Monday, 10 January 2011

Travel: Moan of the day!

I have had a tough day of travel today in order to get back to University for this year's second term. I began my rushed and frantic trek to the train station and soon realised it was not going to be easy at all.

I had already decided not to pack to much in order to make all the pulling, carrying and lifting easier.
This was done by leaving many Christmas presents at home, shoes, and sweets. I ate the food I could so I wouldn't lose them.

After I had the left the house late after a quick attack from hide and seek due to the window cleaners that suddenly popped open and decided it was necessary to clean all the windows when I needed to shower, I missed the first train on my list.

The walk to the station was tough and the bag was extremely heavy, full of books and clothes, and a heavy laptop. I was wheeling it down and soon found out the bag had broken at the bottom, and the bag kept all leaning to one side. When I went down curbs the bag kept flipping over.

My route has many step only areas unless using restricted disabled access, my arms are tired of carrying this bag, which was a big stress on the London underground. Fortunately the tube was quite quiet today.
But hey I made and the bag did not entirely split.


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