Sunday, 23 January 2011

Moan of the day!

The other night was a funny one, as usual I was up late being an all around night owl, procrastinating bed with social networking and American TV shows.

There was an extraordinary loud noise coming from outside, and it sounded like it was coming next door as they often play very loud music late at night.

It turned out to be a flat about 20m away just blasting out music with the balcony door open.
I usually don't mind people having fun and raving but this night was different as it was about 3:30am.

I felt sorry for the other residents in the block who have families and my be above, below or next to this flat.

The music was rather good but extremely loud when this door was closed and open. I laid down in bed and thought that this could get annoying. I thought to myself, do I just want to sit back and listen to this like a victim or get up and do something to resolve the situation...Be a man...have the courage.

I got dressed and had to put my coat on as it was cold, I had bad hair also so I wore a beany hindsight I looked like a bank robber.

I went out the flat and entered the other block via the underground car park as my key rob only allows me into my block, but you can gain access through the car park.

I followed the noise to the flat whilst using my pre-counting 2 up 3 along method to navigate the corridors.

Outside this flat was disgusting as there was a shopping trolley full of rubbish just sitting there with an awful stench, these people clearly didn't care about hygiene.
I knocked on the door but obviously the music was so loud they couldn't hear me so I just walked in their flat.

I stood there waving at the door but was hesitant to go right in as the people there could have been anybody, then a man walked out the toilet in the corridor and saw me. He came over to chat and I told him to turn down the music and shut the door as it was too loud and I explained how I wasn't even in this block and how loud it was.
He went to his friends and the music was turned down...who knew actually being active and not just sitting by can get something done.

When I had got to my flat and sat back down it was on for another 5 minutes before it was turned off, and I was very proud of actions.

Damn you noisy neighbours

In my block, noisy block to the right

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