Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Apprentice 2011: Week 1

Lord SugarKarren BradyNick Hewer

Series 7 of Lord Sugar's Apprentice is back on our Television screens and it is 'packing punches'

With a new prize of £250,000 to start a business with Sir Alan, the stakes are higher and there is much more to prove. 

The series already feels different, more passion and drive, however with this comes more idiots and wannabes.

Helen Louise MilliganMelody Hossaini

The two women above Helen and Melody first caught my eye as they exchanged a brief evil stare. Helen (left)  put herself up for project manager and did Melody (right) who won the role for the first week. Helen glared at Melody as she was denied the task and her ideas for the name of the team (Venture) were similarly shot down, here is some tension to watch throughout the series.

 Edna Agbarha

Similarly Edna above showed a high level of evil stares and bitchy looks throughout the program. She got my disapproval within the episode as she come across well in how she acted and worked in a team. She may soon become someone we hope to get rid of. 

Susan Ma

Although not listened to exclusively, Susan shows promise for the series.

Team Logic (the boys) was headed up by the confusing and rather odd Edward

Edward Hunter

The self-hating Accountant pushed himself up for project manager and barely made it into anyone's expectations that he was capable and a rational adult.

Unable to tell what an Orange looks like didn't help his corner. 

Complaining about being short and the youngest candidate didn't make him a favourite it seemed.

His use of short confusing phrases was noted by Sir Alan, however he was entertaining, just hopeless within the task.

Glenn Ward

Glenn (above) got a little bit red when he felt the team wasn't going far, and raged up in the kitchens amongst Orange squeezers to assert his male dominance.

Jim Eastwood

Thank god Jim was there to diffuse the situation for us.

'Let me just step in and diffuse the situation'

Find out who left this week by clicking below 
Edward Hunter

Edward Hunter

He left without pride and dignity as he rammed himself out the competition through his lack of leadership, ability and common sense.
But hey, he made fresh orange juice...Well done. 


  1. I'm new here, but you had me at 'The Makings Of A Moaner'! Love the name, and I loved the brief on Apprentice 2011. I'm a total fan!

  2. Love the new series already but somehow i reckon if Edward had stayed in the apprentice then we would have seen a different side to him. Maybe he took the wrong people back into the boardroom - that move didn't help his case. Look forward to watching tonight :)

  3. Haven't been here in a while...
    But, this post caught my eye...
    Haven't been watching the show..
    But, the post got me on how it goes..
    Guess, I gotta watch it once..
    Looks interesting, in the business sense..
    Gr8 work dude!!

  4. Thanks Kimberly, Anon and Fiducia for your support.
    You had me at hello Kim, classic.
    Edward may have got worse.
    Fiducia, I hope you get to watch the show soon and enjoy the entertainment value.