Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Irritant of the day!

Well this isn't an Irritant for me, but for someone specific and I hope they don't read this.

We all love The Simpson's when Bart and Lisa ring up Moe at work and say funny names, so here is one for you!

I have a friend with a rather unfortunate name. It was only recently I realised it could become very awkward for her to say on the phone, or introduce herself to people.

I imagine her life is plagued by her name, people hear it and laugh...no wonder she has been using a longer version of her name for such a long time.

Yes this girl is called


-  Yes it does sound like the word to describe biological organs
-  Yes it is funny
- Yes she has been calling herself Jennifer, and not Jen or Jenny 
- I definitely do want to say it to her, but I am not that mean...
- I hope she gets married to a more easier name.

Perhaps her family wasn't aware of this at her birth, perhaps they don't have a rude mind like the rest of us.

Sorry Jenny.

No any other funny names, feel free to leave a comment...

Feel even more sorry for thus guy

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