Thursday, 20 January 2011

Story: Bikes and Water-guns

When I was young boy (well around 10) I was rather adventurous and fun compared to my old age nature now, I loved to explore and play fun games everyday.

One weekend my cousins were down for the weekend and along with my sister we were all riding our bikes around the close.
This was a bike ride with a difference, it was also a water fight.
Yes we were really that cool and creative when we were young.

We started off going up and down the close if our water-guns, shooting each other whilst riding, almost like a game of 'it' (tag) but pedalling.

We realise now that this was a rather bad idea.

Water and bikes don't necessarily mix that's for sure.

My cousin lost control of the bike as he was hit with water...
He hit the curb and his chain come off...losing balance he fell of his bike. looked bad and horrific...there was no laughing.

As we got close we realised it wasn't good news, and his ankle was not looking good. Pretty much sticking out.

We went and got a trolley which was low down...and wheeled him back to the house...

Calling my mum for help in a mad panic there was chaos and blood...we rushed to hospital...broken ankle.

What a fun game...shame it ended up so badly.

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