Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Twitter: Moan of the day!

Everyday when I log onto Twitter, it doesn't accept me and log me straight in.

It always says there is a technical problem. Either Twitter is constantly over capacity or it just hates me.
I end up needing to log in at least 3 times, and it usually requires some form of random refreshing.

Perhaps there constantly a stream of people flowing into the website and causing problems for the servers, but it happens to me every time, whether it is in the morning or night, so something is going on

It makes me thing that someone is already logged into my account, perhaps I have a stalker or a hacker.

Hopefully it is just that the site logs me in slow, but I don't remember having this problem of ye old Facebook.

Somebody sort this issue out now, before drives me completely insane.
Of course if all else fails I will just stop using Twitter as it wouldn't hugely affect my life.

follow me @adamking123, you never know, i might soon log in first time there.

Twitter fail sign

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