Monday, 8 November 2010

X Factor moans this week!

So ITV's X Factor continues.... and guess what, there is plenty to moan about this popular show this week.

Please stop making me listen to Katie
Sunday Show
To start off it goes without saying that the usual miming occurred in the group Sunday show, and yet they still to hide this, and almost enjoy dropping their microphones and forgetting to sing.
Also on the Sunday show he had the return of Shayne Ward (who is releasing a cover song), however his stage performance was something of a shy and retracted show. Stood high up on a podium looking down at everyone is movement and production was restricted...almost punishing him for having a few quiet years.
Kylie followed Shayne and her production was massive, and we almost saw her trip over at one point which was rather comical and would have pleased millions of viewers, not because we are mean..but we like to laugh. It seems that we had all forgotten Dannii and Kylie's relationship, they seem like worlds apart.
Yes Treyc 'C' Cohen left the competition, however her presence will only be missed for her faultless but unemotional performances. We just couldn't connect with her, which is a shame as she is rather talented..and yet Katie did survive..but we will wait for her to be skinned next week by the cruel and unforgiving public.

Saturday Show

I found this week that Mary really dropped her form and she didn't connect to her song at all. I'm surprised she wasn't more slated for her poor vocals..Simon obviously likes her.

Matt Cardle was on top form in his performance, and he bought describable emotions to the song which had many of us getting that goosebumps feeling. However one criticism of this was that he had already sung this song in Boot-camp, and I would have liked to seen something different. 

Rebecca was elegant and her vocal was just on the money opposed to Wagner to entertained but wasn't exactly recording a ballad.

Katie was just a mess.. and Paije still bores me. Aiden still scares me...

One direction was taking the American theme too far, and the fact is that people will always vote for them in numbers. However their song choice wasn't right for the show, it was American based and didn't fit to aim at the UK market.

Cher was once again a hit Marmite for me, not sure if I was understanding the genuineness of her performance 

Cheryl Cole was looking hot as usual..but Dannii had some odd dress going on, and she only really appeared to protect her own acts. Louis was talking a lot of sense and Simon seemed away with the fairies.

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