyday life is starting to piss off. Watching a TV show such as I'm a Celebrity get me out of here half the show appears to be beeps from the swearing police. It really starts to ruin your viewing, let a alone when you walk out the door and the local woman with tourettes calls you a w**ker (not worker). But Shaun on I'm a celeb needs to get his so called sentences in order.

There are always people who get in your way when you are in a hurry. I guess if you were going for a stroll it wouldn't annoy you...but i'm always in a rush. They are unaware you are behind them, and continue walking at 1mph forcing you to go in the road to overtake...however I have resulted to just barging past...get out my way, walk fast.... or stay at home.

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