Friday, 7 January 2011

Pens: Moan of the day!

Today's moan is something that just gets on my nerves (and I have wrote that nicely and pre-water shed), it may sound simply stupid and odd to consider it as a big annoyance but it really grinds on my patience.

Why is it that you can never find a pen that works?

Yes we use them almost daily to jot down our little ideas, to do lists and to draw on people.
Yet they are always out of ink.
However when we last used them they are full of it, it is as if overnight a little pen fairy comes and drinks all the ink to power themselves for the day. As surely if it had run out when I last used it I would have immediately thrown in away. So between its last use and its next use where does all the ink go??
No I haven't left it on to dry out or placed it in direct sunlight or put it in the freezer.

Someone give me a pen that works and can never run out of ink. That is all I ask from you world.


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