Friday, 21 January 2011

Moan of the day!

Bills Bills Bills

Well in my new flat we have been receiving old e-on letters for the previous tenants, who were Chinese, and have moved back there now.
We had a dilemma of not being allowed to open their mail by Law, despite them clearly being a red letter notice.

When I woke up today a letter had been placed under the door, it was a letter from the bailiffs who were going to grant access to our property applying for a warrant.

This got me angered so I rung up this guy and explained they don't live here any more and they couldn't make us pay.

I spent an hour at the letting agencies trying to sort out of the mess, and I am no longer liable to the previous tenants charges.


  1. yeah been there done that, it's a total mayhem!
    it sucks to have to clean up after other people's mess!!

    hope everything's good now...:D

  2. Yeah it is much better, but was very stressful. Damn peeps

    Thanks ;)