Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Apprentice: Best quotes Week 10...Shocking departure plus a return

This week on the BBC1's The Apprentice has been a shocking and odd week. The task itself although one on the hardest (selling bus tours of London's) yet boring challenge..but the boardroom was to shock.

Wasn't sure on this weeks task.
'Bus Station? No idea what it will be'

When discussing Joanna he said
'she is chewing my ear off'
'Jo is a rock-wilder'
Jamie Lester
Quote of the Week: Is from Jamie
'The River Thames, the second largest river in London'
He may have got that one a little bit wrong there.

'I can be fun and silly'
'I am not cold and wooden'

'like walking into knives...don't know how badly you'll get cut'
'juicy money bags, want to dip my hands into their pockets'
'I have a field of ponies'
Stuart Baggs

'They've got my customers' Running over in a panic

Lord Alan Sugar
When talking about Stuart
'a flies got enthusiasm...doesn't stop it hitting the window'
'you will cringe at this moment' - talking about Stuart's save me rant.
'you believed in the tooth fairy until a few years ago'
Lord Sugar

Ultimately the shock of the programme was the firing of candidate Liz..who was tipped for the top!
Not just me but many will believe Stuart was pipped to go..however he thought for his position.
Liz Locke

Margaret will be back next week for the interviews...and we are very excited here to hear of her great return...let the eye rolling continue. 
Episode Eleven - Next Time

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